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Posted: September 28th, 2007, 6:27 pm

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Hibernia/Lancelot: Minax

Submitted by Fedelfild

Hello fellow Lancelot citizens! Minax is currently a new active guild looking for honored members and active players! Our main key of this guild is RvR but we do have experience sessions quite often as well as battlegroups in ToA are up there too for artifacts and regular drops! Please send us an email at jstn_cheney@yahoo.com for more information. Thanks!

Midgard/Gareth: Purpose Driven

Submitted by Thundertroller

Are you looking for enjoyment in the game? Are you seeking a fun, friendly, and rapid growing guild? Do you seek a purpose? Or do you wish to be driven to your ultimate power? Then make Purpose Driven your guild today! Constant recruiting, Fun nights out, all levels and classes welcome, Battleground raids nightly, and more! So if you want to find your enjoyment, purpose, or be driven to the max right now, make Purpose Driven your guild today!

Albion/Pellinor: Flames of Albion

Submitted by Anastatic

Flames of Albion is a new guild that is looking for active PvE and RvR characters. Flames of Albion is also the leader of the Alliance which is looking to increase in size. If you are looking for a guild please send an in-game tell to a GM and if you wish to join our Alliance please send a tell. There are no limits or restrictions to be in our guild and alliance.

Albion/Gawaine: Rednecks

Submitted by Allgold

Hello the guild Rednecks is now recruiting all levels as well as recruiting new guilds to our alliance. If you are interested please leave a message on our boards: http://redneckalliance.probards102.com

Midgard/Gareth: Legacy of Salisbury

Submitted by Lanathir

As our name already implies, we are originally a couple of players coming from the European Classic server Salisbury.

In the rather short time that our guild exists, we have already found a nice number of new members (around 30), mostly migrated from other EU servers. But we are still looking for more people to join us and to have fun with, which is the primary objective of our guild, which has a rather relaxed view on the game.

Considering our origin, the guild chat is mostly German, but English is also well spoken and understood. Nevertheless we are primarily addressing players with at least a bit of knowledge of the German language. Apart from that, we welcome players of any class, level or age.

Our focus is on RvR as well as on PvE action. While our guild's most active playtime is between 12 a.m. and 6 p.m. there will nearly always be people of LoS online.

What you can expect is friendly and helpful people in our guild and alliance, which is currently made up with the also German speaking guild Evolved.

If you are looking for a friendly place and if you are interested in joining our guild, then please visit our website at http://forum.streitmacht.org or contact any member of LoS, who will be able to forward you to an officer of the guild.

Hibernia/Lamorak: Gemstone

Submitted by Roeth

Gemstone is currently seeking mature and active members. A perfect place to be no matter if you prefer to solo, love crafting or want to group. We are just a group of friendly Hib’s in a relaxed, no pressure, environment. Whether you are PvE or RvR, if you are mature and friendly you will be welcomed. Join us and become a member today!

Proud member of the Fungus Flingers alliance; http://fungusflingers.freeforums.org

Contact Roeth-Lamorak or Ayann-Lamorak directly to arrange an interview. You can also arrange an interview time and date by e-scrolling: roeth.whitestar@gmail.com

Discover more about our membership and our guild at; http://guilds.camelotherald.com/guilds/ ... orak&g=810

Midgard/Gareth: The Ancients

Submitted by Devotare

The Ancients is a Midgard guild on the Bossiney cluster based upon the principle of mature players who want to play a mature game. Most members of the guild are 30 years old or older, who understand that Dark Age of Camelot is a game meant to be enjoyed. Politeness is our only mandatory requirement. We don't ask for you to be the greatest player, just one that makes the playing experience more enjoyable for the people around you. We do various levels of RvR on a daily basis, and we do PvE to benefit members of the guild.

If you want to play the game without childish drama, where real life is acknowledged and respected, The Ancients might be an excellent choice to provide a like-minded community. Look for any of our members online and we'll be happy to discuss the possibility with you, and feel free to visit The Ancients' policy website: http://theancients.garygordon.org/

-The Ancients

Gaheris: The Order of Anglesey

Submitted by Flameoneup

Order of Anglesey is recruiting. We invite players of all classes and level to join us. We are part of the Legendary Mercenaries Alliance, a strong active and helpful alliance filled with many nice people. If having fun, getting through that tough level and being in a close knit family type environment is your thing then come join us. You can catch us in game or through email: OrderofAnglesey@yahoo.com. Hope to see you soon! Flameoneup GM of Order of Anglesey


Midgard/Lancelot: La Cosa Nostra

Submitted by FluffySongsareNice

La Cosa Nostra has started a new type of Alliance. No heavy handed rules. Mature, respectful guilds who would enjoy playing the game with other people should join our alliance. The /as will be used for chatting, helping others, starting groups and having fun. No CTA's, no belching orders, no expectations, come to have fun. See ya soon :) Please visit our website at http://www.daocguild.net

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