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Posted: June 1st, 2007, 12:27 pm

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Another weekly dose of Qs and As and even another job opening:

Q) I was wondering if the quests offered by Mayor Palastam, the healer next to him, and the other npc that give out the quests to collect wood and stones from Lyonesse, to kill the water elementals to the N of Cornwall Station, and to kill the Dragonsworn quest in Dartmoor are supposed to be repeatable? Sorry, the names slipped my mind. I finished them on my paladin and received them again right afterwards. Thanks in advance!

A) Yes, these are meant to be repeatable. In fact, how many times your realm has completed them contributes to the repairs in town. Right now this is most noticeable in two aspects: having gathered enough elementals (water in Albion, fire in Midgard, and light in Hibernia) will unlock a new quest to retrieve stolen supplies from the Dragonsworn, and eventually it will call casters to start fighting the various magical infestations that linger in the towns. This stolen supplies quest is also intrinsic in earning a cloak reward from the king, and in the future other quests may be offered based on the state of repairs in town.

Q) Some people are telling me that reactive procs work on shields in RvR; I've always been told they never worked at all. Who's right?

A) Reactive shield procs do indeed work in RvR, but not in PvE.

Q) Is the casting speed of Mauler spells actually based on dex or are they on a fixed cast speed like the Vampiir spells?

A) Casting time for both the Vampiir and Mauler spells are affected by dexterity, like most other spells.

Q) Is there any benefit to using a large shield over a small one; because a high % of heavy tanks use a small shield for slamming? I know the speeds are different, was just wondering if there was any other difference.

A) Your chance of blocking multiple opponents partly depends on the size of your shield. (One opponent for small, two for medium, three for large.)

Q) I decided to roll a new character on a classic server for the first time, and as I remember the old days of leveling I remember the Flint-weapons being pretty fun! I went to kill the monsters I remember having the flat, round, and thin cherts but the mobs I was killing were not dropping them at all. So do the same mobs drop the cherts, and if not which mobs DO drop them?

A) Yes, the cherts do indeed still drop, from the same mobs they always have.

Q) I recently made a pair of Runed Cymric Gloves while leveling up. Out of sheer curiosity, I made a pair of the same level "padded Imbued Leather Gloves" to see what the difference was as the recipe was the same level (41). I suppose much to my disappointment, they were identical except the Padded Imbued Leather Gloves cost more to make and were a material level lower but with much higher required skill.

This leads to my question: With these two sets essentially identical... what's the point of the reinforced versions? Perhaps it makes a difference at the last level... but you get the recipes from 500 and there just doesn't seem to be a reason to make them.

A) As you surmised, the primary reason for the introduction of the padded leather line was to create a higher AF alternative at the top material tier. The other tiers were essentially only added for aesthetic reasons, as the padded leather line has a newer, more pleasing appearance.

Q) I'm looking to get a new computer. I'm trying to find the system requirements for DAoC, and can't find them. I go to the tech support and can find all kinds of things that say "make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements," but nothing that lists the requirements past TOA. You really ought to have a link on the Herald, or otherwise make the info more readily available on the support site.

A) The system requirements can be found here on the support site: http://support.darkageofcamelot.com/kb/ ... php?id=868


With Parizad leaving the team to move on to the Redwood Shores studio with TSO, we're looking for someone to join us here on the Community Team. Have some experience running or working for a fansite? Are you really great with people? Do you meet the following description?

Key Responsibilities:
Located in Fairfax, Virginia, the Community Coordinator needs to be a creative, self-motivated and detail-oriented individual with a passion for MMO’s. This individual will be responsible for front line communication, providing consistent high-quality customer service to the large community of game players. The ideal candidate should be able to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment often needing to collect and analyze feedback from the community and present to in house developers in a clear and concise manner.

Core Competencies:
- Passion for MMO gaming
- Strong oral and written communication skills
- Technology savvy
- Detail oriented

- Functional excellence and technical skills in community relations
- In-depth understanding of on-line gaming community
- Self starter with high level of initiative and a strong sense of ownership and urgency
- Team player, motivated, self confident with a persuasive personality
- Enjoys a young dynamic and rapidly changing environment
- Participation in Roundtable and road show events
- Strong PC literacy

- Minimum 1-3 years of related work experience
- Intimate knowledge of MS office suites and on-line gaming (preferably EA/Mythic products)
- Web development skills a plus

If you feel you have what it takes, get your resume together and send it to me via email at RDuffek AT ea DOT com with the subject "Community Coordinator Resume".

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