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DAOC - Grab Bag : DAOC News

Posted: April 27th, 2007, 8:44 pm

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Your weekly dose of questions and answers, enjoy!

Q) [Insert question/comment about the new icons here.]

A) We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the new icons that hit Pendragon in 1.89a. I want to alleviate a lot of fears here: they are by no means finished. There are many changes, updates and fixes based on your feedback that will go into effect over the next couple patch cycles. Also, we recognize that some players may wish to stay with the old icon sets. For those players and UI modders, we will have a custom UI zip file available from the Herald that uses these old icon sheets.

Q) Any chance we will ever be able to make Legendary items on Classic Servers?

A) There are currently no plans to allow Legendary weapons on Classic servers.

Q) I’ve signed up for the newsletter and everything, but my question is, what if I have multiple accounts on that email? Do all characters on the account get a cloak or just one? And will all accounts on that email be eligible to receive the "Dragons Revenge" cloak? There are five accounts on the email, two are active. Do I need to put separate emails for the accounts for them all to receive the items?

A) Yes, all accounts tied to any email address subscribed to the newsletter will get the rewards. If you have 10 accounts all using the same email address, and that email address is the one you used to subscribe to the newsletter, all accounts with that email address will be flagged so that all characters on all 10 accounts will be able to receive all of the rewards.

Q) Is the power regen on Eerie Darkness Stone and the power regen on Erinys Charm supposed to stack or not? Eerie Darkness Stone necklace applies +2 to Power Regen; Erinys Charm also applies +2 to Power Regen, are the two supposed to stack or only coexist?

A) While the power regeneration bonus on these items is technically stackable, the cap is +2 at level 50. Therefore, either of the individual items will cap you on its own.

Q) Will there be a Roundtable in September? Many of us need to know to plan vacation time, or face losing our already tenuous (due to too much playing time) jobs.

A) Unfortunately there will not be a Vegas Roundtable event in September this year. We’ve decided for the time being to focus on the smaller Roadtrip events. You can find a complete schedule of the Roadtrips here: http://www.darkageofcamelot.com/roadtrip/

Q) I recently purchased the new bounty point cloak "Tomte Defender's Cloak". It is not possible to put a guild emblem into this cloak. Is this a bug or working as intended? If it is intended, why? Every other cloak in game (to my knowledge) can be adorned with a guild emblem.

A) Currently it is intended. Basically, the emblems add some really odd swirls on each side. We’ll look into the issue and determine if it is something the art team can fix. If not, and the level of distortion is acceptable, we can allow them to be emblemized.

Q) How does one become part of the Dragon Army?

A) As much fun as it would be to join the Dragonsworn, they’re just NPCs that are part of the Campaign events.

Q) Can you give all of us some information about the new Dragonsworn items that have crept up on our crafting menus?

A) Dragonsworn items: Here's the skinny or rather “Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Dragonsworn items. Well, just about everything.”

The Dragonsworn items have a bit of history associated with them.

Originally we had intended to keep them hidden until they were officially introduced through in-game methods. However, they eventually found their way onto Pendragon and were quickly discovered. At that point, we decided to allow them to remain visible since people had already started talking about them and we knew that some of the recipe components would be available in the near future.

Then the Dragonsworn broken weapons and armor pieces, ingredients for the new items, were placed on the new Dragonsworn camps with the intention to allow people a few extra weeks time to start gathering ingredients so the Dragonsworn camps wouldn't be over camped once the Dragon Manual was available.

The Dragon Manual will be available in a few weeks through questing. It is not a rare drop and is not currently anywhere in the game.

Additionally the Manual plus the other ingredients are set to be tradable so crafters don't have to quest for these items themselves in order to set up shop in producing Dragonsworn items.

As the recipe names indicate, the armor pieces are based on the existing 5th slot armors.

The weapons will have a 5th slot bonus associated with them though they will not be set up for multiple 5th slot choices. We currently plan for that 5th slot to be a 5 percent damage increase against all monster types. It will affect all monster types regardless of location (PvE zones vs RvR zones). Keep guards, lords, pets and monsters in the Frontiers will have the bonus affecting them. The bonus will not affect other players per se as in +5 percent against humanoids (i.e. players).

Finally, those nifty looking full helms you see on the Dragonsworn will be available for crafting as well. That's right, full helm looks for all armor types - cloth, chain, leather, plate, reinforced, scale, and studded leather. These will take the place of any circlet, wreath or other head gear typically found in other armor sets.

As an aside, since I know some people will be wondering, fancy code work was performed just for full helms. That unfortunately means that for those on Gaheris and Mordred, we're still not currently able to allow cross Realm helm wearing for normal helms.


If you're looking for a good time this Sunday, head on over to Mordred. Daamien, the Mordred Team Lead, is organizing the third monthly Play on Mordred Day. You can find out everything you need to know here: http://www.camelotherald.com/communitymore/790.shtml

Everyone have a great weekend, I'll see you back here on Monday!

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