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dominator guide how to become awsome(hope i get premium T.T) : City of Heroes - Submissions

Posted: January 19th, 2006, 10:21 am
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:wink: The Dominator class in City of Villains is primarily focused on ranged attacks. If you are looking for a character you can head out and solo with effectively, this really isn't the class. While some kiting is possible, it's not very effective as you get higher up in level.

Dominators have a low HP pool, so you'll need to do as much damage as possible prior to the mob reaching you. By choosing the correct primary and secondary power sets, along with the requisite skills you can make the Dominator quite a damage machine at lower levels, but regardless of how you approach it this class is best suited for a group beginning around level 5.

primary power sets

Fire Control

Gravity Control

Ice Control

Mind Control

Plant Control

Upon creating your character you'll be prompted (with little fanfare) to choose a primary power set, and an individual skill belonging to that power set. Well, considering most of us here consider ourselves to be power gamers.......the meager explanations offered are simply not enough! What are the differences between each pwoer set? What about the powers? This was the first thought that came to my mind.......and the answer is quite simple.

All of the primary power sets offer essentially the EXACT same types of attacks and damage. The only difference between them is how they are represented on the screen. Really the one you choose just adds more character to your toon, so if you dig fire..........choose fire control, if you are a nature type of guy, choose plant control. At the end of the day, they all offer the SAME powers, just with different names and graphical representations.

Let's take a look at each of the 9 levels of powers within each power sets. Again, as with the actual power sets themselves the individual powers all have the same effect on a mob, for each level. In other words the first level power in the Fire Control Set has the same impact as the first level power in the Mind Control Set. This holds true for all nine levels. Let's delve into each power level and how it will impact mobs.

main powers

For each Power Set, your individual primary powers may bear different names…….but they all do the same thing regardless of power set. In other words, the burst power for mercenaries has the same effect as the dark blast power under necromancy. With this in mind, I’ve grouped all individual powers together, and listed their impact on your henchman in the description.

Primary Powers Level One:

Ring of Fire (Fire Control)
Crush(Gravity Control)
Chilblain (Ice Control)
Mesmerize (Mind Control)
Entangle (Plant Control)

(This level of power can be chosen when you first create your character)
This level of power, regardless of power set releases a DOT spell on a mob, causing damage over time, and immobilizing an opponent. This is great to use from a distance as a Dominator, and then follow it up with a ranged attack.

Primary Powers Level Two:

Char (Fire Control)
Lift (Gravity Control)
Block of Ice (Ice Control)
Levitate (Mind Control)
Strangler (Plant Control)

(This level of power can be chosen when you first create your character)
This level houses a ranged attack, excellent to use directly after successfully casting an immobilizing power (such as those located in Primary Powers Level One). You can cause damage from a distance by throwing various things depending on your Power Set.

Primary Powers Level Three:

Fire Cages (Fire Control)
Gravity Distortion (Gravity Control)
Frostbite (Ice Control)
Dominate (Mind Control)
Roots (Plant Control)

This level houses yet another immobilizing spell, which causes damage over time. What differentiates this level of powers from level one is not only is it a DoT (damage over time) attack, it's also an AoE attack, impacting all mobs in a certain area.

Primary Powers Level Four:

Smoke (Fire Control)
Propel (Gravity Control)
Arctic Air (Ice Control)
Confuse (Mind Control)
Spore Burst (Plant Control)

This level of powers allows your toon to attack the mob with a power which will engulf them in a shroud, unable to see your approaching. Any mob you attack within the shroud will immediately be able to determine your location, but all other mobs will remain confused and unaware of your presence.

Primary Powers Level Five:

Hot Feet (Fire Control)
Crushing Field (Gravity Control)
Shiver (Ice Control)
Mass Hypnosis (Mind Control)
Seeds of Confusion (Plant Control)

This power is quite interesting. When battling a mob, many mobs attempt to flee when their power reaches extremely low levels. By unleashing a power from this level you surround the ground arround yourself with an entangling spell, causing enemies to slow down to an extremely slow pace......AND cause damage over time. Great to use in a group, when surrounded by multiple mobs. It slows down fleeing mobs, and causes damage to all other mobs involved in the battle.

Primary Powers Level Six:

Flashfire (Fire Control)
Dimension Shift (Gravity Control)
Ice Slick (Ice Control)
Telekinesis (Mind Control)
Spirit Tree (Plant Control)

These powers allow you to completely "disorient" foes in a certain area, rendering them temporarily confused and unable to assist their allies, or attack any foes. This also deals some damage over time, decreasing their HP during their incapacitation.

Primary Powers Level Seven:

Cinders (Fire Control)
Gravity Distortion Field (Gravity Control)
Flash Freeze (Ice Control)
Total Domination (Mind Control)
Vines (Plant Control)

This power completely removes an opponent from battle for an extended period of time.

Primary Powers Level Eight:

Bonfire (Fire Control)
Wormhole (Gravity Control)
Glacier (Ice Control)
Terrify (Mind Control)
Carrion Creepers (Plant Control)

This is one of the famed "knockback" powers many who have followed CoV have spoken of. Once an opponent enters the area where you cast this power, they are "knocked back" a long distance and also incur some damage. Interesting to use on the side of a tall building or cliff to knock foes out of battle.

Primary Powers Level Nine:

Fire Imps (Fire Control)
Singularity (Gravity Control)
Jack Frost (Ice Control)
Mass Confusion (Mind Control)
Fly Trap (Plant Control)

This power allows Dominators to call their own pets (two to five depending on level) which are available for a temporary period of time. These pets can be buffed like any other teammate if in a group.

secondary powers:

Choosing your secondary power set will determine how you engage in battle. There are five main secondary power sets for Dominators. All of the powersets are focused on inflicting damage, however in different forms.

Energy Assault
Energy assaults grant your Dominator both ranged and melee attacks. The differentiating factor are two-fold. Any of the attacks can either disorient (confuse, somewhat immobilize) an opponent, or "knock back" an opponent with a ranged attack.

Fiery Assault
This power set gives you the ability to use fire based attacks on opponents, dealing damage over time. Both forms of attacks, melee and range deal damage over time to an opponent.

Icy Assault
This power set grants your Dominator melee and ranged attacks which cause a good deal of damage, which also giving you a large chance of "slowing" your opponent, causing their attacks and movement to slow drastically during battle.

Psionic Assault
This set of powers in unique to the Dominator. They are focused on "dominating" your opponent's mind, causing them much difficulty in battle. From knock back attacks, attacks which reduce an opponent's speed/power....and even can render them immobile. This is the true calling card of the Dominator, but also one which renders the class best suited for a group.

Thorny Assault
Using a power in this set will cause thorns to sprout all over your body, allowing you to inflict damage at a melee range, or hurl thorns at a ranged distance. These thorns all have the possibility of poisoning an opponent, dealing damage over time.

Going into the individual powers of these secondary powersets really isn’t necessary. The overall description of the powerset really defines how you will play the game. All the powers in the secondary tree all play back to that original purpose. If you want to focus on dealing damage in a group, going with energy, fiery, icy or thorny is the route you should take. If you want to help control mobs to REDUCE damage received during group battles, go psionic. However understand if you are psionic, you are really reduced to playing ONLY in a group in the game. This is a major drawback to Dominators in my opinion.

Dominators are a class for those who enjoy playing mainly in groups. While you can solo at lower levels, the unique secondary power set of Psionic powers is really the definining characteristic of a Dominator.......and the main reason to choose them. Unfortunately, this power set renders you to group play only, and not much movement or excitement.
:twisted: now go dominate :lol:

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