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City of Heroes powerleveling exploit/tactic -- For dummies! : City of Heroes - Submissions

Posted: January 12th, 2007, 5:58 pm

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Many times, in City of Heroes, I just wished there was a level button just so I could get to the next level. Well, there is sort of a way like that. Its called powerleveling, and its the use of higher level characters to level lower characters.

This is the list of what you need:

One level 50(or close to 50, 49 or 48 Fire/kin controller, not hard to find, VERY popular.

One 46+ to serve as a bridge(they are not hard to find, since they get experience from it, also.)

One lowbie that you want to level up.

This is how it works. The fire/kin gets a mission, any mission will do, preferrably an outside mission, but like I said, any will do. Get the level 46+ to sidekick the lowbie player(sidekicking is the ability to bring someone to one level below the person they are being sidekicked by. I will refer to this as SKing from now on). An 8 man team is good, but if you only have 6 people, no bosses will spawn, so that is better for a lower level fire/kin that wants to PL.

Everyone enters the mission. The fire/kin will need to spawn his Fire Imps and will need to go from group to group killing quickly and efficiently, or you can herd up enemies if your imps can take the damage and then kill them all quick and easy like.. Be careful not to aggro the whole mission. Then, the Fire/kin controller will proceed to fulcrum shift(a power that siphons damage from the enemies and to the Fire Imps and the player). The Fire Imps will do AMAZING damage.

Continue to fight until you have killed almost all the enemies in the mission, then exit. Activate a different mission, then reactivate your own. Go back in, rinse, lather, repeat until desired level of lowbie is achieved. The lowbie, on the first run can get as high as level 9, and thats about a 30-40 minute period.

At this point, this is the most effective powerleveling tactic in City of Heroes. This will not work in City of Villains, because City of Villains lacks fire/kin controllers.



Edit: More detailed. Also, I have seen quite a bit of controllers do missions like this, and most of them cannot handle 8 man teams because of the bosses that spawn, who either do PSI damage(least resisted damage in the game) or have holds, or do wicked damage. It is easier with a 6 man group.

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Posted: January 12th, 2007, 9:20 pm

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Can premium members say yay or nay to this being moved to a confirmed section.

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Posted: January 17th, 2007, 10:32 am
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Yes it works, xp gain isn't that great on a 3 man team, and a troller can handle an 8 man hteam even if you use anchors,

I'd say nay , tactic details need to be improved, ( 8 main team, define herding which isn't generally used with this type of lvling)

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Posted: January 21st, 2008, 9:42 am
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Well, here it is a year later since this post, and this method of PL'ing is still being used. Albiet, it was being used before the post by many others ... but for a new person just getting in the game, it's definately information worth gleaning.

Problem is ... for a new player ... who has never played the game before and is a true-to-nature noob (not exactly a bad word) ... it's gonna be darn near impossible to find someone to do this with unless you know where to look. And also importantly, how to get there.

Right now, most people I ever see doing this is in Peregrine Island (Lv 40-50). Since the Ferry which comes in from Talos, and the Supergroup teleporter entry area is on the opposite end of the island from Portal Corporation (which is where almost all the Farming is happening), getting from one location to the other is extremely danger-filled.

I've done it with a Lv 1 toon, but one of two ways: 1) fly in with a Peace Bringer/Warshade, or 2) get teleported in via Recall Friend by another toon. Running, unless you can toute very good evasion skills and senses, is suicidal. Even if you can evade most ground mobs, the snippers will surely get ya.

So all-in-all, you really gotta know someone dependable who can help you get there. And, desireabley, can help get you on a team that is farming for drops / influence, or who is doing a Powerlevel mish.

I'm always farming for influence, but I have an advantage that few other players also have ... a second account and a second computer ... and sometimes, depending on the amount of Influence I want to make in a shorter time, I will invite others to increase the mob count. Sometimes this includes lower-level players who bring along their own bridge (second player Lv 46+ -- or 44+ if there's a Lv 43 anchor). Even though I don't do this to PL someone, inadvertently PL'ing is the result.

If I want to PL someone I do it on a one-on-one (dual-teaming), or a rather long meticulous method which also has its risks of lower-player-deaths from moving from one mish to another in Peregrine.

Not much of an exploit, as I see it ... everyone who can or is able is doing it. It's not an unpopular method of Powerleveling.


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