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DAOC - Play on Mordred Day : DAOC News

Posted: September 24th, 2007, 7:29 pm

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In an attempt to pique interest in the Mordred (PvP) server, Daamien, our Mordred TL, is organizing the fourth monthly Play on Mordred Day.

Who: Everyone; veterans and new players alike.
What: Participate in any aspect of the server, the idea is to have fun and have perhaps a different DAoC experience than you are accustomed to. Future Play on Mordred Days will provide contests and prizes. Daamien may edit this later to include a scheduled contest, please check back to see if he has done so in the future.
Where: Mordred (PvP) Server.
When: Sunday, October 7th.
Why: To enjoy a different aspect of the game and aid the server's population.
How: Load up Dark Age of Camelot, select the Mordred (PvP) server, select or create a new character from any realm, and start playing.

Tell your friends about the event and try to coordinate some groups. Spend anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours on the server. If you have already retired from the game, then simply utilize the Free 14 Day Trial to participate! Keep in mind that the Free 14 Day Trial now includes the Catacombs Expansion for no additional fee.

Daamien will be sitting in Tir Na Nog on his character Daamien providing Welcome to Mordred Goodie Bags which include some cash and other goodies to anyone who needs a little helping hand to get started. Furthermore, he will pay the fee to register any new guild.
Quick Tips:

Places safe to exp at lower levels:

* Tomb of Mithra: levels 1 to 23 (No PvP)
* Nisse’s Lair: levels 1 to 28 (No PvP)
* Muire Tomb: levels 1 to 31 (No PvP)
* Spraggon Den: levels 1 to 35
* Cursed Tomb: levels 1 to 32
* Keltoi Fogou: levels 1 to 41
* Vendo Caves: levels 1 to 44
* Koalinth Caverns: levels 1 to 32
* Catacombs of Cardova: levels 1 to 45

Places without PvP enabled:

* Camelot
* Tir Na Nog
* Jordheim
* Housing Zones
* Ruins of Atlantis

Common places to find PvP (avoid these unless you have a competent group and/or expect deaths):

* Gothwaite Harbor - 20 to 50
* Albion Shrouded Isles Towns - 40 to 50
* Druim Ligen Borderkeep - 40 to 50
* Druim Cain Borderkeep - 40 to 50
* ToA Havens - 40 to 50
* Cotswold - 20 to 50
* Classic-world Dungeons - 20 to 50
* Grove of Domnann - 20 to 50
* Aegirhamn - 20 to 50

More useful information:

* If you need to go AFK for a long time make sure that you are either bound in a major city or housing or that you go AFK in a major city or housing.
* Don’t get caught up in frustration and arguments. If you are not having fun log off or go somewhere else
* Save everything you find in PvE. You can have it salvaged and trinketed if it is a piece of armor or a weapon by a crafter. Mordred does not have as much money as on other servers yet prices for items can be very expensive. Try to be frugal
* Generally make sure the person or group who is resurrecting you is trustworthy or make sure they resurrect you near a place where you can zone away or bind
* Learn what classes to avoid and what classes to kill.
* /release city is your friend. If you are being chain ganked by someone and they are at your bind point and just sticking you waiting for your timer to expire and killing you again... just leave (/release city). Don't keep doing a normal /release. It's time to move on and find a new spot.

List of commands specific to Mordred:

* /WHO – reduced functionality on PvP servers (/who does not give location or level on Mordred)
* /SAFETY OFF – turns off your low-level PvP safety flag. (There is no /SAFETY ON. This is not a bug.)
* /CRAFT REALMNAME – items of the given realm will appear as options for you to craft.
* /GC ENEMYADD GUILDNAME – add a guild to your guild’s enemy list (guild leader only)
* /GC ENEMYREMOVE GUILDNAME – remove a guild from your guild’s enemy list (guild leader only)
* /GC FRIENDADD GUILDNAME – add a guild to your guild’s friendly list (guild leader only)
* /GC FRIENDREMOVE GUILDNAME - remove a guild from your guild’s friendly list (guild leader only)

List of things generally different from RvR servers:

* Realm = Guild
* There are Porters at nearly all cities and throughout the Frontiers
* There is only one ToA for the entire server
* There are no Frontier Battlegrounds
* Darkness Falls dungeon is open to everyone
* You are able to log your character at a Frontier Keep and log back in without being moved to a ‘safe area’
* You drop a bag of coins worth equivalent to 3 constitution points when killed in PvP combat which can be looted only by you and the person/group that did the majority of damage to you. This money is not drawn from your inventory. Speak with a Healer to restore your constitution.
* There are no alliances on Mordred or alliance chat, only ‘Friendly’ guilds who can still be attacked
* A player who has been killed will have a 2 minute ‘PvP Immunity Timer’ during which they can not be attacked or attack others
* A player who enters a new zone which requires a loading screen or who logs back into the game will have a 30 second ‘PvP Immunity Timer’
* You can click on a player to tell if they are ‘worth’ or not. Being ‘worth’ means that if you or your group kills them you will be rewarded with Realm and Bounty Points (RPs and BPs)
* A player who has been killed in PvP combat will not be ‘worth’ RPs to the same killer for 24 real life hours unless the player who was killed in turn kills another player or is in a group that kills another player
* A player who has been killed in PvP combat will not be ‘worth’ RPs to anyone else for 5 minutes
* Players can not attack others players but can be attacked if they have less than 3 constitution points
* If you ‘coned’ grey to someone who kills you they will not receive RPs for the kill and you will not lose constitution points from the kill
* Negative Area Effect spells will effect everyone not in the same group, guild or battlegroup
* Positive Area Effect spells except healing will effect everyone around you
* There is no in-game updated Frontiers Warmap
* You do not earn RPs for healing outside of traditional "RvR zones"
* You are not allowed to heal players who are not in your guild or group
* Task Dungeons are not enabled on Mordred
* Player titles do not display correctly on Mordred

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