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MrSkafighter's Menu Pub Version 1.3 & Portal Injector! : Combat Arms - Discussion

Posted: August 19th, 2010, 9:44 pm

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Fix Disappearing Menu

Features -

Nx Chams
No Recoil
No Spread
No Sway
No Reload
Pick Up
Super Jump
Speed Hack
No Fog
Glass Walls
Player Glow
Full Bright
Wireframe P ---> Wireframe People
Wireframe w ---> Wireframe World
Cam Position
Nametags ---> Enemy Nametags
Instructions For Cam Position -
There Is 2 Option For Cam Position Option "1" Is Cam Position Up And Option "2" Is Cam Position Down. Once You Press Option "1" Or "2" Click "Ctrl" Button On Your Keyboard.

Note - Run As Admin On The Injector And CombatArms Launcher.
I Recommend Using Portal ( http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OEZ0VO53 ) For Using This Hack.

Note - 64-Bit Operating System If This Does Not Work Try Inject With Perx.




Extra -
Click http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OEZ0VO53 And Download Portal.
---> Download The latest DirectX End-User Runtime.
---> Download .Net Framework 4.

::..Windows 32-bit..::

Windows Xp 32-bit - Working
Windows Vista 32-bit - Not Tested
Windows 7 32-bit - Not Tested

::..Windows 64-bit..::

Windows Xp 64-bit - Not Tested
Windows Vista 64-bit - Not Tested
Windows 7 64-bit - Working

::.. Virus Scans For 1st Attachment..::

Jotti Virus Scan



CombatArms Menu.dll

For those of you who dont know what portal is:

In case anyone else asks, this injector will detect a Combat Arms installation anywhere, even if you have it installed in "Z:\eff u GK".

How do I use Portal?
When you first start Portal, you will be asked to provide a directory where your hacks are stored. To speed up the instant start and injection process, and for easier injection management, Portal will inject all DLL files in your selected folder.

To add or remove hacks to inject, simply use Windows Explorer to delete, move, copy and paste hacks into the folder. You can even download your hacks straight into that folder! Exceptions to injection can also be added - simply add “do_not_inject” into the file's name somewhere, anywhere.

Portal will then instantly direct-start Combat Arms and inject your specified hacks, as well as perform some other advanced functions to enhance your Combat Arms experience, such as automatically removing unnecessary files from your Combat Arms directory and killing the Nexon advertisement.

No clumsy manual adding or removing of files into a textbox, no more having to open both an injector and the game, no more having to run as admin! Click and instantly play!


Spoiler :

Portal Deveoper SDK
Development frozen until time can be made for development.

To celebrate more than 6,500 runs in under 3 days of the release of Portal, the Portal Deveoper SDK will soon be made available to developers!

With the Portal Deveoper SDK, you can...use the Portal framework to load your hacks into Combat Armstake advantage one of the cleanest, most intuitive and liked interfaces in the world, as well as a highly efficient and optimised code base, that works on both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) system architectures.give your users the best user experience clean, hassle-less creation, packaging, interaction and deployment of your hacksutilise the many many options and tweakings to choose from for the advanced user, while keeping an easy to use interface for the novice_________________________________________
Planned improvements (11)
•Portal Developer SDK
•Automatic updating / patching of the Combat Arms client.
•- Detection of local Combat Arms client version
•- Idenfitication of latest version available
•- Automatic updating and patching to the latest client version
•Repair corrupted Combat Arms installations
•Improvements to code efficiency
•More user customization available
•Automatic reporting of bug crashes

Suggestions (3) - suggestions will be taken into consideration once 10 more thumbs up have been given than thumbs down.
•Alternative theme with a bigger and less minimalistic GUI - a standard injector type style GUI. (1 thumb up, 0 thumbs down)
•MapleStory variant of Portal (1 thumb up, 0 thumbs down)
•Current released hacks viewer (1 thumb up, 0 thumbs down)
Known bugs (2)
•Autocomplete for extension directory under preferences is not working - resolved, but not yet released.
•Another instance of Combat Arms is started, even if Combat Arm is already running - resolved, but not yet released.

-I took out the quotes because their were too many.


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