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Posted: January 11th, 2008, 12:47 pm

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Here is this week's Guild News!


Hibernia/Bors: Vindictive Souls

Submitted by Kinnery

I would like to say hello to everyone and hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

Just want to say Vindictive Souls will be holding a recruitment event on Sunday 13 January 2008 with a "Catch the Mascot" event.

How does it work? In the housing of Bors my Bard will be running all over housing for 1 hour at 5pm eastern time zone. You spot her, you yell in the BG "MASCOT" I will stop and you will receive a prize. It could be 50g money, respec stone, item, etc. The mascot will be /anon so don’t try the sneaky /who =P

It should be fun, so come join us! Vindictive souls is actively recruiting and is a part of Forever Eternal alliance. We do RvR, MLs, DRs and other fun stuff. Check out the alliance at http://eternalalliance.activeboard.com.

Gaheris: Blue Knights

Submitted by Glenidd

Have you ever wondered what monsters lurk in the dark depths of Avalon City? Ever wanted to go explore the elusive lair of Xanxicar?

Blue Knights of Gaheris is planning an exploration trip to Avalon City, Friday January 18th. The battlegroup will open up at 8pm EST (Grigondra will have bg) at Wearyall Village in SI, moving out at 8:30pm EST.

The plans for the evening are to start with AC itself first, hunting down mobs such as:

~ Dra'argus the Mighty

~ Dura'ek the Empowered

~ Sys'sro the Ruthless

~ Vera'erius the Brave

~ Weno'iak the Enlightened

~ Xanxicarian Champions, Guards and Elites

~ and of course who can forget Xanxicar !

Loot Rules are as follows:

~ We will collect the loot from the named mobs to roll on as well as the Xanxicar remains

~ 1 win per person, no bots please

~ Any loot left over after the first roll will be free for all rolls

We will be ending with Xanxicar, this is where we will need the most people between getting to him and fighting him and his champions. We are looking for as many people as we can get out for this, heck let's see if we can beat the Sidi Raid count of 87! If you have any questions you can post here, send me a PM or contact me in game most eves on Glenidd, Grigondra, Aquillonia or most any Blue Knight can get a hold of me or relay a message. Come on out and make this a fun and exciting evening touring a dungeon that most have not explored the depths of!



Albion/Ector: Broken Honor

Submitted by Kastraea

Broken Honor is a relatively new guild looking for active recruits.

We are an adult oriented guild that loves to hang out and do many different things both RvR and PvE related.

We are looking for like minded individuals that are out to have a great time, strengthen our guild, and fight in defense of our realm.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in check out our website: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?G ... ID=1831208 for more information and to get to know us better. You can also contact a GM/Officer in game for further information.

Midgard/Gareth: Legion Free Corp

Submitted by Freekers

Happy Holidays to everyone from Legion Free Corp!

We at Legion Free Corp are looking for new members to join our very happy family! We are looking for people who just want to have fun, that’s why we are here right?!

We do a lot of RvR, PvE, experiencing and questing - name it and we have it covered!

We have a great group of people that we play with and have a blast with! What we are looking for are people who love to have fun, learn, teach(after all who knows everything), read typos and oh yeah DRINK COFFEE (that’s a huge thing with L.F.C.), as well as sense of humor is a huge thing with us because we are all fair game within the guild, we are a close guild and VERY loyal to our guildies. We are in alliance with Necessary Evil and will not recruit from those within it. As I said loyalty is a huge thing with us.

We accept any level/race as well as age. It does not matter if you have played since the game came out as one of our GMs have or if you have played for a few days, we will welcome you!

All you have to do is send someone in Legion Free Corp a message and we will get you into our family!

We look forward to hearing from you and playing with you. For more information please visit our website: http://www.lfc-gareth.com

Again Legion Free Corp wishes you a very happy and safe holiday and New Year!

Hibernia/Lancelot: Forces of Nature

Submitted by Fearrfactory

Forces of Nature(FoN) is currently recruiting active members of all levels and abilities. FoN is a long-standing Hibernia/Lancelot guild, and we're part of the Legion of Lion's Alliance. We’re looking for RvR and PvE players. Come join our family of active players that enjoy having fun on a daily basis.

Has your guild died, or are there only a few players that are still active? Tired of playing alone or only with a few people? Come join FoN! Bring your friends along, too. Want to make your guild stronger, how about a guild merger with us?

Have your GM send me a tell, and we’ll talk about it. Our family will welcome your friends. New or old, it doesn't matter. We have players of all types and levels. If you’re looking for a fun very active guild with always something going on look no further. If you’re interested, please send an email to forcesofnature@comcast.net or get in contact with one of our players in game. You can also visit http://Theforcesofnature.guildportal.com

Albion/Lamorak: Margaritaville

Submitted by Coffeez

Hello DAoC fans, many know me as Coffeez and I am a gaming adventurer in a guild that is loads of fun. We do it all, both PvE, and PvP. If you’re looking to have fun, or wanting to have some great times on a classic server, feel free to look us up. This guild has a great bunch of folks.

