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Posted: September 28th, 2007, 6:28 pm

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You know what that means. Read on!

Q. The Siegecraft merchant at my house does not sell the materials needed to craft Siegecraft. The new notes said he would, am I missing something?

A. Our own Joanne looked into this. Here’s what she found out: The merchant just needs to be reset. Those with the right permissions can just pick up the merchant and put it back down and it should show the correct siege items for sale.

Q. I have purchased a new computer and I remember I use to be able to copy INI.? files. I can not find these files in labyrinth. Where are they kept now. I have a lot of characters and was hoping for a shortcut setting up the quickbars on the new computer.

A. Here’s the new location of the .ini files:

Windows XP: C: -> Documents and Settings -> User Name -> Application Data -> Electronic Arts -> Dark Age of Camelot

Vista: C: -> Users -> (your windows login name) -> AppData -> Roaming -> Electronic Arts ->Dark Age of Camelot

Q. I get different answers from everyone on this one, but as a Warlock, does loading your chambers while Res Sick reduce the effectiveness of the chambered spell?

A. The Balancinator had a look at this and after some testing he came to this conclusion: If you load and then unload a chamber while resurrection sick, then you will receive a penalty. If you load a chamber while sick, but unload it after sickness wears off, you should hit for full value. So, this is a true example of patience being a virtue.

Q. I’m trying to dye the Dragonsworn Round shield. I tried enamel (light brown, brown and dark brown), leather dye (dark brown), cloth dye (dark brown) and crafted weapon luster (earthen brown). All say that the shield is dyable, but not by that dye. What do I use to dye it?

A. This item is dyable by the weapon enamels that drop from boss mobs in Shrouded Isles and Trials of Atlantis zones. Thanks, Lady of the Jewels! Looks like some raids are in order!

Q. The merchant towns Dynas Emrys and Chatterick Hamlet have all the trainers in them, however they will not let a level 5 advance to their main class, is this a bug?

A. Says the Bearded Wonder: My guess is that they were not given that ability on purpose as level 5's really would not be out in the frontiers RVRing at that level or participating in relic defense/offense, etc.

The base class trainers all tell you to go to the capital to get trained in your 'advanced' class and players will benefit most from going there to train up.

Q. In the patch notes for 1.90J noticed siege craft will require wood skill to make items. My question is I leveled up to 1024 skill in siege craft, but gained no wood working skill. Will my wood skill raise to appropriate level, or will I need to level wood working now?

A. We realized this would be a problem, so we made some adjustments in 1.90a. Here’s the note:

- Woodworking will now level as a secondary skill with Siegecrafting; however, there is no minimum skill in Woodworking required for Siegecrafting recipes.

Q. I recently purchased the new bounty point cloak "Tomte Defender's Cloak". It is not possible to put a guild emblem onto this cloak. Is this a bug or by design? If it is intended, why? Every other cloak in game (to my knowledge) can be adorned with a guild emblem.

A. Currently it is designed this way. Basically, the emblems add some really odd swirls on each side. We’ll look into the issue and determine if it is something the art team can fix. If not, and the level of distortion is acceptable, we can allow them to be emblemized.

Consequently, when you use that cloak and add an emblem, it does odd things to the pattern.

Also, the "Hibernian Cloak of Magic" does not look like the "Cloak of the Arch Etheralist" at all, except possibly in shape.

“Hibernian Cloak of Magic”

“Cloak of Arch Etheralist”

CoAE with emblem

The cloak is not designed for an emblem. The emblem addition adds in weird swirls and patterns and eliminates the original pattern. The original pattern is the realm guard cloak which was made into a player cloak specifically so it could be bought with BPs and worn with pride as a realm guard cloak, not as a guild cloak. As noted above, we’d have to be okay with graphical oddities or get a version that is made for a emblem properly (not sure what the entails artwise). Thanks again, Bearded Wonder.

Q. After this patch, I noticed that every time I open my house vault it says the vault number is 0. All the stuff in the vault is my stuff, but the number is weird. What’s going on here?

A. We’re currently encountering a display bug with vaults. This is a display bug only and does not affect the contents of the vault. This is a known issue, and will be addressed as soon as possible.


We’re road trippin’ out to Orange, CA in a couple of weeks, on October 13. You’ll have a chance to meet up with Joanne and the Lady of the Jewels. (Note: this is not a promise of cheese and crackers specifically, but I do know that there will be free munchies in one form or another.) This is our last road trip this year, so if you’re in the area be sure to unplug yourself and come out to join in the fun! You can find the details on the trip here, and be sure to RSVP so we order enough cheese and crackers.

Dark Age of Camelot wants YOU! We’re looking for able-bodied, passionate players to join our Team Lead Program. Hob nob with the devs and throw around ideas with other like-minded individuals. Check out our open positions and send in your application today!

Speaking of Team Leads, our PvP Server Team Lead, Daamien, is at it again. It’s the 4th Play on Mordred Day. The last few have been very successful, and Daamien is looking forward to hosting another one. You can read up on the details here. Be sure to get your buffs up before you click!

It's going to be a gorgeous weekend here in Sunny Northern VA. Hope it's the same where you are. See ya on the battlefield, and if not, then see ya Monday!

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