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DAOC - The Friday Grab Bag : DAOC News

Posted: February 19th, 2008, 10:37 am

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It's Friday! Time for the Grab Bag:

Q. Do you have a release date for patch 1.92 or at least a tentative date for it?

A. 1.92 is currently scheduled for the end of February. As always, that is subject to change! Please remember that with the new patch cycles, that 1.93 will be on Pendragon ready for testing almost immediately when 1.92 goes live. For more information about the patching process please go to: http://www.camelotherald.com/more/3314.shtml

Q. When you first introduced Siegecrafting, we didn’t gain woodworking. Later you gave woodworking as a sub skill to Siegecrafting. My question is, I was a Legendary Siegecrafter before that, will I have to skill up woodworking on my own afterwards?

A. The Bearded Wonder checked into this one: Yes. If you have already skilled up Siegecrafting, then you would need to skill up woodcrafting on its own. A good tip on how to do this is to work on a different tradeskill that uses woodworking, such as Weaponcrafting. If you try to focus just on woodworking, it won’t go as quickly.

Q. What is the difference between the champion abilities Acidic Mist and Melt Spirit? Mist is on a 5s tick, Spirit is 8, they don't stack so why is Spirit higher up the proverbial food chain that Mist? This seems to be a common theme across all realms, is this bugged?

A. I went to the Balancinator who attempted to duplicate the issue: The spells are designed to stack with each other. That is why the champion ability spells are setup in this fashion. I decided to test the spells to ensure that a bug is not preventing the spells from stacking. I could not duplicate this issue. I am not sure of the circumstances in which you witnessed the spells not stacking. It is possible your target already had a DoT spell on it when your DoT was applied. If the issue persists, please feel free to submit a bug report so our QA people can track it down.

Q. While attempting to spellcraft and overcharge 4 pieces of 99% quality armor, I blew up somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 times. I am a Legendary Spellcrafter with a skill of 1014. According to patch notes on 1.87, only armor quality and skill level matter when overcharging. At LGM (1000+ skill) the crafter should only have a 10% chance to blow up when attempting a 5 point overcharge. I was being told by folks in my alliance that if you imbue 3 gems, then separately imbue the last gem, that will cut down on the explosions. I was also being told that gem quality still matters with overcharge, which again, according to 1.87 patch notes, this is not the case. Am I doing something wrong? Am I bugged? Or am I just having a really unlucky streak?

A. Our Bearded Wonder says you’re doing nothing wrong: It was an unlucky streak. Gem quality does not matter.

Q. Why does the level 50 Bone Army DoT spell 'Bones to Ashes' seem to have a much higher resist rate than other lower level spells I cast? I wish I could say it is the RNG but it doesn't seem to be.

A. The Balancinator looked this one up for you: In a previous Grab Bag, it was explained accurately: http://www.camelotherald.com/more/2479.shtml As stated, many factors contribute to the resist rate of a spell. The main determining factor will be the spell level versus the level of the target. In most cases, the level 50 spell ‘Bones to Ashes’ should get resisted less than a lower level spell. I cannot expand on the explanation without more details. I would be more than happy to look over any test logs you provide us using the spells in question.

Q. I keep getting told different amounts for how much plat. one char can hold. I have been told 214, I have been told 999. So how much plat can one char actually hold?

A. With a gleam of gold in his glasses the Bearded Wonder responds: The most that a player can hold is 200 platinum. The system should tell you this if you attempt to get more than that amount.

Q. I was wondering if the Infiltrator dual wield style "Shadow’s Edge" effect stacks with the Essence of Lethargy poison. Also, what is the % slow effect of the style "Shadow's Rain" and does it stack with Lethargy too? I am of the understanding this is a combat speed debuff, so please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks!

A. The Balancinator is happy to tell you that you are correct: The 'Essence of Lethargy' does not stack with the attack speed debuff styles. The 'Shadow's Rain' style effect is a 34% attack speed debuff. The term "Slow" is often used in reference to attack speed debuffs.


Great news for fans of Mordred. We've got some changes coming for you in 1.93 that we wanted to let you know about. In 1.93, we are planning on drastically reducing the amount of time it takes for a previously fallen enemy to be worth realm points. We also plan on reducing the amount of con lost by kills. As always, please keep an eye on the Herald for any additional updates!

Our Jacksonville, Florida Road Trip is almost here! We'll be at Dave & Busters on Saturday, March 1st at 7:00pm EST. Come join us for free snacks and get a chance to ask our Devs the questions you've always wanted to know about Camelot! Are you thinking about attending? Please RSVP.

Don't forget that we've got some extra special Zone Bonuses going on until February 18th. What a great time to get out there to level up or get those additional bounty and realm points!

Want a question answered in the Grab Bag? Go here and select Questions from the dropdown menu.

That's it for me this week; the frontiers are calling my name. Have a great weekend everyone!

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