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Posted: December 10th, 2007, 1:33 pm

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Hibernia/Guinevere: Armyn ab Treanid

Submitted by Morridyne

For all of you avid fan fiction writers/readers, Beyond the Veil is a tale of the Warden Morridyne MacClontarf of Armyn ab Treanid.

This is a living document that is updated as the tale is written. Pull up a chair, for the shadows grow long and events are unfolding even now within the Realms...

http://armynabtreanid.com/forums/index. ... topic=4733


Hibernia/Lancelot: Forces of Nature

Submitted by Fearrfactory

Forces of Nature(FoN) is currently recruiting active members of all levels and abilities. FoN is a long-standing Hibernia/Lancelot guild, and were part of the Legion of Lion's Alliance. We’re looking for RvR and PvE players. Come join our family of active players that enjoy having fun on a daily basis.

Has your guild died, or are there only a few players that are still active? Tired of playing alone or only with a few people? Come join FoN! Bring your friends along, too. Want to make your guild stronger, how about a guild merger with us?

Have your GM send me a tell, and we’ll talk about it. Our family will welcome your friends. New or old, it doesn't matter. We have players of all types and levels. If you’re looking for a fun very active guild with always something going on look no further. If you’re interested, please send an email to forcesofnature@comcast.net or get in contact with one of our players in game. You can also visit http://Theforcesofnature.guildportal.com

Albion/Bedevere: Smokin

Submitted by Feanorian

Tired of logging on and seeing that you’re the only one in your guild logged? Need help with that crafted item, that quest, ML help and more? Want to be in a guild were everyone is respectful, friendly, and where there is an officer or GM on most of the time? And where Guild XP bonus is running 24/7? Feel that guild promotions should be decided on merit and not just solely on friendship? Come to Smokin! -- The Sky's The Limit! Smokin, one of the biggest and of course The Best (and still most active) guild / alliance on the Devon Cluster! Though our alliance roster is full (with more of the best Alb active guilds in the game), all of Smokin Alliance guilds' of course have room!

All hours of the day you will find players online -- players to chat with, to group with and have fun with! With over 115 active accounts and over 230 active characters in Smokin alone -- no matter what time of day your on, there will be friends also there with you! And the alliance just adds to those numbers! Smokin peeps PvE and RvR -- as well does the alliance, so, everyone is welcome :) Come add to our family!

**Contact a Smokin GM or officer or an alliance guild GM or officer near you (in-game) for more details.**

Midgard/Gareth: Nexxus of Power

Submitted by Vorgien

Need a guild with lots of nice and fun people to play with? You have come to the right place! We have many members and there is about 3 members or more online all the time so if you need a home join us!

Midgard/Galahad: The Druzhina

Submitted by Shornaal

Hi there! Druzhina is a new guild that is only about 2 months old. We enjoy the PvE experience and do what we can to involve not only guildmates but friends from other guilds. There are only a couple of us currently who like to RvR, but we are always looking for more. So if you are looking at getting into a newly formed guild to help shape it into a direction then The Druzhina is for you. Please send a tell to any member in game if interested.

Albion/Lamorak: Red Shadows II

Submitted by Arphur

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say that after little over a month of being formed, Red Shadows II on Albion just blasted past the 7 million guild realm points. We're doing around 2.5 million a week at the moment, a testament to our activity and commitment to Realm vs Realm.

We're always open for more people, whether you're looking for PvE or RvR we could be the place for you. Fun loving guild, lots of silly chats in guild and on vent every night during EU hours mostly, but people are on all the time.

Give us a shout on Albion/Bossiney, anyone can point you to me (Phil) or someone able to invite.

Hope to see you out there my friends,


aka Phil

Midgard/Pellinor: Life Topor

Submitted by Clietuss

Life Topor is currently looking to expand its folds. We are looking for individuals who are interested in serious RvR, PvE raids and having a lot of fun. We are true to Midgard on Caerleon Cluster and we are looking for guildies who do the same. Our Alliance is growing and we hope to see this pattern continue. Come see us grow and share in the fun.

Midgard/Lamorak: Quellar Mithkaldaka

Submitted by Mondior

Quellar Mithkaldaka is an all Frostalf Roleplaying guild on the Bossiney cluster currently welcoming new members.

But who are the members of Quellar Mithkaldaka you might ask? We are you. We are DAOC'ers and we come from all walks of life and corners of the globe. We are a diverse pool of individuals including: diehard RvR'ers, PVE experts, casual players, crafters, and finally roleplayers. We are subscribers who choose to experience the game with a bit of fantasy, imagination and creativity.

What do we do?

We leave the office, the house, the hustle and bustle of our mundane lives at the door of the Guild Hall of the House and step into a world of magic, mystery, and epic battles. A world steeped in folklore, tradition and vibrant sights and sounds. We lose ourselves in a world where we reinvent ourselves according to our own designs, and dedicate ourselves to the causes and trades of our choice. We are decorated warriors, skilled artisans, and brave explorers. To find out more, visit us on the web at http://members.aol.com/housegreywolf/qmmain.html

Hibernia/Nimue: Elma Nosse

Submitted by Celynda

Elma Nosse (Our Family) is looking for like-minded individuals to grow with us. Come try us out, we actually do things with our guild members. We are housed on the server of Nimue, but welcome all in the Killibury cluster. We are in a small alliance but seeking to find a more active one at this time. If you are a mature player looking for a supportive and fun group to grow with, or would like to lend your experience to us, write sheryllasATyahoo.com for more information, or feel free to approach one of us in Hibernia!

We have our main hunts on the weekends and are always doing something (RVR, grinding, artifacts, missions, MLs, or what ever we feel like - helping each other out) all week long. In our guild, during your first week you start out as a recruit and from there your guild ranks are based on your level and/or champion levels. Our new guild website will be up in a week or two, and we will post the link on here as well as within the guild so you can access us.

We do not accept people who join only to beg for money and gear, or obtain advancement assistance from other guildmates in a one-way relationship. The guild has 2 ML10 enchanters and a buff bot to assist rather well on most assistance needed.

Albion/Gareth: Night Owls

Submitted by Thewizardof

Night Owls, an Albion guild on the Bossiney cluster, caters especially to the off-peak hours players. Our normal playtimes are in the wee hours of the morning in U.S. time zones. We're a perfect fit for any Aussie/New Zealand primetime players as well as any European afternoon players that are looking for a home on the classic servers.

Our goal as a guild is to build up our membership, to be a mid-sized guild, large enough to put together all guild groups for RvR and high-end PvE raids, yet small enough to maintain a friendly, family atmosphere. Towards that end, we run regular PL sessions for our guild members to help them level up their characters, guild PvE and RvR group events.

We have a guild house on Gareth, a voice chat server, an alliance affiliation (Albions Pride), and a very helpful group of 50s willing to help out with any guild member's needs. We also have Legendary Crafters in many crafts that will help with any order you need made.

We're mostly looking for new members of any level who are able to log on regularly, roughly 3-4 nights a week (or more preferably); however, even a player who occasionally plays during the off-peak hours is welcome.

If you're interested in joining a guild that caters to the off-peak hours player, please feel free to contact anyone in the Night Owls to arrange for an invite into our guild.

Gaheris: Deadly Intentions

Submitted by Kaylebb

Greetings one and all. Deadly Intentions is a very active large guild on the Gaheris Server. We are in one of the best alliances of the server as well, Legendary Mercenaries alliance. We are a fun and friendly bunch who do a lot of different activities daily. If you just cant get enough of PVE or just want to come try something new, don’t hesitate to give us a send.

Kaylebb, GM.

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