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Notes : DAOC Discussion

Posted: September 22nd, 2004, 2:14 am

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Currently In Testing On Pendragon

Dark Age of Camelot
Test Version 1.72a Release Notes
Fallen Barriers
September 21, 2004



Bounty Quest Changes

Many players who attempt bounty quests often feel that these quests offer little reward for the time and effort involved in getting the bounty item drop and finding the appropriate NPC to give the item to. We have made the following changes to the bounty quest system in order to make these quests a more rewarding experience for players.

- The experience reward for each bounty item turn in has been increased. Additionally, the experience reward will scale appropriately to the player's current level. Note that this change means that each bounty quest can only be completed for a certain range of levels.

- All bounty items now have delve information. The delve information includes the NPC name and location for the turn in, as well as the minimum and maximum level of the bounty quest.

- Players can now turn in a maximum of 20 bounty items for a bounty quest. Previously, players could only turn in a maximum of 15.


General Changes

- In order to reward Druids, Healers, and Clerics who spec in their healing lines, we’ve lowered the casting time on the Greater Healing line of spells. These heals should now provide the highest HP per second return, making them very useful in situations where a major heal wouldn’t heal enough in time. The spell lines changed were Greater Apotheosis (Druid), Greater Emendation (Healer), and Greater Refocillation (Cleric).

- In order to make group heals more desirable to cast when 5 or more people in a group take damage, we’ve lowered the casting time on both the specline and baseline group heals. The spells affected are Heaven’s Approbation (Cleric), Angelic Approbation (Cleric and Friar), Reviving Conflux (Druids), Group Apotheosis (Druid, Warden, and Bard). Tribute of Battle (Healer), and Group Emendation (Healer and Shaman).

- We have changed how the immunity timers on combat styles work - they have been changed so that the immunity timer will now be exactly five times the length of the stun, rather than the standard one minute duration. For instance, if a combat style's stun has a 5 second duration, it will trigger a 25 second immunity timer, instead of triggering the standard one minute timer as before.

- We have changed how the immunity timers on pet stuns work for pet classes. The immunity timer will be five times the length of the stun. For example, a pet with a one second stun will now grant a 5 second immunity. The pets affected by this change are the Cabalist Amber Simulacrum, Spiritmaster's Summon Spirit Thrall line, and the Druid's Summon Nature Spirit line.


- (Bug Fix) The Enchanter's Dazzling Strobe line of instant debuffs will no longer interrupt casters.


- Changed Gungin's Fury in the Hunter's spear line to chain off of Return Thrust and increased the damage of the bleed effect.


- We've changed the way Reaver debuff point-blank area of effect pulsing spells work. These debuff spells will no longer cause interruptions on the targets they hit. The spells affected are Aura of the Inevitable and Aching Curse.



- Fixed an issue that could prevent Animist turrets from being summoned near the inner rings of Fomor.


Stygia Encounters

- Trial 4.2 - Battlegrouped players who are in the outer camps and forts will now receive credit for this encounter when Seti the Pharoah has been killed.

Volcanus Encounters

- Trial 6.5 - Grouped players will now receive credit when completing this encounter. Please note that *only one player from the group* must pick up each of the four pieces required to make the Salamander Incinerator, as these items cannot be traded.

- Trial 6.5 - Necromancers can now use the Salamander Incinerator while in shadeform.

Sobekite Eternal

- Trial 2.10 - Battlegrouped players who are standing outside of the temple area or are being carried by the harpies will now be able to receive credit for this encounter when Runihura is killed.

Artifact Notes

- The Light Stone and the Dark Stone summoned by the Eerie Darkness Stone now have persistent regeneration bonuses instead of persistant regeneration spells. The amount of power and health gained per tick has not been changed.

- The persistent power and health regeneration spells on Erinys Charm have been changed to function as bonuses instead of spells. The amount of power and health gained per tick has not been changed.


- The boundary walls separating the zones in each realm's housing area have been removed. This change will allow easier direct access to connecting housing zones.

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