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Posted: August 30th, 2007, 9:25 pm

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Albion/Gareth: Eternal Immortalis

Submitted by Soseeopathics

Congratulations to all my fellow guildies of Eternal Immortalis on achieving 200 Million Guild Realm Points. It’s been a long road on classics and has been a blast and privilege to be part of the fun with everyone. INC 300 million! :)

Midgard/Percival: Lust for Glory

Submitted by Mystarian

Please congratulate, Rodergar IronFist 50th level Thane, Lust for Glory's newest Guild Master!

Albion/Gareth: Divinity

Submitted by Molukai

The time finally has come upon us. As Albion's forces come toward the final conclusion of the war against the three fabled dragons of the realm, a beacon of light appears in the distance to finally put an end to their treachery.

The banner of Divinity has once again risen in salute to the return of its glorious Lord Commander Molukai, back from his engagement in the distant lands of Azerothia. With him, are Divinity soldiers new and old -- Menth, Jadae, Malfunction -- to name a few. Victorious but weary, they have finally returned.

Returned to make true the dominance of Albion -- once and for all! To the legions of Divinity that have fought in its honour all these years, WE SALUTE YOU. To all the Divinity soldiers that have been called back into the glorious lands of Camelot in service to King and Order, WE SALUTE YOU.


Hibernia/Lamorak: Gemstone

Submitted by Roeth

Gemstone is currently seeking mature and active members. A perfect place to be no matter if you prefer to solo, love crafting or want to group. We are just a group of friendly Hibs in a relaxed environment. Join us and become a member today!

Contact any member of the guild or Roeth-Lamorak directly to arrange an interview. You can also arrange an interview by e-scrolling: roeth.whitestar@gmail.com

Proud member of the Fungus Flingers alliance.

Albion/Ector: Bloodmoon Clan

Submitted by Rhianyin

The BloodMoon Clan & Winter Moon guild(s) is welcoming members. BloodMoon is our guild on Ector/Albion. (We also have a "sister" guild on Gareth/Midgard, the Winter Moon Clan. Our guilds are seeking members to enjoy the game with us. The leaders have years of experience, but are still learning more about the game everyday.

BloodMoon is a member of the "Ghosts" alliance.

Winter Moon is the leader of an Alliance.

Here, you will find a home to share. Our members consist of seasoned players and new players alike. The primary goal of the WMC/BMC is to experience all the game has to offer while meeting new friends. We are not "stuck" in just one area of the game. Some family members enjoy the excitement of realm vs. realm, while others enjoy the task dungeons and PVE. Members also group together to venture out to new places within the game. Many of us also work very hard on crafting for the guild's benefit.

Don't have the game expansions (Lab/Darkness Rising)? Don't worry. We have members with us that also don't have the expansions, and the guild is great at inviting everyone to join groups leaving nobody out that wishes to join in.

What we have to offer: friendship, leveling, help getting equipment and items, housing with open vaults and craft tools & merchants. We belong to an alliance so there's more opportunity to find a group that's right for you. WMC/BMC also has a voice chat server for those dedicated to RvR, or just plain "talk" to get to know each other.

We are currently seeking members, and players wishing to become officers.

Both guilds are in the "Summer Slumps" and need, mature, willing to help, players to assist in the day-to-day tasks. We are all about the "fun" aspects of the game. If you play a lot and care to be an officer, we need you!

If you would like to learn more about our guild(s), or wish to join us, please feel free to send in-game messages or an email. Email to; emerald.city1962@sbcglobal.net

Our website is: http://s10.invisionfree.com/Winter_Moon/index.php

Happy Hunting,


GM Character Contact: Jaziel, Svalah, Kallianna, Navay (for Midgard, WMC) Rhianyin, Charlei, Chyanna, Yarah (for Albion, BMC)

Albion/Gareth: Phoenix Resurrected

Submitted by Cchalen

Greetings all. We are Phoenix Resurrected and we are on the Gareth/Bossiney Cluster. We are a cooperative guild that always tries to make time to work on getting everyone in the guild the items/levels/quests that they need help in achieving. We are always recruiting, but we are looking for people that want to give as well as take.

