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DAOC - Play on Gaheris Weekend! : DAOC News

Posted: April 24th, 2008, 5:13 pm

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In attempt to raise interest in what the Gaheris server has to offer, Aquilonia of Blue Knights, with support of many players of the Gaheris community, would like to extend an invitation to all players to play on Gaheris. They are organizing three Play on Gaheris Weekends!

Play on Gaheris Weekend Event

Who: Everyone, Veterans and New Players !
What: Come see what Gaheris has to offer; the uniqueness of the PvE server and enjoy raiding areas that you haven't visited in years! The final weekend will be dedicated to exploring New Frontiers and seeing how Gaheris' Keeps and Relic Temples differ, with a chance to help defeat Lord Agramon on Agramon Island.
Where: Gaheris (PvE Coop Server)
When: The first of 3 events will be held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday April 25-27th
Why: To see the game from a fresh point of view, and just have a good time!
How: Load up Dark Age of Camelot and either start a new character, dust off a character or play with ones already active on Gaheris.

The first event is planned for both the existing Gaheris players as well as new players to the server. We will be hosting different events both evenings, but players are encouraged to start a new character if they choose. Please contact a member of Blue Knights at any time before the events to be provided with some Aurulite for items and help to get started. Aquilonia's vaults in Hibernian House 4541 are filled with low level Spell Crafted items and Aurulite for everyone getting started!

Friday April 25th - 7 PM Eastern Time

Caer Sidi Portion of the Evening:

This event is planned for current Gaheris players, but is open for all players who would like to join. We will be raiding Caer Sidi along with providing a night of trivia for prizes! The Battle Group will open up at 6:30 PM Eastern Time at Fort Gwyntell in Albion's Shrouded Isles. Players will move to Caer Sidi at 7 PM Eastern Time. The plan is to complete the entire dungeon. We will be distributing loot at the end in Apocalypse's room Draft Style so that everyone will have an opportunity to win something from the raid.

Trivia Portion of the Evening:

The trivia portion of the evening will start at 7 PM Eastern Time with the first question being asked while en route to Caer Sidi. There will then be a question asked at the completion of each of the named bosses in Caer Sidi, including the 4 Horsemen and Apocalypse. We have an assortment of prizes that we will be giving out for the correct answer, all of which have been donated by players on Gaheris. The difficulty of the question will determine the prize. There are all sorts of fun prizes so far such as Platinum, Reforming Essences, Dark Spire Items, Dragon Drops, Relic Drops, Spell Crafted gear, Legendary Weapons, even a house!

Saturday April 26th - 7 PM Eastern Time:

The Saturday event is intended to welcome new players to Gaheris. We are asking players to make level 20 characters to come play. Aquilonia will have a Battle Group to start the evening. In each of the capital cities there will be players to welcome the new characters and help them get started with Aurulite, items, and platinum. Then, players will be escorted to their respective Catacombs area to get their gear if need be.

8 PM Eastern Time:

At 8 PM Eastern Time players will all meet at Castle Savage to begin a tour of some of the lower level dungeons that many haven't visited in years. The first stop will be the Tomb of Mithra. Then, we will travel to Midgard and visit Nisse's Lair. Finally, we will head off to Hibernia to venture into Muire Tomb. There will then be a short break to allow players to visit their various trainers for specialization purposes. Afterwards, players will regroup in the Dales of Devwy at Fort Gwyntell. There are many mysteries that are forgotten in this area that we will be exploring. Depending on time, the Battle Group will attempt to explore Midgard and Hibernian Shrouded Isles as well.

Sunday April 27th - 7:30 PM Eastern Time:

7:30 PM Eastern Time:

Sunday we will be exploring Darkness Falls. Dealganda will be hosting the Battle Group for this funfilled evening. We will be forming up at the Cambions on the Hibernian side. Anyone needing help getting there feel free to join the BG and ask!

8 PM Eastern Time:

At 8 PM Eastern Time we will head off into the depths of Darkness Falls. The plans are to take on the High Lords, Legion, the princes and hopefully the Worm will come out to play with us!

We are looking forward to a fun-filled weekend and getting to know new players. There are two other weekends being planned which activities such as a dragon raid, dueling, exploring other dungeons and zones, exploring the Labyrinth, learning how to complete various keep encounters, and a final event being a 6 Relic Raid including Lord Agramon on Agramon Island. Our goal is to show the benefits and the unique differences of the Gaheris server, stressing how much fun it can be! If anyone would like to host an event during these weekends, then please contact Aquilonia either in game or via the VN Boards on Giendra.

Also keep an eye to the Herald and VN Boards for more information on this weekend and the ones to follow!

Quick tips regarding Gaheris:

* You will receive a free level every 2 days.
* Classic and Shrouded Isle zones offer 150% experience bonuses as well as double coin.
* RvR zones such as New Frontiers, Darkness Falls, Passage of Conflict, and the Labyrinth offer 200% experience bonuses as well as double coin. Darkness Falls is open to all realms at all times
* Realm Points and Bounty Points are earned by turning in Dreaded Seals. These can be found in New Frontiers, the Labyrinth and the main Dragons of the 3 realms.
* As of Patch 1.93, a new Spell Crafting line has been implemented to allow players to convert Glowing Dread Seals and Sanguine Dread Seals into larger seals to save inventory space. These larger seals may be turned in without the need to unstack seals with smaller :
~ 10 Glowing Dread or Sanguine Dread Seals convert to 1 Lambent Seal
~ 5 Lambent Seals convert to 1 Flugent Seal
~ 5 Flugent Seals convert to 1 Efflugent Seal

List of things generally different from an RvR server:

* There are 2 types of Teleporters - Realm Specific Teleporters that will port within your realm and Universal Teleporters that will take you to any portable location within the 3 realms, including New Frontiers zones.
* There are no Battlegrounds on Gaheris. When logging in New Frontiers you will be ported back to the Relic towns unless you are on Agramon Island.
* There are no towers on Gaheris.
* Keeps consist of NPC Guards and Epic Encounters.
* In place of Relics there are Epic Encounters that drop Gaheris specific loot and Dreaded Seals including Relic Fragments that have special bonuses specific to each Relic Temple.
* The Minotaur Relics each have a specific buff that last 60-120 minutes that have bonuses that have various effects and bonuses.
* All Master Levels and Artifact Encounters need to be earned through PvE as well as any scrolls needed to activate them.
* Some Master Levels that are RvR specific will not affect you.
* Bounty Points can only be used to purchase standard items.
* Most gear is interchangeable between the realms. Only realm specific items, class specific items, helms, and two-handed weapons can not be utilized on classes they were not intended for.
* Quests are able to be done in any realm, except for special realm specific quests such as a class's line of Epic Quests or specialty quests such as Daniel's Quest or Holiday Quests.
* Players are able to own a house in each of the 3 realms housing areas per account.

Tell your friends about the events and try to coordinate your groups. We invite you to spend anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours on the server. If you have already retired from the game, then simply utilize the Free 14 Day Trial to participate! Keep in mind that the Free 14 Day Trial now includes the Catacombs Expansion for no additional fee, which can be downloaded in full here.

Remember to use /region and /advice if you need any help. Furthermore, message Aquilonia at anytime if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Also please watch the The Camelot Herald & Gaheris VNBoards for more information on the upcoming events. Thanks and enjoy!
PLEASE NOTE: This event is sponsored solely by the players of Gaheris. It will not be moderated, attended, or sanctioned in any way by EA Mythic.

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