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DAOC - Grab Bag : DAOC News

Posted: May 18th, 2007, 6:23 pm

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Tintagel, Dragons and BPs. Enjoy!

Q) Is there any way you guys can make it where a player can be anywhere in the game and receive a guild invite? It is such a pain to have to zone somewhere to give a guild invite. I know that group invites can be done anywhere in the game; it would be nice to be able to do the same with guild invites.

A) This is definitely on the list of things we want to do, we just don’t know when we’ll be able to fit it in yet.

Q) I noticed that my 50 Scout on Pendragon has the abilities Invocation of Fortitude and Invocation of Power. Are they truly supposed to both enhance strength?

A) No, one is a strength buff and one is a constitution buff.

Q) I was recently trying to level my 24 Phantasmal Wall spec’d Bainshee in Connacht, at the Cluricaun Camp. I had the (I thought) brilliant idea to use the Nature’s Cocoon focus shell in the Nurture line from my Druid bot on my Bainshee. I would use a low level AoE root on my Druid to agro a large amount of the camp, and when they all came running, I would cast the PBAoE damage pulse on my Bainshee and kill everything in a couple pulses. Unfortunately, more often than not, they would kill me instead. I know the focus shell wasn’t dropping after I cast it, because it would drop after I died. The delve says “all melee and spell damage to the target is reduced by the listed amount.” It would appear this spell isn’t working for me. Is there some trick to it I’m missing? Does the target need to be within a certain level range? Is it useful only in PvP? Or is it simply bugged and needing a quick fix?

A) The Nature’s Cocoon spell indeed only works in RvR.

Q) I was looking at the Realm Abilities for Shadowblades on the Herald today and noticed Mastery of Parry was listed as an option. Is this a bug, or by selecting this RA will my SB begin parrying? Does it stack with the CL Parry?

A) This is a mistake on the Herald; the class does not actually have this RA in the game.

Q) Just a small question/suggestion. Is it possible that the hastener in housing be turned into the version from NF? It is easier to just right-click it rather than opening a menu and buying the ticket, even if it is free now.

A) Ask and ye shall receive. Watch the patch notes.

Q) With the patch 1.88 you have introduced tokens for artifact credit, ML credit, scrolls, XP, and MLXP in exchange for BPs. I find one thing to be missing from the list; Artifact XP. If the idea is to save those that want to RvR from having to PvE so much, this would be a very welcome addition.

A) This is not something we can currently do code-wise. It has been suggested and it is something we will continue to look into, but at this time it’s not possible.

Q) I have 500,000 BPs and nothing to buy! If you can’t trade them or the items bought with them, how about a Druid/Cleric/Shaman NPC at each frontier gate that sells red con buffs?

A) We are always looking for additional ways to make Bounty Points useful to the character that earned them. Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll discuss it internally, but we can’t really promise you anything either way.

Q) I have a Molvik character, recently with the new patch I’ve noticed that the block rate vs ranged has gone down dramatically. My character has 29+9 shield, 261 dex, 200 quick and MoBlocking 3. When ever I’m fired upon; I rarely block unless using the engage ability. This new change is uncanny. Is my block rate bugged? I thought (and expected) it to be much higher.

A) You’re either getting hit by crit shots, which bypass blocking, or you’re getting hit outside of your blocking arc. No changes have been made to blocking that would explain this behavior otherwise.

Q) I’ve searched the forums, the Herald and asked oodles of people and still can’t find the answer. Is there any way to qbind to the num pad keys? For instance, I would love to bind ‘target group mate’ 1-8 to my number pad keys 1-8, and my favorite targeted heal to 0 on the number pad. I understand how to set the qbind itself, just not how to get group mates 1-8 onto my quickbars.

A) This is something we can look into during the UI revamp, but as of right now there’s no way to do it.

Q) I recently led a 50 person dragon raid. Before the servers were clustered, we would have just changed servers and killed him again, but with the new clustering changes, we had to wait for respawn. We waited for 3 hours before we broke up the battlegroup, and he never respawned. It was my understanding that Cuulderach would spawn more frequently and more regularly. Can you give me any type of time frame of his respawns? I am planning to lead a dragon raid every week, but I would like to know what to expect to pass along to the group.

A) The dragons do indeed spawn quicker now, but there is still a random chance on their spawn so if that chance is failed a few times in a row then there’s a possibility it’d not spawn for a couple of hours. The current rate has a chance to spawn every half hour where before the dragons had various spawn rates that typically resulted in a chance to spawn every hour to two hours. We’ll evaluate the spawn again during the final stages of ‘A Dragon’s Revenge’.


We have been following a number of threads and discussions related to Tintagel and its current population figures. We have been discussing the issue internally, but the topic is a tricky one because the Tintagel cluster is a ruleset server. A number of suggestions for how to handle the population issue on Tintagel have been brought up via feedback and message board threads, all of them with benefits and drawbacks.

One proposed answer to increasing the population on Tintagel would be to cluster the servers with one of our other clusters. The drawback to this method would be that we would be effectively eliminating the Role-playing Ruleset as we could not enforce naming polices and the like on the other servers that would be part of the cluster.

What we’d like to do is get some additional feedback directly from the community; primarily the players that call Tintagel home. Unfortunately, a login poll doesn’t allow us to just target a specific cluster or ruleset. To that end, we are calling on members of the Tintagel cluster and role-playing community to send feedback on the current population of Tintagel and what you feel should be done to help increase the population there.

If you can use our feedback form here (http://www.camelotherald.com/feedback.php) and use the topic: Quest System Issues (in the dropdown Subject menu.) I know, it doesn't fit, but none of the categories really do, and that one gets less traffic than most.

When you send feedback about this topic please choose one of the following responses as the start of your feedback. Doing this will allow us to easily filter, tally and read the emails. Feel free to expound on your selection after which ever response you choose.

Feedback Responses:

“I believe that clustering Tintagel with another cluster to increase the population would be worth the loss of the Role-playing ruleset enforcement.”

“I believe that clustering Tintagel with another cluster to increase the population would not be worth the loss of the Role-playing ruleset enforcement.”

We look forward to your feedback on the issue.


If you’re in the Chicago area, don’t forget to swing by Dave & Buster’s tomorrow for the Roundtable Road Trip. Parizad, Mike and DJ will be there to handle your questions; and best of all, free food and prizes! http://www.darkageofcamelot.com/roadtri ... hicago.php

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