As of right now we are running 8 person group nights in which we have around 2.5 to 3 full groups that are running in the battlegrounds at once. If you are interested learning more about us, please drop me an email at daocprgm@yahoo.com

CC - GM of Phoenix Resurrected

Albion/Gareth: Night Owls

Submitted by Thewizardof

Night Owls, an Albion guild on the Bossiney cluster, caters especially to the off-peak hours players. Our normal playtimes are in the wee hours of the morning in U.S. time zones. We're a perfect fit for any Aussie/New Zealand primetime players as well as any European afternoon players that are looking for a home on the classic servers.

Our goal as a guild is to build up our membership, to be a mid-sized guild, large enough to put together all guild groups for RvR and high-end PvE raids, yet small enough to maintain a friendly, family atmosphere. Towards that end, we run regular leveling sessions for our guild members to help them level up their characters, guild PvE and RvR group events.

We have a guild house on Gareth, a voice chat server, an alliance affiliation (Order of The Dragon), and a very helpful group of 50s willing to help out with any guild member's needs. We also have Legendary Crafters in many crafts that will help with any order you need made. Additional information about our guild can be found at our website ... http://www.nightowlsguild.com.

We're mostly looking for new members of any level who are able to log on regularly, roughly 3-4 nights a week (or more preferably); however, even a player who occasionally plays during the off-peak hours is welcome.

If you're interested in joining a guild that caters to the off-peak hours player, please feel free to post a request in the public forums section of our website and then contact any of our officers (Wigret, Sorrowsbane, Cylonnoone, Belkiolle, Mannyk or Thewizardof) in game to arrange for an invite into our guild.

Hibernia/Lancelot: Forces of Nature

Submitted by Fearrfactory

Forces of Nature(FoN)is currently recruiting active members of all levels and abilities. FoN is a long-standing Hibernia/Lancelot guild, and part of the Legion of Lion's Alliance. We’re looking for RvR and PvE players. Has your guild died, or are there only a few players that are still active? Tired of playing alone or only with a few people? Come join FoN! Bring your friends along, too. Want to make your guild stronger, how about a guild merger with us?

Have your GM send me a tell, and we’ll talk about it. Our family will welcome your friends. New or old, it doesn't matter. We have players of all types and levels. If you’re interested, please send an email to forcesofnature@comcast.net or get in contact with one of our players in game. You can also visit http://theforcesofnature.guildportal.com

Gaheris: Master Raiders

Submitted by Angalee

Master Raiders is once again recruiting new members! We are a close knit guild that would like to add as many people to our family as we can that would fit in great with Master Raiders. Please visit our guild page and fill out our application so we know you are interested in becoming a Master Raider at http://www.masterraiders.com If your unable to fill out a application you can also find one of us in game and send us a tell about joining. Try to find Angalee or any Angel toon under Master Raiders guild and we will fix ya up ;) Hope to chat with you soon and God bless.

Midgard/Gareth: Legion Free Corp

Submitted by Itsfreeker

We at Legion Free Corp are always looking for people to come and play with us. We have 53 active members in the guild. We love to have fun, laugh, and torment our officers (we have a blast doing that). We have a great group of people we play with, our officers and GMs are extremely helpful.

We accept all levels races and new players as well as seasoned veterans. So it does not matter how long you have played the game or what you are we will accept you. We are in alliance with Barons of Bruitality and will not recruit from those within it.

We do RvR, PvE raids as well as we can just hang around. We are all here to have fun and that’s what we do. All we ask is that you have a sense of humor,(because you are going to need it). It would also help if you have a masters degree in typo reading. We have a lot of masters when it comes to crafting... so with all that said just send someone in Legion Free Corp a tell and give us a try.


Albion/Ector: Shadow Warriors

Submitted by Lurka

We are a small family orientated guild looking to join a small alliance. We have many players around the world so we have no preference for time zone. Please contact any of our members if you are interested in having us in your alliance.

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