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CoH Scrapper Levelling : City of Heroes - Submissions

Posted: January 1st, 2008, 3:38 pm
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As many of you know, scrappers are one of the quickest levelling archetypes in CoH. This is a simple guide to help max out levelling your character, but it requires time in large amounts (sort of).

Powers: Dark Armor is a perfect secondary for scrappers. It may not give the best defense, but for levelling it is essential. The Cloak of Darkness power grants the player significant invisibilty. Paired with Super Speed, another must power for Scrappers, it makes the character virtually impossible to see, other than by Rikti Drones. Super Speed lets you move quickly from mob to mob, and helps with the invisibility on missions with glowies.

Task Forces: There are a huge amount of possible TFs in the game. Not only the signature hero Task Forces (Like Positron's or Manticore's), but also other contacts that are unlocked through story arcs (which through a large team are easy to unlock within an hour). One of the quickest TFs in the game is Katie Hannon's Task Force. It's true that these series of missions do take a fair amount of time, depending on the Task Force. Depending on the amount or type of missions in a Task Force, it can be fairly quick levelling. For example, any missions in a task force that require just touching a glowie, a dark scrapper with cloak of darkness and superspeed is completely invisible, and may zoom through the mission and click it instantly. Also, inviting high levels or level 50s exemplared down is a great way to raise the levels of the mobs.

Radio Missions: Change your mission setting to as high as possible to raise the mission reward xp, and constantly do radio missions. Always select the "retrieve" or "find" missions. These missions only require clicking a glowie, and once you have cloak of darkness and Super Speed, this should take no longer than 2 minutes. This is even better in an 8 person team, because it raises the mission reward.

Team Members: Speaking of teams, the more members, the better. It raises mission rewards and a team with a tanker willd distract mobs, while defenders can protect you from death. The rest can be pure damage and aid you to help you level.

Hunting: Super Speed is essential for hunting. Try to find zones with large mobs of enemies around your level, for example levels 8-10 should hunt in Perez Park. Not only is this good for xp farming, but it also helps with getting those Skull and Hellion badges, if you're into that. You can move from mob to mob, sometimes with around 10 enemies in each, turning on Super Speed between each, minimizing the time between each mob.

Note: At lower levels, you will be levelling so fast that enhancements will be unusable within the day. With that in mind, don't spend all your money on Invention Enhancements. Save your money for around level 30 or so, then start spending that hard earned influence. By the time you reach your thirties, using this guide for radio missions/TFs, you will earn a level about every hour of gameplay.

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