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Posted: October 14th, 2007, 3:50 pm

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Q. I had a siege tower uncover me while I was stealthed. I read all the recent patch notes and found nothing of this. Should siege equipment be uncovering stealthers?

A. Siege towers should, yes. Says the Bearded Wonder: Just think of it this way, you're sneaking around a work in progress with drifting dust and possibly falling boards, etc which could uncover you. Attempting to traverse through an area where a siege tower is being built might result in a player being unstealthed.

Q. Your recent GrabBag item on house repossession stated...

The house (in the form of a deed), all in-game money stored on the consignment merchant, all trophies, vaults, the consignment merchant, and items contained within the vaults and consignment merchant, will be placed on the repossession NPCs located in the Market areas of the housing zones.

I can find all the vault items and CM items from my repossessed house, but where do I go to find the house deed, CM deed, porch deed, money, trophies, etc??

A. This was my fault, I should have clarified the answer a little more. The question in last week’s Grab Bag referred to recovering items from a condemned house, not a repossessed house. I wasn’t aware that the two act differently. Unfortunately if you do not pay your rent and therefore lose your house, all of the items you were unable to find will be lost. So please remember to pay your rent on time!

Q. How do you get rid of quests in your journal that are either level 99 meaning the quest is no longer available or quests that you just do want to do anymore? The option to pick a quest and remove it does not work.

A. The Bearded Wonder had the answer for this one: Most quests can be removed from the journal by clicking on the quest text under the quest name, then clicking the remove button at the bottom of the journal. If you still can't remove it and it seems like you should be able to, send a bug report with the pertinent information (quest name, level, realm, etc.) so we can look at the quest in question.

Q. A guild friend of mine wants to move house to the same village as me. Much of the village is condemned so he is convinced he only has to wait 90 or so days for a plot to be available. I told him that in the previous 2 patches on both occasions the days available was reset back to 120 days. Therefore as you intend to remove the TOA engine with 1.91 in quote "sometime in November", which is well within 90 days, this will once again be reset back to 120 days. He therefore stands no chance of ever getting a house in my village. Right?

A. Based on past events, it does seem that you would be right and your friend would never have a chance of moving in to be your neighbor. This was unintended. There was a bug which reset the timer every time we took down the server for patches. This bug was fixed when we patched 1.90a on live servers, so the next time the servers come down, the timer will not be reset. Sorry for the frustration, and good luck to your friend in getting his house!

Q. I have the Falcon's Eye Realm Ability at level 3. After the last patch, it seems like I make fewer critical hits in RvR with my bow. This doesn't seem to be the case in PvE, where I land critical hits all the time. Has there been a change making Falcon's Eye (or archery) crit less against realm enemies?

Also, I finally got hold of Galvorne's Perfected Bow, a Labyrinth drop. Before the patch, it procced fairly often, making it a very useful weapon for low RR RvR. Using it for a week after the patch, I haven't had it proc more than once. Has there been a change in Galvorne's bows' proc-rate?

A. The Balancinator looked things over and offered this reassuring information: There have been no changes in regards to Falcon's Eye realm ability or Galvorne's Perfected Bow in 1.90. We did some internal testing and could not duplicate these issues. If you still feel there is an issue, you are welcome to send in a bug report. These things happen sometimes, but it seems as though you’re experiencing the less-enjoyable side of a true random number generator.

Q. Hello, with the removal of the ToA Client, I am losing my favorite morph of the Maddening Scalars wolf, is there a possible way to keep that design of wolf with LoTM client?

A. When the ToA Client goes away, (more information here) you’ll still be able to choose to use classic character models for character art in game for performance reasons. The rest of the old artwork will convert to Catacombs models, so unfortunately you won’t be able to choose to see that artwork.


This week, we celebrated our six year anniversary! Dark Age of Camelot was launched six years ago last Wednesday. We heard from our producer, Chris, here, and we introduced some new bonuses in classic zones and NF zones that will be in effect until next week.

We’re hosting a Guild Website Contest. Does your guild’s website rock? We want to see it! Send in your website and win a snazzy banner boasting that yours is the uberest. Here are some more details.

We welcomed a new Bainshee Team Lead and an Eldritch Team Lead in the past week or so, and we’re still looking for some steadfast players to join our program. Currently the Theurgist, Necromancer, and Healer positions are open. Send in your application today!

Joanne and the Lady of the Jewels are heading out as we speak. They’re looking forward to meeting up with everyone in sunny California at our final Road Trip of the year. I’ve been told they have a bit of a sneak peak of some of the things mentioned in Chris’ letter on Wednesday, so if you’re in the area be sure to stop by and say hello!

We recently added a player-submitted Dragonsworn Gear Guide to our Camelot Campaign section. We’re also working on updating the spell and style databases. If you see anything on the Herald that you think needs updating, please feel free to send in a feedback form, and select Herald Issues from the dropdown menu. We realize that the character, guild, and Realm War databases have issues updating regularly and we’re working internally to fix those issues. In the meantime, we’d like to get our documentation up-to-date and your help is appreciated!

That’s all for this week. If you haven’t had a chance to check out what’s in testing yet, go ahead and take a peek. We have style changes and more on the way! Have a great weekend, see ya Monday.

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