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Posted: May 11th, 2007, 10:33 am

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Hibernia/Pellinor: The Fianna

Submitted by Shilah

As Guildmistress of The Fianna of Hibernia, Pellinor/Caerleon, I would like to extend congratulations to all of our members through the years on our collective accomplishments in the realm wars. On Thursday, May 3rd, The Fianna reached 300 Million Guild Realm Points.


Hibernia/Gawaine: Primitus Noctaeus

Submitted by Toodo

Congratulations to all Primitus Noctaeus (PN) Guild members on their recent earning of over one million Realm Points (RPS) in a 30 Day period!

Way to be!


Hibernia/Gareth: Ancient Vendetta

Submitted by Kendwaho

Ancient Vendetta, the 8th largest guild on Bossiney is recruiting. We accept all classes and levels. We aren't strictly RvR or PvE, we have people that are into both.

We have 3 rules for our guild:

1. Never beg or bug people for to be power leveled.

2. Try not to make us look too bad.

3. Never, if at all possible, make a guildie have to look outside guild for help with epics and such.

We don't give /as speak permission until after the first week in the guild and registration on guild website, or 2 weeks in guild. If you're interested in joining us, contact any AV member in game or post on our website: http://www.ancientvendetta.net

Albion/Gaheris: Order of the Lost Blades

Submitted by Pappaw

Order of the Lost Blades is a brand new guild on the Gaheris server. We are a tight knit group of friends that are focused on bringing the fun back to DAoC. If you’re looking for a friendly, family oriented group of people to play with, look no further, friends, for this is your stop. We are accepting players of all skill levels; we enjoy working with players to maximize their potential. Contact myself Pappaw, Lightenup, or Angerella for more information in game

Albion/Gareth: Night Owls

Submitted by Winora

Night Owls, an Albion guild on the Bossiney cluster, caters especially to the off-peak hours players. Our normal playtimes are in the wee hours of the morning in U.S. time zones. We're a perfect fit for any Aussie/New Zealand primetime players as well as any European afternoon players that are looking for a home on the classic servers.

Our goal as a guild is to build up our membership, to be a mid-sized guild, large enough to put together all guild groups for RvR and high-end PvE raids, yet small enough to maintain a friendly, family atmosphere. Towards that end, we run regular PL sessions for our guild members to help them level up their toons, guild PvE and RvR group events, and even have started a lowbie group that we will be leveling strictly in the BGs for having some fun together in the lowbie battlegrounds each week.

We have a guild house on Gareth, a Ventrilo server, an alliance affiliation (Prelium Audacia), and a very helpful group of 50s willing to help out with any guild member's needs. Additional information about our guild can be found at our website ... http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?G ... ID=1312017

We're mostly looking for new members of any level who are able to log on regularly, roughly 3-4 nights a week (or more preferably); however, even a player who occasionally plays during the off-peak hours is welcome.

If you're interested in joining a guild that caters to the off-peak hours player, please feel free to post a request in the public forums section of our website or contact any of our officers (Winora, Wigret, Iliketorock, Karem, or Adralish) in game to arrange for an invite into our guild.

Midgard/Gareth: The Ancients

Submitted by Devotare

The Ancients is a Midgard guild on the Bossiney cluster based upon the principle of mature players who want to play a mature game. Most members of the guild are 30 years old or older, who understand that DAoC is a game meant to be enjoyed. Politeness is our only mandatory requirement. We don't ask for you to be the greatest player, just one that makes the playing experience more enjoyable for the people around you. We do various levels of RvR on a daily basis, and we do PvE to benefit members of the guild.

If you want to play the game without childish drama, where real life is acknowledged and respected, The Ancients might be an excellent choice to provide a like-minded community. Look for any of our members online and we'll be happy to discuss the possibility with you, and feel free to visit The Ancients's policy website.


http://guilds.camelotherald.com/guilds/ ... reth&g=220

Albion/Merlin: Commonwealth of Albion

Submitted by Keivar

The Commonwealth of Albion guild is recruiting. We are a well established guild with a primary focus on RvR, and are active in both small and large scale RvR, from 8mans to relic raids and keep takes. We have an active community of players within guild providing information, help, and of course RvR groups. The guild has a community of both serious and casual gamers working together. We also provide forums and a Ventrilo server for more communication options to members. Though our primary focus is on RvR we of course do the PvE to help players through that grind, and to get ready for the frontiers. Anyone interested or seeking information should contact us in game or visit our site at www.geocities.com/albmerlin. We can also be reached via e-mail which should be sent to coa.merlin@gmail.com.