Margaritaville is always looking for excellent gamers, positive attitudes, and those that have lots of fun and looking to re-new themselves. You can contact myself or any member of this excellent guild. Enjoy!

Albion/Merlin: Force of Destruction

Submitted by Sparkk

Howdy Peoples! I have just basically started a very new guild. I am looking to recruit good people, those that like to have fun in both the PvE and PvP aspect of the game.

Only rule is to remember that this is a game. I enjoy my gaming time, and looking for others who like to have a great time as well. We are definitely not big enough for an alliance yet, but I am looking to reach great levels.

Hibernia/Lancelot: Hells Brigade

Submitted by Coffeez

Now that the holidays are over, I am looking to rebuild this excellent guild. I am someone who believes in old fashioned raids, having fun in both the PvE and PvP aspect of this game.

Exploration is the key, and with a great group of folks, this game can be fun again. Should you be interested, please feel free too look for any member. Many thanks.

Hibernia/Nimue: Elma Nosse

Submitted by Celynda

Elma Nosse (Our Family) is looking for like-minded mature individuals to grow with us. Come try us out, we actually do things with our guild members. We are housed on the server of Nimue of Hibernia, but welcome all from the Killibury cluster. We are in an alliance. If you are a mature player looking for a supportive and fun group to grow with, or would like to lend your experience to us, write sheryllas@yahoo.com for more information, or feel free to approach one of us in Hibernia!

We have our main hunts on the weekends and are always doing something (RvR, grinding, artifacts, missions, Master Levels, or what ever we feel like - helping each other out) all week long. Our new guild website is http://www.elmanosse.com.

We do not accept people who join only to beg for money and gear, or obtain advancement assistance from other guildmates in a one-way relationship.

Midgard/Morgan Le Fay: Brethren

Submitted by Thorbraallveinn

Brethren is currently recruiting for new members. We accept all levels, classes and races. We have strong leadership, active members and run guild and alliance groups weekly. Members are not required to RvR. But if you enjoy RVR our guild and alliance are very active.

We have only a few rules: Respect all players and each other, help other guildmates when able and help strengthen the guild and above all have fun.

If this sounds like a guild you would like to join please contact any member online or feel free to send me an email (robert@robertmcdaniel.net) or log onto our guilds page at http://thorbsbrethren.guildportal.com

Midgard/Gawaine: Archangels

Submitted by Forsvarir

The Archangels are still recruiting to bolster our ranks in battles in Heaven and on the frontiers. We require a sense of humor, the ability to type rapidly while in great danger and hopefully a desire to advance the cause of Midgard or at least buy a few of the condos we are building in the lovely Yggdra forest. I or any of the Archangels look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers! Welcome to our latest members Dethbeauty, Dethlove and Sydewiinder.

Hibernia/Lamorak: Gemstone

Submitted by Ayann

Gemstone guild is now recruiting mature active members.

Gemstone is a family/friend based guild and a proud member of the Fungus Flingers Alliance.

If you’re interested in joining please feel free to contact us at: orobas419@hotmail.com or any in game member. Thanks!

Hibernia/Ector: Toxic Nation

Submitted by Lance

Tired of logging on and waiting endless hours to get a RvR group? Well then "Toxic Nation" may be the guild for you. This newly created guild on Hibernia/Ector is looking to recruit casual players or hardcore gamers for a guild that participates primarily in RvR. Our guild also includes its very own voice chat server and no pressure to be best of the best.

We want to offer a better RvR experience for the people who spend more time looking for group than they actually do RvR.

For more information send swyfty-e or tankermen-g or drop me an email at Lance_m666@hotmail.com

Midgard/Lamorak: Quellar Methkaldaka

Submitted by Mondior

Quellar Mithkaldaka is an all Frostalf Roleplaying guild on the Bossiney cluster currently welcoming new members.

But who are the members of Quellar Mithkaldaka you might ask? We are you. We are DAOC'ers and we come from all walks of life and corners of the globe. We are a diverse pool of individuals including: diehard RvR'ers, PvE experts, casual players, crafters, and finally roleplayers. We are subscribers who choose to experience the game with a bit of fantasy, imagination and creativity.

What do we do?

We leave the office, the house, the hustle and bustle of our mundane lives at the door of the Guild Hall of the House and step into a world of magic, mystery, and epic battles. A world steeped in folklore, tradition and vibrant sights and sounds. We lose ourselves in a world where we reinvent ourselves according to our own designs, and dedicate ourselves to the causes and trades of our choice. We are decorated warriors, skilled artisans, and brave explorers. To find out more, visit us on the web at http://members.aol.com/housegreywolf/qmmain.html

Albion/Gawaine: Forgotten Heros

Submitted by Girenada

Forgotten Heros on Killibury Cluster is currently recruiting all levels and all classes. We are a small guild looking to grow.

We are looking for solid character people willing to help or accept help when needed and to have fun in the realm. We belong to the Loreenas House Of Pain alliance which is very large and does a lot of RvR.

People that just want levels and free gear need not approach.

Please contact a member in game or email forgottenheros@tds.net for more information or to set up a time a GM can speak with you.

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