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City of villains leveling guide : City of Heroes - Submissions

Posted: December 6th, 2005, 12:55 pm
scootergass26's Reps:
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ok guys, this is my first guide, it may be a little rough and need smoothed out, i will get to it, as i level up in COV i will edit it and add in what you should do, (hey admin,i didnt know that you can get premium for posting a working guide, so maybe if this is good enough can u like send me my money back to a paypal account or something?)


November 30,2005
Guide was created today

Lv 1
Badges Earned-you can earn a badge for killing 100 of the prisoners
How to get past this level-In order to comeplete this level you must do the boring missions about talking to people, then when you get outside to the place with all the escapees, get the mission to kill 2 badguys(you do not get xp for killing them)complete the mission, then you have to kill 2 more, then you go talk to somebody at the other end of the map, get the mission to go into the building, watch a cutscene, go kill about 5 people, then arm a bomb, exit the mission, return to the helicopter and go to Mercy Island

Lv 2-6
Mercy Island
Badges Earned-ALOT
How to get past these levels-The fastest way to do these levels are to just kill people on the streets until about lv 4 then start doing missions(because at around level 4 you need more xp to lv up so killing monsters in big groups in missions are easier to lv you up then street killing)You actually can stay here past lv 10 almost to 14 but it makes more sense to leve and go to Port Oakes for new, higher lv, more fun missions.

Lv 7-12 (recomended)
Port Oakes
Badges Earned-ALOT
How to get past these levels-COMING SOON

I did everything in this guide, so far noone has helped me, once one of my friends help i will post there name too, and you can check any site in the world other then this one and i can guarentee you that this is no where because i just made it!

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Posted: January 5th, 2006, 9:03 am
cas00022's Reps:
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Badges Earned-you can earn a badge for killing 100 of the prisoners

No that is not right the only Badge sence Beta is right as you start out go up the stairs to the 3rd lvl adn to go the far back cell

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