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Posted: May 25th, 2007, 11:26 am

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More Dragons, shield styles and job openings:

Q) I've noticed in the Dragon's Revenge section of the herald all the dragons look different. But in game they are all the same. My question is; am I not getting the new dragon graphics or is this a picture of the dragons yet to come?

A) The new art you see on the Dragon's Revenge portion of the Herald is the new art that's being released in the final chapter of the campaign.

As a heads up, the dragons will be gone for two weeks as the storyline progresses. During their absence, the growing dragon brood will be filling the demand for the dragon treasure and respec stones normally found on the dragons. When the dragons return they will have the new art, upgraded AI and revised loot tables.

Q) What affects the rate of hitting someone with your shield with shield styles?

A) The style itself, as well as the level of the user/target affects hit/miss rates. Shield weaponskill derived from stats like dex and shield spec will aid in penetrating block/parry/evade, but will not affect hit/miss rates.

Q) I currently have catacombs, darkness rising, and LotM installed on my computer. Which, if any, of these can I safely uninstall to free up space on my hard drive? I believe that this has been answered before, but I'd like to be sure on the subject.

A) If you have multiple versions of the game installed, but you only use one version, say... 'Labyrinth of the Minotaur', you can safely uninstall all other versions. You can find which versions you have installed by running 'Add/Remove Programs' from the Windows control panel. Alternately, you can look for versions installed under the 'Mythic' Program Group (Start->All Programs->Mythic). In either case you can safely remove or uninstall any version that you don't use.

Please note that the uninstall program will not uninstall any files that were added after the original install, this includes patched files, character .ini files and any screenshots you may have taken. You should look through these files to see if there's anything you want to save, but ultimately they can all be safely deleted too.

Q) Can you explain what the ranklevel command in /gc edit <#> ranklevel <#> is meant to do?

A) /gc edit ranknum ranklevel setting

Edits the rank number to its level in ranking.

In other words - a guild leader may want a tree structure, where the guild treasurer, membership officer and guild diplomat all are equal in rank - thus he can set all of their various rank numbers to the same level. (I.e. The guild leader is ranklevel 0, the treasurer, membership officer, and guild diplomat are all ranklevel 1 and "equal", and the guild membership would then be set to ranklevel 2 or lower).

Q) Do weapons with poison procs or that use poison such as poison arrows, or the vamperic mist or traitors dagger heal the Hibernia Dragon? Have been on several raids lately where he never gets below 80% and I'm hearing that these items like fools bow, TD and poison heal him. It wasn't like that in the past, so is this true or is the encounter bugged? Or has something changed I have over 10 dragon kills on my vamp and 2 on my ranger prior to this.

A) Nothing has been changed in the Dragon's AI to cause this; it is simply an urban legend.

Q) What does weaponskill have to do with damage?

A) Weaponskill is a tricky beast. Technically, it has nothing to do with damage, as the displayed value of weaponskill on your character sheet is not actually used in any calculations. It does, however, use a lot of the same factors that are used to determine damage. So in most cases, a higher weaponskill will mean you're doing more damage.

Q) Why doesn't your weapon skill increase with dual wielding skills?

A) You're using two weapon types that have two different weapon skills. Only one can be displayed on the paper doll, and that one happens to be the base weapon type for what you have equipped in your main hand. Your weaponskill is actually increasing; you just don’t see it reflected in the number displayed on your paper doll.

Q) Is Critical Strike the same as Celtic Dual; do I just need to put points into one of them to increase the chance and damage of my offhand swing?

A) No, they function differently. Critical Strike affects the style damage of your critical strikes styles, that’s it. Celtic Dual and Dual Wield affect offhand chance to swing, as well as style damage from CD/DW styles. It does not affect actual damage of the offhand, as that will always do the same relative damage, regardless of spec.


Looking to get into the industry? Love Dark Age of Camelot and want to personally help make it the best game it can be? Have some writing and scripting skills? Well this could be your lucky day! We have four openings on the Dark Age of Camelot team for quest/content writers. Experience is preferred, but this could be your chance to get a foot in the industry door without starting in CS or QA. Get your resume together and email it to RDuffek AT ea DOT com, with the subject line "DAoC Writer Resume."

Have a great weekend everyone! Monday is a holiday here, so I'll see you all on Tuesday.

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