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Posted: July 27th, 2007, 12:16 pm

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Here's your Guild News for this week:


Gaheris: Legendary Mercs

Submitted by Komy

I want to take this time to congratulations to all my fellow Mercs for an outstanding achievement of reaching 600 million realm points!


Gaheris: Order of Anglesey

Submitted by Flameoneup

Order of Anglesey is now rebuilding, and we are recruiting mature players. We are currently working on getting an alliance, and would like to welcome all our old players to come back. We would really like to bring the order back to its former glory.

For those of you who might be looking for a guild, we believe in being a close knit family type setting helping one another, helping with levels, guild hunts, raids, much more too numerous to list.

So if you like having fun, making new friends, feeling like part of a family environment, then we are the guild for you. Contact us in game or by email.

Guild email address: Orderofanglesey@yahoo.com please use the subject: seeking guild

Albion/Ector: Legio Victric

Submitted by Nexsis

We are a new guild and we are looking for players more in tune with family values. We offer respect, help and people to group with that try not to use offensive language of any type. Our website is: http://legiovictric.proboards57.com/

Albion/Gareth: Order of the Dragon

Submitted by Ocoar

Order of the Dragon is on the Bossiney (classic) cluster. We are a growing guild with many active high and low level characters. We are looking to recruit active players of all levels for PvE, RVR any other guild/alliance events. If you looking for a guild that wants to have fun and enjoy the game for what it has to offer, then we are the guild you are looking for. We are the leader of the Order of the Dragon Alliance in Albion on the Bossiney cluster.

If you are interested in joining our guild, please go to www.ootdonline.com. One of our officers will then message you in game.

Hibernia/Ector: Hibernian Avengers

Submitted by Dargtagnon

Hibernian Avengers is currently recruiting players of all levels and experience. We are a small guild looking for a few good people. If you are new to the game, come grow with us. If you are an Elder, come grow with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Please contact anyone in the guild if you would like to learn more about us.

Hibernia/Gareth: Beyond Help

Submitted by Vauhn

Are you looking for a guild to assist with power leveling? Looking for a guild to provide you with free armor and stuff? If so, then stop reading and move on. If not, you could be looking for Beyond Help, and you're in luck because we are looking for you.

We are actively seeking new members for every aspect of the game. Any level, any class, or even if you just like to sit back in craft. We have several officers willing to help, and try to schedule enough events that all members get a chance to participate. We do not actively power level our members, but do run the occasional experience sessions when time permits.

Being a member of the Fungus Flingers, one of the largest Hibernia alliances, makes finding someone to adventure with a snap. If this sounds like a guild you might be interested in check out our website, http://tinyurl.com/2yuwmj or just /who Beyond Help and ask for an officer.

Gaheris: The Imperial Guard

Submitted by Caleo

"Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Imperial Guard is looking for a few good men and women to join our ranks to do battle in the never ending fight against Morgana and her assorted minions.

The Imperial Guard is one of the oldest guilds on Gaheris. Once we were many, but our ranks have recently dwindled and we're looking for mature teen and adult players to fill our ranks again.

We're mostly Eastern Standard time players, but we don't let that stop us from having a good time and showing up for raids that start a little later.

What can we offer you ask? There are several things on that list:

We are currently part of the awesome Circle of Arnor alliance. We have a large guild house loaded with tools and merchants for those that craft and three open vaults loaded with goodies that are free to all guild members.

We offer a small enlistment bonus for those joining us and another bonus in sixty days if you stay with us. If you're a crafter, we can even offer small bonuses for reaching certain levels in crafting.

For those that need or want artifacts, we can offer weekly raids to get some of those. We also have guild members who can get almost any scrolls that you need. If they can't get them, then let's rock and roll to go get them.

We never charge guild members for scrolls, armor, or services.

If keeps are your thing, we can usually get a group or two together to do those too. Whatever you're into, we can usually accommodate.

There are no level requirements to join and if you're looking for a guild with members who like to play, have fun, and keep it clean then we're the guild for you.

If interested or if you have any questions, please see one of our friendly Guild Masters' in game today.

Albion/Gareth: Divine Unity

Submitted by Manavac

Divine Unity is recruiting players of all levels and play styles. We have no specific play style, just a bunch of people having fun in the game. I will note we have a large number of active scouts, so if stealth is your game we might be a good guild for you. This recruitment is primarily for building up our staff of visibles for RvR and PvE, but if you're a stealth player that's okay too.


Midgard/Ector: Shadowklan

Submitted by Kalnog

August is Wargoth month.

Do you have what it takes to wear the black armor?

Shadowklan is selecting a new Wargoth. What’s a Wargoth you ask? The Wargoth is the supreme leader of the klan while they are in the field. The Wargoth is the top Field General and second only to the Klangoth1 in authority. A Wargoth must be of Grundur rank or higher, have strong leadership skills, and commit to leading at least one trip per week. The Wargoth can be identified by their completely black armor.

During the month of August, Shadowklan will be holding a competition to select a new Wargoth. This competition will consist of the candidates leading trips to show there skills. Each trip lead will earn the candidate points to becoming the new Wargoth. At the end of August, there will be a Kandiayt Klomp, where all the candidates will duel each other. This will be the end of the competition. Approximately two weeks will be the Wargoth Klomp, where the new Wargoth will be named and there will be celebrating and sydur for all. At the end of this party, the new Wargoth will lead the klan on a klomp (raid) of his/her choosing. If you want to be part of the festivities, go the klan web site and read about the klan and the requirements on joining, then contact a nob in game to become a member of the klan. The web site address is http://www.shadowklan.skribbulz.com .

Hoowah Shadowklan!!!!!

Kalnog Futh’Hai

Elder Grundurz


1 The Klangoth is the leader of the klan. This is similar to a guild’s guildmaster


Gaheris: Teatime With Dragons

Submitted by Ladry

Teatime With Dragons is a brand new guild on the Gaheris server. We are seeking an alliance with other guilds.

We are a small guild but we plan on future keep raids, dragon raids, Master Level raids, and of course artifact help. All Realms Welcome :)

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