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Macro : City of Heroes - Submissions

Posted: May 25th, 2004, 7:39 pm
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a good macro is setting a macro to say something automatically and then say something else, or introduce yourself.

first, a custom intro:
code- /macro intro "local Howdy, $target. My name is $name, and I am a level $level $origin $archetype. What about you?"

next, a funny keybind- if you have the power "heal" or "group heal" or whatever it's called, then this is the keybind for you.
code- /bind G "powexec_slot (heal slot)$$ local, WOW! that was a STANKY ONE!"

also, a good way of saying goodbye to your team or a player.
fellow player- /bind P "local Well, $target, I have to go now. See ya later, man!"
simple, eh? yeah. but you wouldn't have guessed it.

team- /bind T "team Well friends, this $archetype has got to be goin. See ya l8r!"

and finally, an exploit for all you people who like 'em.

When you are in Galaxy city, and you have level 8 or higher, you can kill a single person with about 2 hits. If you have level 20, the possibilities are endless. Also, you can (if you have electric ball) shoot an electric ball at a huge crowd of baddies, and then run to the entrance of freedom corps. The police drones will zap most of them (yes, you might have to fight one or two :cry: ) and you will get most of the xp(if you have little or no debt). But Wait! There's More! If you are in a tight situation in a big battle with higher-level baddies, then, if you have hover, run as far away as you can, and fly way high up. The enemies will stop following you, and you can get your health and energy back. This trick is good if you don't have rest. 2 more: 1. If you are in Kings row, and you are looking for COT(circle of thorns), wait until night, and then fly from rooftop to rooftop to look around. I guarantee you will find some. If you are having trouble with it, try switching to Kings row two. 2. When you are fighting a Bone Daddy, and he has you pinned with those evil attacks, hold S and space to continuously jump backward away from him. get as far away as you can, and rest.

~~=-Grant Maciel-=~~ :roll:

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Posted: June 2nd, 2004, 7:15 pm
Tault_Tault Community

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All of this stuff is in the instruction manual and common sense.....

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