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crafting macro. set and forget : DAOC Discussion

Posted: January 24th, 2008, 7:48 am
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ive been using this program for a few years now, it works very well. it can be set to run non-stop until you interrupt it, or you can set it to start and stop at a certain time of day, which can be good if you need to leave the house for a little bit or while you watch TV. you can get the program here


1. after you have installed it right click in an empty row on the "macros" field and select "new macro"

2. the "add macro" window will appear. select "schedule" in the "choose default activation" section.

3. then click the "scripting editor" button

4. when the scripting editor window opens, click the dropdown for "keyboard" then double-click "text type"

5. in the text type window, press the number corresponding to your crafting item on your hotbar !!** MUST BE SOMEWHERE ON YOUR FIRST HOTBAR, NOT THE ONES YOU NEED TO USE "ALT" OR "CTL" FOR**!!. (EX: say i had the item i wanted to craft on hotbar 1, slot 2, i would just type a 2 in the text type window then click "ok".) now it should say "text type: 2" in the macro script field.

6. click the properties tab and in the general field. then give your new macro a nickname, then in the "activation" field click the "set schedule" button

7. in the "set schedule" window select "other" in the "run macro" field. you can either keep the "run macro indefinitely" selected or you can select a start time and stop time for the macro to begin and end its cycle. in the "other" field you can set the timer for the time in-between clicks. say you are making potions that take 30 seconds each. just set the timer to 30 seconds. ***NOTE*** under 15 seconds the timer is not exact. it usually takes a few more seconds to click again. (EX. say you have an item that only takes 6 seconds to make, and you set the timer to 6 seconds. well it's gonna take a little longer than 6 second in between clicks so dont freak out. when you get closer to 25 or 30 seconds in between clicks its pretty accurate.)

8. now just click "file->save" and your done setting it up

to stop it at anytime right click on the running macro and select disable macro, and to start just click enable macro.

to change time: right-click on your macro, select "properties" click the "activation" tab then click the "set schedule" button and set your desired time

now this program is only a 30 day free trial, but i figured out that if you plan on using it past the 30 days. just right-click on your clock in the bottom right corner of your desktop taskbar and adjust the time/date to be within the free 30 trial your good to go. mine expired on april 16 2006, but i just set my comps date to april 10th 2006 and it works perfectly. ****NOTE**** YOU MUST SET THE TIME/DATE BEFORE OPENING THE PROGRAM[/url]

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