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1-13-04 Patch Notes : DAOC Discussion

Posted: January 14th, 2004, 9:53 pm

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Dark Age of Camelot
Test Version 1.67j Release Notes
January 13, 2004


- Chants/songs modified by Radiant Aura (level 10 ability of Crocodile's Tear Ring) to affect all realm-mates within range no longer spam spell effects to all possible targets each pulse. This note was in the 1.67d release notes, however, the change did not go to the live servers or Pendragon. As of this new test version, the fix has been applied to Pendragon and should go to live servers later on this week.

- The Spymaster ability, Sabotage, should now delve correctly.

- The Bodyguard and Sabotage Master Level abilities should now work correctly.

- You can no longer place a Prescience Node unless the caster has line of sight to the ground target.

- A recast timer has been added to the Pulsing Blade Turn spells for Wardens, Theurgists, and Runemasters. Once a target receives a "bubble", they will be ineligible to receive another one for 2.5 seconds. When spell pulses are turned on in the text window, a failure notice will be returned to the target if PBT tries to place a second bubble within 2.5 seconds. This failure notice should allow groups with two 6 second PBT classes to synchronize their PBT more easily.

Live Servers:
Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.67d Release Notes
January 13, 2004


- Fixed an issue where shepherd Master Level Experience was incorrectly awarded to group members under certain circumstances.

- Fixed an issue where some monsters were incorrectly conning as worth Master Level Experience.

- Fixed Gateway Master Level ability - you can no longer use this ability when holding a Relic. The ability has been re-enabled due to this fix.

- Wearing a jewelry piece in a body slot which doesn't have the corresponding armor piece covering (a helm covering your necklace) will no longer cause the jewelry piece to occasionally take massive condition loss.

- Chants/songs modified by Radiant Aura (lvl 10 ability of Crocodile's Tear Ring) to affect all realm-mates within range no longer spam spell effects to all possible targets each pulse. It should now only show spell effects on the caster, on the initial cast.

- Sphere of Rejuvenation and Font of Power have been changed so that multiple wards of the same type will no longer have a stacking effect. Additionally, these fields have been set to return the maximum healing or power values with every tick, with no variance. These will stack with all other forms of power and health regeneration, friggs, and HoTs. The amount of benefit received from each pulse will be displayed on screen.

- Fixed a bug with the Arch Magery bonus that exists on Traldor's Oracle and other artifacts. This bonus should now correctly reduce the target's resist by the listed amount. Please note that this only works against resist bonuses that are granted to a target from items (such as spell crafted armor or jewelry).

- Master Level Experience awards have been doubled.


- Leaving all ML step checkboxes unchecked will now include you in the search results for anyone who has also selected that ML and any of the specific trial steps (the same as if you had checked them all)

- Fixed an issue where soloers who did not set an objective would not see group leaders who had set an objective.

- Fixed an issue where group leaders using the Shrouded Isles/Classic clients would not see any players in their search listings.


- Fixed a display-only problem with the transparent skin where bringing up the spell window, and then another window would cause the spell window to still be drawn.


Hibernia Monsters

- Players will no longer get multiple koalinth faction improvements from tidal sheeries. Killing these monsters will now return negative faction for both land sheerie and water sheerie as well as positive faction for Selki and Koalinth.


Story Encounters

- Players will now receive credit for the following encounters at level 40: Mariasha's Sharkskin Gloves, Traitor's Dagger, Belt of the Sun, Belt of Oglidarsh, and the Night's Shroud Bracelet.

Sobekite Eternal

- Fixed a problem where it was possible for two Kanakhts to be up at the same time. This encounter should no longer become stuck due to this.


- Ammut's summoned minions will no longer stop short of the lowest ramp in Ammut's room.

Heart of Volcanus

- We have fixed a bug that caused Katorii's encounter to get into a confused state.

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