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wow Mythic Loves those albs : DAOC Discussion - Page 2

Posted: July 23rd, 2004, 3:14 am
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them theres a bunch of big wurds mr smarty pants.
but you forgot something. trolls smell like poop, hibs would rather hump a tree then woman, and albs zerg around the Mg's ( yeah yeah i know NF is !@#$%^&*, i miss the good ol days) like it was a cake at a weight watchers meeting.
THOSE are much better arguments then that bull crap "facts" you come up with. who wants to hear facts? i mean seriously, watching people whine about other classses getting nerfed is soooo much more fun
but anyway, in albs defence, albs are the only realm that only get 2 dw classes. hib and mid get 3
alb has the most classes. yeah big F'ing deal, each one of its classes can one do 1 thing, it takes so much utility, that a decently stacked gank group is next to impossible to pull off.l

<turns against the albs>
however, having a class that has a bolt range AE mez and a 2.5 spd cast baseline lifetap is just !@#$%^&*.
however, a mind sorc is rarer then a smite cleric, atleast on bedevere and tristan. so most of their bolt range mezzes will be either green or blue, meaning short.
<turns against hibs>
yeah ok. yall have a class that can AE mez, rush in, PBAE till they get bored, then singletarget stun / single target DD anyone who actually lived through that. ( mana / light eldritches for kids who dont know hibernia) cant forget anniahlation. yeah. it hurts. oh and dont forget insta AE amnesia, yeah thats always a buzz kill.
<turns against mids>
1 word: healer
instas FTW! the only people you need in a group are tanks ( 1 being a skald) and a set of healers, MAYBE a shaman. end pots are fine imo. healers pwn. dont forget sm's although darkness SM's are alot rarer then supp, they are ALOT stronger if played right. but most of the time youll just see SM's run into the middle of your group, PBAE you, and then /laugh at you while their pet intercepts every blow you can throw at it >_<
bottom line:
each realm has 2 or 3 classes that are overpowered. deal. with. it.
i have played all 3 realms and have 50's in all three realms, been playing since day 1 and feel free to say whatever you want. but think of this. before you start ranting and raving using big words. you MIGHT wanna look them up first, trying to make yourself look smart by using a big word, and then using it wrong makes people laugh at you, not admire you.
my email is : tainerif@hotmail.com
if you have any questions on how to play your class i am willing to answer them ^_^

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Posted: July 23rd, 2004, 12:37 pm
Tault_Tault Community

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What words are you reffering too when you say "You MIGHT wanna look them up?". Also thank ye for the very balanced ideal here. NF is not !@#$%^&*. NF is a very good addition to this game, I love the new strategy that is involved in the game now. RA's are brand new and awesome, it's definately gotten better. But I am still curious about what words we used that were in the wrong context? And on second thought, those aren't big words...it's called proper english. : P

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