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AutoIt: Login Bot : DAOC Discussion

Posted: January 10th, 2004, 9:34 pm
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Since Ive just started posting my bots, I figure the one that is most vital is the login bot. this bot will simply run SI, logon, and get to the server selection screen. for this to work your quick entries must be under 'No Thank You'. Ok so here it is dont forget to read important details at bottom. Ive divided the code from my text by --------'s, so do not include those in the script:


Run, C:\\Mythic\\Isles\\camelot.exe
Sleep, 3000
Send, {SPACE}
Sleep, 5000
Send, {SPACE}
LeftClick, 255, 86

;;; The following line requires you to enter your username after the: Send,
;;; Dont forget theres a space after the comma

Send, {TAB}

;;; The following line requires you to enter your password after the: Send,
;;; Dont forget theres a space after the comma

Send, {ENTER}
Sleep, 1000
Send, {SPACE}
Sleep, 1000
Send, {SPACE}


the line that reads: Sleep, 5000 can be different to everybody. ( this is the line near the top) This line simply means it will do nothing for 5000 ms (5seconds) while the login thing checks for updates. If the script continues whjile its still checking you need to make this time longer. just remember, 1000 milliseconds = 1 second

If your using classic camelot or TOA simply change the line: Run, C:\\Mythic\\Isles\\camelot.exe to the correct path and there ya go.

This script assumes that it doesnt need to do the whole scroll to bottom EUALA thing, it will just push space assuming its not greyed out.

Ok first thing ur prolly wondering is why and i posting the script and not making it a download file? well I dont want people to think there downloading viruses instead of the real script. Ok anyway, so this script will run si, and get to server screen. VERY IMPORTANT you must configure your script to have your SN and PW in it or else it wont logon. ok so just copy/paste this code into the script editor ive posted link to and then run the script. easy as that. want more details? reply asking :P

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