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Hope i get access! =D Fire Fire Tank Build(really fast lvls) : City of Heroes - Submissions

Posted: September 18th, 2004, 5:45 am
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The Build:

Archetype: Tanker
Primary Powers - Defense : Fiery Aura
Secondary Powers - Melee : Fiery Melee
Slot[01] Level 1 (Starting Primary) : Blazing Aura /Empty
Slot[02] Level 1 (Starting Secondary) : Scorch /Empty
Slot[03] Level 2 : Fire Shield /Empty
Slot[04] Level 4 : Healing Flames /Empty
Slot[05] Level 6 : Provoke /Empty
Slot[06] Level 8 : Hurdle /Empty
Slot[07] Level 10 : Hasten /Empty
Slot[08] Level 12 : Boxing /Empty
Slot[09] Level 14 : Super Speed /Empty
Slot[10] Level 16 : Tough /Empty
Slot[11] Level 18 : Burn(T) /Empty
Slot[12] Level 20 : Weave /Empty
Slot[13] Level 22 : Health /Empty
Slot[14] Level 24 : Stamina /Empty
Slot[15] Level 26 : Consume(T) /Empty
Slot[16] Level 28 : Plasma Shield /Empty
Slot[17] Level 30 : Fire Sword Circle(T) /Empty
Slot[18] Level 32 : Build Up /Empty

6 Slot the following powers: Fire Shield, Provoke, Hasten, Stamina, Weave, Tough.

The Guide:
Lvl 1-7 Solo in Atlas or Galaxy or do missions(now that mission xp is boosted)
Avoid the hollows at all costs, as the new outcasts are near impossible.

Lvl 7-11 Streets in Perez Park (grouped)
Be careful of the Bone Daddies shadow maul, it hurts a LOT. You dont really need to attack, just take aggro and you can scorch if you want.

Lvl 11-15(?) Steel Canyon TF
This TF will be great xp. Again, dont attack, just take aggro and let the scrappers and blasters do the dmg

Lvl 15(?)-18 Skyway City TF
Not sure about the minimum lvl for Skyway TF, but do it as soon as you can. At lvl 18 you get burn which is the power this build is revolved around.

Lvl 18-21 Far North wall in Boomtown/Land of the Lost in Skyway/Talos Island near the tram

Provoke Burn Provoke Burn, rinse and repeat

Lvl 21-25 Dark Astoria

Now youve got burn and stamina, so you should be able to take +3's and +4's easily. Any higher you wont be able to kill fast since your burn will do about 1 per tick to them.

Lvl 25-28 Terra Volta

Fight the juicy groups of captains(Sky Raiders) and the Freakshows on the streets.

Lvl 28+ Brickstown

Fight the groups of Crey near the tram... the rest is up to you.

Portal missions (cot) help the 30's, try looking for a portal group in talos or independence port

Hope you have fun with this! (trying to get access =D )

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