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lvling guide 1-39 : City of Heroes - Submissions

Posted: July 22nd, 2005, 7:23 pm
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Levels 1 – 4: These levels go by so fast that running early missions or just hunting around Atlas Park or Galaxy City will get the job done quickly.

Levels 4 – 7: Your best bet is the sewers. The hellions will provide little challenge to you with good experience gains. Once you hit level 5, you should be able to take out the Vahzilok. When fighting them, watch out for the eidolons. Murk eidolons have many stun and root attacks. Also be wary of cadaver puke as currently its own damage type and there are no resistances to it. In addition, mortificators shoot slowing crossbow bolts that impact both movement and attack rate. The Vazhzilok are a challenge but are definitely worth the fight.

Levels 7 – 9: Head on over to Perez Park, but do not go into the park itself! The best experience to be had here is on the streets. Hunt down the skulls on the perimeter of the park. The only real danger here is the Bone Daddies, and even they aren’t much of a challenge. The size of the groups can be intimidating, but don’t let that scare you out of the fight. Just plan the strategy well and take out smashers and sluggers first as they tend to do the heaviest damage.

Levels 9 – 11: Your next stop should be Steel Canyon. Stay near the tram; north of the tram is better than west. Stick mostly to Skulls, Outcasts and the occasional 5th Column. Be wary of Scorchers, Bricks and Shockers, these will likely be the toughest enemies you have faced thus far. Bricks do a lot of melee damage and shockers and scorchers are also tough blaster type enemies. I suggest you avoid bosses at this stage of the game. If you find yourself having too much trouble, head back to Perez until you hit level 10 or invite some more people to your team.

Levels 11 – 19: You can very effectively duo in Boomtown, but don’t worry about adding more people to your team if you need to. Groups in hazard zones are large and you will be gaining experience quickly. I suggest first striking out west of the entrance attacking the groups of 5th column. Once you have out-leveled those, you might try your luck heading further north into this zone and fighting The Lost. Battling large groups of The Lost and even Clockwork will quickly get you to level 19. The hardest enemies here will be headsmen with their hard-hitting sword attacks, so try to drop them quickly.

Levels 20 – 28: Independence Port is a wonderful place filled with stereotypical mobsters. Hooray for The Sopranos! Your targets here should almost exclusively be the Family. I can think of no reason other than a mission or targets of opportunity to attack anything other than the family here. Start at the train, working your way toward the south or Brickstown exit. Be careful around the consiglieres especially; they are basically gravity controllers but can cause major problems if they catch you off guard. Their holds can ruin your whole day. The underbosses pack a very powerful melee attack. Stay out of their melee range unless you’re a tank and can take their hard hits. The muscles also pack a good hit but are nowhere near the danger levels of the underbosses. Overall, the Family are excellent targets, not nearly as hard as the Vahzilok at lower levels, and are worth excellent experience.

Levels 28 – 36: Welcome to Brickstown, the jewel of the green line—well, if you like prisons anyway. It’s in your best interest to stay near the train in this area at first. Hunt mainly Crey and Freakshow. The Freaks have pretty strong melee attack. Smashers have a tendency to stun as well, so watch out for that. If you’re a ranged attacker hover will be your best friend here. Freak tanks have a tendency to run away; this can be very annoying or sometimes, a lifesaver. Also be wary as the Freaks have a tendency to resurrect themselves. The Crey, however, will be your bread and butter. Crey minions have nothing outstanding about them, but Geneticists can revive their fallen comrades. If you can, drop them and their medic friends first. Crey Cryo and Voltaic tanks are more of a challenge than their minion comrades. They both have pretty strong melee attacks mixed in with good blaster-esque attacks. The Power Tanks and Paragon Protectors are the real tough guys in this zone. Power Tanks pack quite the punch, melee and ranged. They use energy attacks so if you have any defensive powers that protect you from that, use them. Paragon Protectors are, quite possibly, the most annoying bad guys you will fight. They have a lot of hit points, strong melee and ranged attacks, and can use Moment of Glory incredibly increasing their defense. If you have a controller, or anyone who can cast any kind of hold or stun, do it, Paragon Protectors are best beaten quickly before they can use Moment of Glory and really do some damage. The experience they award makes them worth the fight.

Levels 36 – 39: Ahhh, the Abandoned Sewers—nothing like the smell of refuse and scurrying rats to wake you up in the morning. Don’t worry; Febreeze will get the stink right out of your tights. Until you hit level 38, stay away from the Circle of Thorns. Even then, don’t go after them unless you have trustworthy teammates with you. The Hydras aren’t much of a problem but if you find yourself being overwhelmed, pull the bosses and lieutenants first. There is really no reason you can’t mow these guys down. The Circle of Thorns, on the other hand, can be a bit of a problem. Watch out for Death Mages. Like the eidolons, they have a lot of stunning and rooting powers. They also do decent melee damage and their suicide explosion can one hit anything but a tank.

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Posted: July 23rd, 2005, 6:23 pm

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