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Posted: September 21st, 2007, 1:15 pm

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Hibernia/Percival: Orders Of Justice

Submitted by Darkmyrddin

Orders Of Justice is currently recruiting new members to help return the guild to its former glory. With the decreasing population of the Tintagel server our guild population has dropped. Locleigh and I are searching for people willing to work hard to rebuild a strong guild with a long history and great alliance. Come join us we are here daily and willing to help new people starting out or veteran players looking for a change in guilds.

Albion/Gareth: Order of the Dragon

Submitted by Ishallheal

Order of the Dragon is on the Bossiney (classic) cluster. We are a rapidly growing guild with many active high and low level characters, and are looking to recruit active players of all levels for PvE, RvR, or any other guild/alliance events.

If you looking for a guild that wants to have fun, and enjoy the game for what it has to offer, then we are the guild you are looking for. We are a member of of the largest alliance in Albion on the Bossiney cluster. If interested, send an email to info@ootdonline.com, go to http://www.ootdonline.com or contact any player in the game.

Hibernia/Lamorak: Gemstone

Submitted by Roeth

Gemstone is currently seeking mature and active members. A perfect place to be no matter if you prefer to solo, love crafting or want to group. We are just a group of friendly Hibs in a relaxed, no pressure environment. Whether you are PvE or RvR, if you are mature and friendly you will be welcomed. Join us and become a member today!

Proud member of the Fungus Flingers alliance; http://fungusflingers.freeforums.org

Contact any member of the guild or Roeth-Lamorak directly to arrange an interview. You can also arrange an interview time and date by e-scrolling: roeth.whitestar@gmail.com

Discover more about our membership and our guild at; http://guilds.camelotherald.com/guilds/ ... orak&g=810

Midgard/Gareth: The Ancients

Submitted by Devotare

The Ancients is a Midgard guild on the Bossiney cluster based upon the principle of mature players who want to play a mature game. Most members of the guild are 30 years old or older, who understand that Dark Age of Camelot is a game meant to be enjoyed. Politeness is our only mandatory requirement. We don't ask for you to be the greatest player, just one that makes the playing experience more enjoyable for the people around you. We do various levels of RvR on a daily basis, and we do PvE to benefit members of the guild.

If you want to play the game without childish drama, where real life is acknowledged and respected, The Ancients might be an excellent choice to provide a like-minded community. Look for any of our members online and we'll be happy to discuss the possibility with you, and feel free to visit The Ancients' policy website: http://theancients.garygordon.org/

-The Ancients

Hibernia/Lancelot: Forces of Nature

Submitted by Fearrfactory

Forces of Nature(FoN)is currently recruiting active members of all levels and abilities. FoN is a long-standing Hibernia/Lancelot guild, and part of the Legion of Lion's Alliance. We’re looking for RvR and PvE players.

Has your guild died, or are there only a few players that are still active? Tired of playing alone or only with a few people? Come join FoN! Bring your friends along, too. Want to make your guild stronger, how about a guild merger with us?

Have your GM send a tell to an in-game GM, and we’ll talk about it. Our family will welcome your friends. New or old, it doesn't matter. We have players of all types and levels. If you’re interested, please send an email to forcesofnature@comcast.net or get in contact with one of our players in game. You can also visit http://theforcesofnature.guildportal.com


Albion/Lamorak: Reign of Chaos

Submitted by Netts

The guild Reign of Chaos has formed an alliance with Eternal Immortalis. We are looking for guilds that would like to join the RoC Alliance. This alliances emphasizes both RvR and PvE, there are no strict requirements toward either type of game play. We have some of the most active guilds in both fields, including Eternal Immortalis, the biggest Albion RP earning guild on the cluster and Razorback Horde, who are scholars of Labyrinth (and other) PvE.

Reign of Chaos itself is the biggest Albion guild on the cluster, and another of the top RP earners from Albion. This is a very friendly and open alliance with the hopes of being one of the biggest power-players in both RvR and PvE.

Apply on our forums, get to know everyone, and hopefully we will see you in alliance chat very soon!

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