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Scrapper in God Mode : City of Heroes - Submissions

Posted: May 30th, 2005, 6:07 am
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Scrapper in God mode

This template will make you almost unhittable by mobs near your level. However, it degenerates in
usefulness the higher the mob is above you due to to-hit penalties against you and higher level mobs get
to-hit bonuses when attacking little ol' you.

The key concept here is evasion. If you played Shadowbane, this is similar to the Dex Monkey Elven Ranger
or Bard. Essentially, the best offense is a great defense. If your enemies can't touch you, it's pretty easy to
win. Another example: in Doom you can win with the pistol every time as long as you are in God mode!! =D
On with the template...
Dark melee/Super reflexes template
Dark melee puts out some great damage and will debuff your targets ability to hit you. At the same time, the
Super Reflexes line boosts your own defense against attack. Stacked together, you're got a lean, mean
dodging machine. One-on-one against your own level, you're unstoppable.

Best attacks down the Shadow line that will debuff your targets "to-hit" roll
Smite (level 1) - You don't really have much of a choice this early in the game.

Shadow Maul (level 2) - A BE-A-EU-tiful thing. It will bring a tear to your eye as this supposedly nonAE attack
does damage to multiple mobs stacked up in front of you. Just make sure they are packed nice and tight.

Touch of Fear (level 6) - Don't take it. If a mob can't hit you it makes no sense to make it run away.

Taunt (level 8) - Don't take it. This is for tanks. Don't think that just because you are hard to hit that you are
supposed to be the guy taking the aggro.

Siphon Life (level 12) - You just can't pass this up. Who doesn't want to be a vampire!! Imagine the scenario
where the mob can't hit you and whenever you hit him you get healed and his accuracy decreases. This
power is what makes that possible.

Dark Consumption (level 18) - Without this power you'll get tired out really quick. This helps get your
endurance back up..

Soul Drain (level 26) - Powers like this make me afraid this template is going to attract a nerf. This is an AE
damage attack that no only damages everything in it's cone but also does more damage the more mobs are
in the cone.

Midnight Grasp (level 32) - Donno, haven't gotten there. Sounds cool, but no idea if the damage output is
worth it. A root/dot. Your guess is as good as mine.

Super Reflexes line -
Focused Fighting (level 1) - No choice but to take it.

Focused Senses (level 2) - This is kind of a neutral ability. It's not good enough to take but not bad enough
to say "stuff it." I figure if it's not that great you won't miss it and you can use the extra point in focused

Agile (level 4) - Take this because it increases your ranged defense but doesn't take any endurance to use.

Practiced Brawler (level 10) - Take this. It uses up endurance but is worth it when you are fighting mind
control mobs. Nothing like being taken over by the enemy. You'll be the envy of the group when fighting
anything that
can take over your mind. Don't use it when you are not fighting something with mind powers though.

Dodge (level 16) - One time cast, defense buff with no endurance cost. This is why you are using Super
Reflexes. Use this or be gimped.

Quickness (level 20) - Increases your attack rate and run speed. Allows you to do more damage and debuff
(with dark powers) faster as well as saves your bacon when you back is to the enemy..

Lucky (level 28) - This is very nice. Especially when fighting mobs with area of attack damage (embalmed
corpse nightmares, anyone). This will save your life in many cases.

Elude (level 38) - This is pretty much useless unless you have a pretty regular group with a healer. The only
time you'll use this is when you decided not to run because you trust your healer. Of course, if you totally
trust your healer then he's probably pretty good and you won't need this anyway. So, I say, leave it.

Possible extra power pools -

Flight - Take it if you want it but only if you have extra points. Combat jump or teleport is more useful in
combat for the non-ranged attacker.

Fighting - Take it. This is what scrappers do.

Leaping - This and teleport are key skills.

Medicine - Leave it. Concentrate on what you are good at.

Teleport - A must have along with super jump.

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