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Posted: October 5th, 2007, 1:55 pm

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Albion/Lancelot: For The Realm

Submitted by Grenimat

Congratulations to For The Realm guild on Albion Lancelot for completing ml1-10 in 10 hours. Also congratulations to all who reached level 50 under 1 day in /played.

Midgard/Bedevere: Mid Guardians

Submitted by Loganatt

Mid Guardians, only having formed less than 24 hours ago, reached guild level 2 today. Thanks to all the members for their hard work!


Hibernia/Lancelot: Hells Brigade

Submitted by Trickskin

Hello fellow Hibernians! Hells Brigade is back up and running. We are an active guild looking for new members. We are not looking to be the biggest, but the best. We do a variety of events, from RvR to PvE. We strive to have fun. We are also a part of Dark Talons alliance. Feel free to contact any member for an invite.

Albion/Merlin: Crystal Moon

Submitted by Aalnyan

Crystal Moon is currently recruiting. We’re reformed from Malus Imperium an old time Albion-Merlin guild and are accepting levels 45-50. We’re into having fun and just doing pretty much anything anyone wants to do.

Contact any Crystal Moon member in game for more information.

Albion/Gareth: Dragon Killers Legion

Submitted by Rollyn

We are a mature oriented Albion Guild on the Gareth Server, in Albions Pride Alliance. We are a small guild built by former members of the KOS guild. We are looking for new members to help build the guild up and make a name for itself. Looking for members that like to get out and RvR but at the same time are willing to do the occasional PvE raid. Currently have about 12-13 active members in the guild. Looking to get the guild up to about 20-30 members. We don’t want to get too big but large enough we can have a good Guild group. All we ask for is a good sense of humor and remember it is just a game. New players and elders alike are welcome, we have a good alliance to help make the game that more fun. Any questions checkout our homepage: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?G ... ID=1564215

Midgard/Lancelot: The Last Prophecy

Submitted by Danitsia

We're openly recruiting level 50 characters of all shapes and types --- healers, skalds, shamans, mages, tanks, hybrids --- everything. Applicants must be willing to enjoy all aspects of this game. Large-scale RvR, 8man PvP, Power Leveling, PvE Raids, and more.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, please visit our guild website at http://www.tlp-guild.com to apply! You can also message me in game on either Danitsia, Cierra, or Cinful (all are my characters) to speak with me directly. I can also be reached at danitsia@yahoo.com.

Look forward to making new friends and having a blast in this game once again!

Midgard/Gareth: Purpose Driven

Submitted by Thundertroller

Has the life of a Midgard player seem boring lately? Can’t seem to find the one thing that would make it awesome? Do you seek a fun time, great adventures, and not to mention a hot, fresh, and growing guild? Well say no more, Purpose Driven is that guild for you!

Yes the guild for you is literally no more then a tell away! We have nightly events, theme based goals every month, Up all night parties, Battleground raids to prepare for New Frontiers, and so much more. If that wasn't enough to get you excited to be in a guild, this will!

All through the month of October Purpose Driven is holding a "Get to Cathal" race between the guild-members to see who's gonna make it big, and become a true champion of Midgard. So tell me, do you wanna be pushed to the edge and gain your true potential? You wanna find your Purpose and be Driven to it? Lemme tell ya there is just one guild and one guild only for that: PURPOSE DRIVEN!

All races, classes, levels, players and fun loving people wanted. Constantly seeking new recruits, please send a member of Purpose Driven for extra details.

My name is Thundertroller, and I'm Purpose Driven: Are you?

Hibernia/Lamorak: Gemstone

Submitted by Roeth

Gemstone is currently seeking mature and active members. A perfect place to be no matter if you prefer to solo, love crafting or want to group. We are just a group of friendly Hibs in a relaxed, no pressure, environment. Whether you are PvE or RvR, if you are mature and friendly you will be welcomed. Join us and become a member today!

Proud member of the LoCo alliance. Looking for an active alliance? Go LoCO!

Contact Roeth-Lamorak or Ayann-Lamorak directly to arrange an interview. You can also arrange an interview time and date by e-scrolling: roeth.whitestar@gmail.com

Discover more about our membership and our guild at; http://guilds.camelotherald.com/guilds/ ... orak&g=810

Albion/Pellinor: Flames of Albion

Submitted by Anastatic

Flames of Albion is a new guild that is looking for active PvE and RvR characters. Flames of Albion is also the leader of the Flames of Albion Alliance, which is looking to increase in size. If you are looking for a guild or Alliance please send a tell in game or post a message requesting to join on our forums at FOA.freeforums.org. There are no limits or restrictions to be in our guild and alliance.

Our new guild web site is located at

http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?G ... ID=1763864

Midgard/Gareth: The Ancients

Submitted by Devotare

The Ancients is a Midgard guild on the Bossiney cluster based upon the principle of mature players who want to play a mature game. Most members of the guild are 30 years old or older, who understand that Dark Age of Camelot is a game meant to be enjoyed. Politeness is our only mandatory requirement. We don't ask for you to be the greatest player, just one that makes the playing experience more enjoyable for the people around you. We do various levels of RvR on a daily basis, and we do PvE to benefit members of the guild.

If you want to play the game without childish drama, where real life is acknowledged and respected, The Ancients might be an excellent choice to provide a like-minded community. Look for any of our members online and we'll be happy to discuss the possibility with you, and feel free to visit The Ancients' policy website: http://theancients.garygordon.org/

-The Ancients

Albion/Gareth: Order of the Dragon

Submitted by Ishallheal

Order of the Dragon is on the Bossiney (classic) cluster. We are a rapidly growing guild with many active high and low level characters, and are looking to recruit active players of all levels for PvE, RvR, or any other guild/alliance events.

If you looking for a guild that wants to have fun, and enjoy the game for what it has to offer, then we are the guild you are looking for. We are a member of of the largest alliance in Albion on the Bossiney cluster. If interested, send an email to info@ootdonline.com, go to http://www.ootdonline.com or contact any player in the game.

Albion/Percival: The Guardian Angels

Submitted by Sampsinn

Greetings to all, the guild of The Guardian Angels is opening it's doors and are looking for new members to replenish their ranks. GA is a balanced guild combining RvR and PvE. Do you like to help others? Have a willingness to aid your realm and protect those who are in need? Most of all are you looking to have fun with a close knit guild that works as a family? If so then you are who we're looking for. Contact the Guild Mistress Salka McKie at salkamckie@gmail.com so we can talk with you and get you invited.

Hibernia/Lancelot: Jamaican Sublime

Submitted by Tipofthearrow

Jamaican Sublime is looking for members. We are a part of shadow Guards alliance. We're just a bunch of laid back hibs who love joking around and helping each other out. If you are interested in joining send an e-mail to jamaicansublime@yahoo.com


Jamaican Sublime

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