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DAOC - Missy's Bag. I Mean Back! : DAOC News

Posted: July 27th, 2007, 12:16 pm

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This week's Grab Bag is a day early, but not a dollar short!

Q. In a recent Grab Bag, you answered a question about 250 quickness cap as it relates to evade... but the person asking the question was giving the details that 250 quickness is cap for swing speed... I need to know is this true? Will going over 250 quickness not affect your swing speed at all? Even if you haven’t hit the 1.5 second cap? For instance 250 quickness will swing the same speed on a 4.0 weapon as opposed to 300 quickness and a 4.0 weapon?

A. From the all-knowing (well, almost) Redhead: Correct, 250 quickness is also the cap for swing speed.

Q. Does the ML 10 Warlord ability Warguard work on the caster, or only the people around him if any are present?

A. Soloers rejoice! The Redhead says: Warguard will benefit the player who cast the spell, as well as those in the radius.

So if you find yourself all alone in the middle of a bajillion drooling, bloodthirsty enemies, no worries!

Q. Hey, I have got question. What is the cap of RESIST PIERCE? I have got 15% now with the new dragon cloth, but I don't feel like it would work. Could you help me?

A. There's actually a display bug regarding the Resist Pierce cap. The cap is really 10%, though the display shows up to 25%. So if you're displaying 15%, only 10% will do anything. We're working on a fix for the display bug. Sorry about that.

Q. In the New patch notes it states that all dots will be changing. What about Warlock’s hexing line dot? Will it be faster ticking like the others? What about nightshades and other poison users?

A. Says the Redhead: Well, we actually only changed a certain type of DoT, those that are used as primary forms of damage for the spell line that they are associated. The main goal of this change is to make these casted DoT spells deliver damage in a manner that is more appropriate for the pace of today's combat, and to give DoT casters a more significant hold as a damage caster on the battlefield. Because this change is focusing on casted DoT, we will not be looking in to procs, bleeds, charges, poisons, archery DoT, or any other form of DoT that is not used as a primary form of damage from the class that casts it. Utility DoT, such as the Reaver or Valewalker instant DoT or the Warlock DoT are not going to be changed in this sweep, as they are built differently, and have a different functionality from the more common castable DoT. Monster DoTs will most likely not be changed, due to the fact that they interrupt on every tick.

Q. I just received my Dragonslayer weapon on my infiltrator and noticed that it has a similar damage type debuff proc as my Champion weapon. I am using the Dragonslayer weapon in the main hand and the Champion weapon in the off hand. Will these two procs stack with each other?

A. This one was a bit tricky, since we don’t have as much information from the player as we’d like. If you’re referring to the “Perfectly Balanced” proc, then no, they won’t stack.

Q. Do the new dragon slayer weapons degrade in durability over time, and same question for the new dragon drops? Also the Warden Weapon selection is bugged; it doesn't offer a large shield, only small and medium.

A. The Encounter Prince replies: The Dragonslayer weapons behave just like Champion and Artifact weapons do, meaning they don’t degrade over time. The dragon drops degrade like normal item drops in the game.

For those of you who enjoy carrying around what looks like a large, unhinged door strapped to your arm, he added that we’re aware of the lack of large shield option and are working on adding that option sometime in the future.

Q. So, I'm hearing a lot of buzz on the message boards about people being temporarily suspended for spamming emotes. Is this really something that people can get suspended for? It seems a little... silly, doesn't it?

A. /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug
/laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug
/laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug
/laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug
/laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug /laugh /taunt /hug

Ahem. Sorry. The Lord of the Underdark: If a member of your realm is emote spamming, it falls under zone disruption and can be appealed as a violation. It is not a violation to emote spam a member of an enemy realm, however. Emoting a few times is not considered spamming. It must be proven that it is excessive over a period of time before it would be actioned.

In short: Annoy the heck out of your enemies, luv your realm mates. Sounds like sage advice to me.

Q. I was looking through the community news and stumbled upon last years best guild web site for 2006, I was wondering of you were going to have one for 2007?

A. Things got a bit skewed this year as I (Missy of the no-nickname variety) was preparing to ‘spawn’ as they put it here at the office. Now that I’m back, Joanne and I are planning on starting up some events and contests soon, and a guild website contest is a grand idea. Thanks for the reminder!


Not much to announce this week, other than the team’s still plugging away furiously at 1.90. If you haven’t been out to the Battlegrounds on Pendragon yet to check out the new keeps, towers, and bridges we put in today, I strongly advise it. Lots of long hours have gone into the revamp, and it definitely shows. Run around, check things out, and be sure to let us know what you think via feedback!

For a bit more fun, Joanne will be hosting an event next weekend:

Thidranki Battleground Battle August 5th, 4:00 PM EDT

Do you want to see what it would feel like being Level 50 in Thidranki? Do you want to see which realm will win possession of the center keep once and for all? Then this is the event for you! In honor of the new keep designs going into patch 1.90, we’re hosting a testing event in Thidranki on Pendragon. Come on out on Sunday, August 5th at 4:00 PM EDT and raid Thidranki with your favorite level 50 character! There will be many prizes and surprises! More details to be announced soon. Mark the date on your calendar, you definitely do not want to miss this!

Hope you can make it!


Going to be in the Greater Seattle area on August 25? Why not come out to the Bell Harbor International Conference Center and meet up with some friends, enemies, and members of the EA Mythic Dark Age of Camelot team? The Redhead, ‘Content Type Person Guy’ , Richard, and Joanne will be there with smiling faces and an open ear. There will be munchies and carousing and all kinds of tomfoolery. (Yes, tomfoolery.) If you want to come, let us know so we don’t run out of those little waffletail weenies. Disclaimer: I’m not actually sure there will be waffletail weenies. It’s a guess. RSVP here: http://www.darkageofcamelot.com/roadtrip/rt_rsvp/


Want to be a TL? We have a few openings right now: Enchanter, Druid, Necromancer, Gaheris, and Bainshee. If you love your class and would like to hobnob with the dev team and the rest of the TLs on our testing boards, why not send in an application? http://www.camelotherald.com/teamleads/tl_available.php


Wow. I have to tell you, I couldn’t be more tickled by the welcome I’ve received so far on my first week back at the office. 5967 emails are a LOT to dig out from under, but even so I couldn’t resist a quick peek at the boards. Just a little peek, just a little post, and the next thing I know I’m in the midst of barrage of well-wishes and ‘welcome back’s. Thanks, guys (and gals). I missed you too, and I’m so glad to be reminded that our community is the BEST in the biz. See ya on the flip side, I’m off to the land of baby snuggles.

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