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Posted: May 26th, 2008, 3:24 pm

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The Friday Grab Bag is here!

Q. I have a question about the new patch note for housing. Owning a large house has always been a mark as a status in the game. With the new price changes a lot of people who have money invested in their homes. A question comes to mind for people like me who now have a house we paid 40 plat for it. If I upgrade once the patch goes live to the new 25 plat Mansion, will the deed to my current house sell back for the 40p I paid for it, or is it going to sell back for the new lower price? I would hope my 40p deed would still be worth the 40p it cost me to purchase.

A. I asked the Bearded Wonder this very popular question and he knew the answer right away: The deed will sell for the current market price.

Q. I have started compiling detailed feedback on quests that I get stuck on. I have suggestions for changes that could be made to quest text to make the quests easier for a new player to figure out. I'm doing it in Word. Who can I send these documents to?

A. Straight from the depths of the Quality Assurance department, The Hooded One has an e-mail address for you: Please send your bug reports to: cambugs@darkageofcamelot.com (Please note that we investigate all issues reported, but unless we require more information, we are not able to respond to your report.)

Q. I have noticed that several of the new keeps designs do not have any of the half circle windows used to show where a trebuchet breach point is (Specifically the Sursbrooke and Berkstaed designs). Do those keep designs have trebuchet breach points or are they just not marked with the half circle window at the breach point?

A. Having breached a few keep walls in his time, the Bearded Wonder explains: The keeps were designed to have different strategies available for keep capture. Some will have more 'breach' points, some will have more 'siege tower' spots. All 'breach' points will look the same.

Q. There is supposedly a ring called Gem of the Deepest Darkness. I wanted to know if this was correct and what mob drops it. I found the reference on a website, but didn't know if it was correct.

A. A question about a gem? Well the Lady of the Jewels was the one to ask: There is both a Ring of Deepest Darkness and a Gem of Deepest Darkness. They have a chance to drop from several named demons, such as Marquis Halphas and Earl Serapis. All the demons that drop these items can be found in the Brimstone Caverns, Halls of Helgardh, and Cave of Crauchan zones.

Q. My question is, If a guild house ends up repossessed can any guild member with a guild rank of 0 go to the item reserve guys to get the trophies and other items or are they lost forever?

A. The Bearded Wonder has your answer: Guild houses can't be condemned. If a house is repossessed (guild or otherwise) from failure to pay rent, the trophies or other items not in a vault or consignment merchant are not saved. They are only saved for personal houses condemned based on account inactivity. If the guild house is going to be repossessed from failure to pay rent, it would be advisable to have someone with the ability to remove those items do so before the house is repossessed or they will be lost.

Q. I was wondering if you could shine a little light on how items affecting you is determined, in particular Spellcrafted items. I bought a bunch of player made dragonsworn armor, put it on without any Spellcrafting and the armor effected me. However after I Spellcrafted a piece and put it back on it no longer worked. How can I tell before I spellcraft something if it will work?

A. The Lady of the Jewels blinked once or twice and then had this to say: The "bonus level" of an item is determined based on the amount of bonuses imbued into that item, so it is possible that an item with no bonuses will effect a character, but once those bonuses are added it no longer effects them. Unfortunately, there is no way at this time for us to place set bonus levels on crafted items since any combination of Spellcrafting would cause that number to change.

Q. From what I have heard from other people, the Alb dragon and Mid dragon are considerably easier to farm than the Hib dragon. Is this intended?

A. After some conferring, both the Bearded Wonder and the Lady of the Jewels agreed: They were designed for the same number of players and should not be any more difficult an encounter in any realm.

Q. I was wondering how does the resists of someone with full resists differ from those who have little or none? Does it only effect how often someone resists an attack or is it much more?

A. When it comes to resisting, the Balancinator could not resist to answer this question: Your resist percentages displayed on the paper doll do not affect your out right resist rate. So no, you will not see more total resists for having a higher resist percentage. It should reduce the damage taken by a greater amount than a person with lower resist percentages. Please see last week's grab bag which addressed the issue in more detail.


All of the dates for the Road Trips have been confirmed! Here is a list for those of you who need to plan ahead to attend one of these events:

San Diego, California - July 26th
Seattle, Washington - August 30th
Austin, Texas - September 13th
Chicago, Illinois - October 18th

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