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Posted: July 28th, 2004, 10:15 pm
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From the Herald:

Here are the notes, everyone!


Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.70n Release Notes
July 28, 2004



- Grouped monsters will no longer chase after targets they cannot attack, such as a Necromancer shade.


- You can no longer fire a siege weapon while underwater.

- Postern doors have been added to the outer walls of all frontier keeps. Previously the six island keeps had no postern doors and the other keeps only had the doors at the highest levels. These doors should now be in use from the first visible upgrade of the keep walls (level 2 to 4 depending on the keep).

- Postern doors have been added to all towers in the frontiers. These will be in use from the first visual upgrade of the towers (levels 4-10).

- Reversed the ordering in the death messages to read: 'Target' was just killed in 'region' by 'killer'. For example: Joe was just killed in Bratag Woods by Harry.

- Repairs can no longer occur within 1 minute of the wall or door taking damage.

- Players who board and disembark from rams as passengers rather than the controller will now set the deletion timer on the ram if there are no other passengers on board when they exit.

- Archer guards at Fensalir Faste, Dun Scathaig, and Caer Renaris whom were standing directly on the boiling oil hookpoint have been moved.

- The glacier maulers and icestriders directly next to the Fensalir Spire have been moved further away.

- Monsters returning to their spawn point can now walk through locked doors.

Recall System Changes

- The recall range on both tower captains and keep lords has been increased to allow greater movement range outside of the keep or tower.

- The "I'm too busy" tower captains will no longer be too busy to bind you.


- Siegemasters will no longer drop siege weapons for stealthed players.

Bounty Quests

- (Midgard) Andersonn, who accepts Malefic Teeth, was incorrectly showing up in two places - in the middle of the wilderness in Uppland and in Svasud Faste. We have removed Andersonn from Uppland.

- (Midgard) Asdis, who accepts Thick White Pelts, has become tired of life in Svasud Faste. She has moved to the town of Godrborg in Uppland.

Item Notes

- The Axe of Conflict and the Blade of Conflict (Midgard) are now set to the correct dps.



- The horse route between stablemaster Fluvon in Camelot Hills and Campacorentin Station will no longer attempt to pass directly through the town of West Downs.


Item Notes

- The "ticket to Gwyddneau" sold by Callisa has been renamed to "ticket to Clifton".


Oceanus Encounters

- The Night Terror monsters will now have a greatly increased spawn frequency if they were previously despawned due to time of day.

- The Night Terrors' spawn frequency has been increased.

Item Notes

- The level of the Belt of the Sun and the Belt of the Moon summoned weapons has been corrected in order to allow players to use the spells beginning at level forty. Please note the damage and speed of the weapons remain unchanged, only the minimum level to use the spell has been adjusted.

- We have fixed a few combining bugs with the Spear of Kings scrolls and the Oglidarsh Scrolls.

- The generators for the Phoenix encounter should no longer spawn with more than 100% condition.


New Frontiers Monsters

- Camps of monsters have been added in place of the towers and in the mazes.

- Keep Lords will now grant Master Level experience.

- All keep encounters are now set to the correct spawn rate.

- The encounter in Fensalir Faste will now spawn correctly, including the lord.

- The tormented scouts at Caer Erasleigh have moved from outside the keep walls to positions on top of the wall itself.

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