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Posted: March 29th, 2008, 8:20 pm

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Midgard/Merlin: Archangels

Submitted by Sureshots

All right to celebrate the month of April and to demonstrate that being an Angel isn't all about doom and death...(ok maybe it is) we are holding for our members an RP Challenge.

Rules are simple - members of the Guild need to choose their RP champion. That champion then goes on to compete for weekly RP prizes of no less than 500 gold or crafted item(s) or their choice of items.

Points will be accumulated in the following ways:

Realm Guard kills = 2 pts, Tower Captains slain = 5 pts, Keep Lords slain/Tower taken 10 pts, Keeps taken = 20 pts. This will be added to your weekly Remain Standing Score to determine the winner. The caveat is, that the champion cannot be a level 50. So members choose your champion and let the RvRing begin.

At the end of the month we will also hold a random draw for a grand prize vacation to Camelot or a Dragon Drop item.

Gaheris: Blue Knights

Submitted by Glenidd

Blue Knights will be running another 6 relic & Agramon Raid on Friday March 28th. The BG will open at 7pm Est (Grigondra will have the bg) moving out at 7:30pm from the Forest Sauvage Bridge. We will need thugs/tank teams, pbaoe/tank teams, heals, and tanks but ANYONE is welcome to join us. We are in hopes to move through all of them as nicely as we did last time. I have faith we will get through them either way, I think we started rolling last time a little after 9. We also do utilize vent during the raid and anyone is welcome to join us, I will spam it in the bg the night of the raid or your welcome to pm me on VN's for more info.

Loot Rules:

~ Seals division will be depend on the size of the BG (I think we all got around 15 each last run)

~ We ask that you please remove your bots for rolls, to give everyone a chance at items

~ Loot will be draft style once again.

Raid Rules:

~ Stay with the banner, and listen to directions for each encounter

~ Above all have a fun Friday night once again with friends =)

The More the Merrier as always =) Hope to see everyone there!

Amy @}~;~~


Albion/Gareth: Guardians of Faith

Submitted by Arthaerius

Hail adventurers, the warmest of greetings to you all! My name is Arthaerius and I'm very pleased to extend an open invitation across the servers to join in the fun of the Classic cluster as well as our fine guild!

Tired of the ToA tedium? Fed up with endless drama and negative, self-destructive allies? What you expose yourself to makes a difference in your life, and the Guardians are here to offer you an alternative. We're actively seeking quality, professional individuals who are interested in associating with good-natured people in a positive, "Faith-based" environment and who share our priorities.

We're a highly competitive but not elitist team that enjoys the flexibility of being "Roleplay-friendly”, and strive towards every element of high-end PvE and RvR both. In fact, our leadership has established exciting, unique targets to help promote a rich and dynamic RvR experience that's certain to be a blast for every sort of player!

If the direction and purpose of our guild sounds like something you'd be interested in, I invite you to read through our website (http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?G ... ID=2055513) and introduce yourself on our forums.

We look forward to hearing from you - See you on the battlefield! Take care. =)

Midgard/Lancelot: Our Pride

Submitted by Gwedhyn

Our Pride is currently open for new members, If you would like to be part of a family and have a lot of fun, come join us at Our Pride.

We are a very active RvR guild, But we also do PvE raids, dragon raids (Which Mcgrumpy does nearly everyday). If you are looking for a guild which focuses mainly on RvR. If this is something for you, please contact Gwedhyn aka Mcgrumpy in game or by e-mail:

triko8210@hotmail.com and we will find something out :)

Albion/Gareth: Angelic Redemption

Submitted by Grimm

Hello, I am Grimm, founding GM of Angelic Redemption, the second oldest guild on the Gareth (Albion) server. We are rebuilding our guild with some of the original members, and are extending an open invitation for you to join us.

We are looking for mature players who like a casual family setting. We welcome all experience levels, and veteran's of RvR we are looking to build a few dedicated 8 man teams. Bring your expertise and we will put it to use.

Feel free to contact e through our website, AR.guildportal.com or my email address, xboy@poetic.com, or contact anyone playing (/who Angelic.) I am usually on Grimm, Whisper, or Snow.

Cya soon!

Hibernia/Gareth: F.U.N

Submitted by Nosferadad

Greetings from F.U.N. We are currently accepting applications for guild membership. We are a guild who likes to have fun together in PvE but we are light on RvR (but trying to improve). If you are interested, please visit the F.U.N website and read our charter to see if we are the guild for you.

We are also accepting applications for alliance members, If your guild is looking for a great alliance, please visit the F.U.N website at: http://daocguild.proboards46.com/index.cgi and check us out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hibernia/Percival: Mostly Harmless

Submitted by Khellyndros

Mostly Harmless is recruiting!

MH is a guild on the Killibury cluster (formally Tintagel) in the Wrath of Hibernia alliance. We're a smaller guild at the moment, hoping to induct like-minded people into our fold.

We of the Wrath of Hibernia alliance are RvR and PvE-minded. We're not hardcore/elite RvR but we do tend to have some members out running almost every night.

Our guild membership process consists of an interview with either two guildmasters or a GM and an Officer. This is basically a Q&A session where we ask you some questions (why do you want to join MH, what experience in Hibernia do you possess, what do you look for in guildmates and alliance-mates, etc) and you get to ask us some in return. Then if all are agreeable the applicant starts a two-week probation period. After the two weeks if applicant and GMs are still interested then the applicant is accepted fully into the guild.

If this sounds like a guild you would be happy to join then do a "/who Mostly" and ask for a GM.

Midgard/Lamorak: Quellar Mithkaldaka

Submitted by Mondior

Quellar Mithkaldaka is an all Frostalf Roleplaying guild on the Bossiney cluster currently welcoming new members.

But who are the members of Quellar Mithkaldaka you might ask? We are you. We are DAOC’ers and we come from all walks of life and corners of the globe. We are a diverse pool of individuals including: diehard RvR'ers, PvE experts, casual players, crafters, and finally roleplayers. We are subscribers who choose to experience the game with a bit of fantasy, imagination and creativity.

What do we do?

We leave the office, the house, the hustle and bustle of our mundane lives at the door of the Guild Hall of the House and step into a world of magic, mystery, and epic battles. A world steeped in folklore, tradition and vibrant sights and sounds. We lose ourselves in a world where we reinvent ourselves according to our own designs, and dedicate ourselves to the causes and trades of our choice. We are decorated warriors, skilled artisans, and brave explorers. To find out more, visit us on the web at: http://www.quellarmithkaldaka.cjb.net

Midgard/Gareth: Legion Free Corp

Submitted by Freekersmad

Hello from Legion Free Corp!

We are currently accepting new recruits to join our happy family. We do a lot of RvR, PvE, XP and the search for the one time drops. What we are looking for is loyalty.

We are in alliance with Myth and will not recruit from those within it.

We have a number of crafters in the legendary status and I'm sure we got what you need covered.

We have new players as well as those that have played since the game came out. So it does not matter if you’re new or old to the game come and check us out!

We can offer you laughter, personality as we have Lots of it going on!

All you have to do is send any member of Legion Free Corp a tell and they can send you a invite, or you can do it through our web page which is: http://www.lfc-gareth.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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