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COV Stalker Leveling guide 1-25 : City of Heroes - Submissions

Posted: October 2nd, 2006, 2:48 pm
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Ok to start off I'm basically trying to get a premium account here, but I do know some easy ways to level up

Stalkers area great solo class in this game and an even greater class if you don't mind mooching off of a group. With a combination of assassination techniques and stealth you can take down a whole group without taking more than 10 damage

Levels 1-7
Easiest levels of any game ever start the game and read what it tells you and you'll get to level 7 in an hour

-Do Missions for Kalinda (Don't do Burke b/c for later cape missions if you haven't done Kalinda's missions you will have to do her missions which gets you no exp whatsoever)
-Grind if you feel the need

Levels 7-9
Not too hard to Mongoose's mission (I think that was his name) until you are finished with his if you're not level 9 when done grind before you go to Port Oakes

Levels 9-14
This is easy enough as a casual player playing only 3-4 hours a day I finished them in about 5 days.
-Do Mikey the Ear/Drea the Hook's missions until he gives you a new contact
-Do contact's missions (I reccomend The guy with the Family ties b/c his story arc is long and you get a lot of exp)
-Once done with story arc do newspaper missions until level 14
-At level 14 MAKE SURE you get fly it is invaluble at later parts of the game

Levels 15-20
Once again not hard you get a title and a cape in these levels so you have something to look foreward to. Casual players may take some time and if possible i say you just get somebody to power level you from your SG or a higher level friend
-Do Desmonda the Glint's newspaper missions
-At level 15 you will start being able to do Mayhem Missions (MM for short) you can solo MM's as a staler, but only if you have flight so you can fly away from the mobs if you draw too much aggro or you just want to assassinate everything and not fight. When you bust open the vault and steal the money as everyone knows a hero will show up and they are difficult you may die, but then you just come back and use an assassination move if they don't notice you. If you have time do the other missions, but always do the main mission first or you won't have time.
-Even though you can solo MM's I reccomend doing them with a mastermind becasue the can destroy a lot of things in a short time and give you lots more time
-Do contact's missions I reccomend doing Marshall Brass' mission's because he gives you 2 other contacts with long and exp rich story arcs

-Cape Mission

This is easy as a Stalker b/c once again you should have stealth and fly. Just stealth around and assassinate mobs and then destroy the statues once that happens the hero will show up with a few Longbow eagles (which are headaches to deal with b/c they too can fly) just fly up to the top of the building and kill them. Then to take care of the hero wait for stealth to come back up and fly down and use an assassination move (if the hero hits and unstealths you just fly back up and try again) once you complete this mission you get to make you cape hurray! the only downside is you will probably walk around unstealthed more often to show it off and may pull too much aggro (like me..)

Levels 20-25
-Once you hit level 20 you can go to Sharkhead Isle which is a very fun place to play. If you choose the Captain guy as a contact do not do the slag golem mission at level 21 (I did and had 1/3 of a level of debt when I finished)
-I don't have too many tips for these levels b/c I was basically powerleveled
-I can tell you how to get powerleveled though its not hard. The best thing to do is say LFG MM on Broadcast chat and you will invited to 3 or 4 groups (go with the highest level one especially if they are a higher level than you) If all the groups enemies are purple DO NOT ask for mal(malefactor) just hang back and help if they need you'll get at least 1/2 of a level per MM maybe even an entire level for it.
-Another way to find a group easily is to check the LFG menu (just click on LFG in chat window) and whisper a higher level person to see if they want to powerlevel you

Well this is my guide all the way to level 25 I'm really hoping this gets me Premium status so read it and give me good reviews....please

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