Hibernia/Lancelot: Forces of Nature

Submitted by Fearrfactory

Forces of Nature (FoN) is currently recruiting active members of all levels and abilities. FoN is a long-standing Hibernia/Lancelot guild, and part of the Legion of Lion's Alliance. We’re looking for RvR and PvE players. Has your guild died, or are there only a few players that are still active? Tired of playing alone or only with a few people? Come join FoN! Bring your friends along, too. Want to make your guild stronger, how about a guild merger with us? Have your GM send me a tell, and we’ll talk about it. Our family will welcome your friends. New or old, it doesn't matter. We have players of all types and levels. If you’re interested, please visit the web page at http://theforcesofnature.guildportal.com. You can also send an email to Forcesofnature@comcast.net or get in contact with one of the officers.

If you’re into a fun, easy to get along with group of people who like all aspects of the game, look no further! FoN looks forward to hearing from you!

Hibernia/Iseult: Blades of Glory

Submitted by Sarbah

Blades of Glory on the Iseult server, from the Caerleon Cluster, is now recruiting new members! We are a good group of folks interested in bringing the fun back to DAoC! We like to RvR, but are not exclusive to that role. We are accepting characters of all levels and skill levels. Please contact Sarbah in game, send an e-mail to Sarbahcraft@yahoo.com or visit the guilds website: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?G ... bID=585659

Midgard/Lamorak: Fridj Tanook

Submitted by Luceno

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be in a setting full with a single race? Well... you've found one of the right guilds!

Fridj Tanook (Drow language for 'Just Quit') is a light role-playing guild on the Lamorak server consisting of all Frostalfs. By role-playing I mean you must be a Frostalf. While I do not discourage any drowish names or mannerisms, it is not required.

We are looking to spice up the battlegrounds and NF as we arise to each. We are fairly young but looking to grow to a moderate size to maximize the fun of the guild for everyone.

We recruit any and all classes a Frostalf can be. At this moment we especially are recruiting at least 1 Shaman and 2 Healers for a designed guild group we are building. If interested contact anyone in the guild and we can get you invited.

Albion/Mordred: MARINES

Submitted by Mooss

If you’re interested, register on our Guild Forum's and make a post under General Discussion.

Simple Rules:

1. We prefer mature players.

2. Respect your guild members.

If you have ever wanted to roll a toon on Mordred, and see what's crackin’, here's your chance. We’re mostly a stealth guild right now, but are looking for all classes.

www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID= ... ID=1493946

http://guilds.camelotherald.com/guilds/ ... dred&g=752

Hibernia/Gareth: Sacred

Submitted by Rapha

Sacred of Gareth is currently accepting mature players into their family. Are you a mature player? Do you only play Hibernia on this cluster? Are you looking for community in a guild? If you said yes, yes, yes, please check our rules and traditions at http://sacredgareth.proboards81.com for more information.

Please send a message to any officer in game for a guild invite. Be sure to register on our website if you want an invite to the guild.

Have a sacred day!


Midgard/Tristan: Night Reavers

Submitted by Otrinaunn

Hello, Night Reavers is a newly formed guild on the Tristan server and we are looking to grow. We are a friendly, experienced and mature group of players looking for like minded others to join us. We want to enjoy the game and the friendships that come with it.

We are also looking for a strong alliance on the Devon cluster that may have room for a fledgling guild.

Please contact me in game or via email with any guild questions or alliance offers, thank you.

Hibernia/Lamorak: Spiral

Submitted by Voldowart

Spiral is a newly formed guild that may be small, but have experienced players who are mostly new to the server. We are seeking an alliance so we can help defend the realm, participate in raids, and offer advice or assistance. We are a serious guild whose players all play 20-30hrs a week, we just happen to be rather small at the moment. If elected into an Alliance, we pledge loyalty, kindness, and to aid in the Glory of our wondrous Hibernia!

Contact Voldowart-L in game if there is an alliance in need of a few good men (and women).

Midgard/Galahad: Valar Morghulis

Submitted by Jaqens

Valar Morghulis is looking to join a fun, chatting alliance with lots of PvE and RvR raids. We are a young and up and coming guild and would like to experience all Midgard has to offer.

Guild News runs every Thursday. Its purpose is to offer the players of Dark Age of Camelot a place to promote thier guilds by posting events, accomplishments, recruitment announcements, and other guild-related stories. English only, please. Screenshots wanted! All realms and servers are welcome, brag about your guild! To be sure you get posted, have your story in no later than

Thursday at Noon, EST. Please send in your submissions here. (Entries subject to editing.)

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