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Mad XP, Inf, and Enhancements : City of Heroes - Submissions

Posted: August 4th, 2005, 1:49 pm
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Outift your character with Single Origins ASAP! Mule the influence for them from your main toon or a buddies if you have to.

Once you are decked out with these you should be able to handle mobs that are in excess of your level. The higher the better. Not only will the ranking of the enhancement be higher, but the drop ratios of SOs to DOs to training increases as the level of the mobs goes up in relation to your level.

Once you are security level 23 you can add 25 SOs to your 20s to make 25+ and be really stoked, as well as able to do the perfect farming mission...

My favorite tact is to farm the Terra Volta Task Force. I have a few friends start the TV TF with me, then their characters leave and I do it solo. Can't get friends to let you use their characters this way? Bribe them! Once you get to doors you can reinvite friends back if you want to PL them (crack door before they are in zone for fewer mobs, or get them in zone if you want to spawn more mobs). The mission spawns are two levels higher than you (assumes you are at least tied for high level in group). Now you can hunt and take on everything and not worry about kill stealers and you can fill up on SOs usually before mission is completed (playing solo, if you are PLing others they will, of course, be getting a share of the drops).

This saves loads of time in hunting for mobs groups that are perfect to PL yourself. Even though I can easily take bosses 3 levels higher than me (and 4 levels higher if I want to burn inspirations), I find the masses of 2 levels higher than my character more than make up for the time lost in hunting for a group of mobs that are the "perfect level."

The TV TF reactor mission itself is great for solo play because it is populated with such a high ratio of red and (what I call 1st degree) purple bosses. This really boosts the SO drop chance. If you can refrain from using inspirations at all, keep your inspiration tray full. I beleive that this will increase your enhancements drop chance even more.

As a Tanker I can even do the core for a while if I am still short of a full tray (usually due to PLing a group) before logging off, loggin back on (resets mission) go sell and re-enter door mission. Any ATs that can't handle all the aggro of huge packs of mobs can simply logoff, logon, do a few rooms (till full) then logoff, logon, sell, and then start the process all over again!

I have found that even after my friends quit the TF I was still in TF mode as sole member. I never let reactor reach critical mass after this because I am unsure if I could get mission re-assigned after failure.

BTW, did you know that you only have to repeat last reactor mission if you all stay in TF mode and see contact after failing in core room? You can use this fact to your advantage if you ding... let reactor blow then go see contact and mission will be reassigned one level higher than before! (just dont be in room when it goes unless you don't mind debt).

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