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Posted: October 26th, 2007, 2:14 pm

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Here we go!

Q. Not that long ago you announced a reward for players with 5yrs+ account time. Is there any way to tell how long you've had an active account? I started in Beta 3 but over the last few years have been on and off for various reasons. I get told that I don't have the 5yrs but is there any way, other than heading to Jordheim every week or so, to know when my 5yrs will be up?

A. Here’s the word from Billing: When you log in to the server selection screen (before picking their server and playing) you can click the "Account Info" button at the bottom. The second line says "Created:" and the date the account was created on.

That would tell you if you have had the potential of being a subscriber for 5 years, if you had never once canceled. For this promotion of course you have to have subscribed for a total of 60 months, so it would be at least a 5 year old creation date and likely more for most people.

Q. I have a question about the impending clustering of Tintagel and Killibury. Will there be 2 different ToA zones to port to, much like there used to be before there was only 1 ToA zone per cluster?

A. Bearded Wonder: Clusters share one instance of TOA, NF, etc. This will not change with the merging of these clusters.

Q. How can I transfer a character's configurations (macros, qbinds, etc) to another PC? I tried copying the files from the DAoC game folder plus the files in My Documents/.../Labyrinth, but no-go.

A. We answered this in a previous Grab Bag, but more detailed info is available here. http://www.camelotherald.com/more/3018.shtml

Q. Recently on a relic raid, our zerg was moving from one keep to another. A high realm rank ( most in group were RR10+) group from the realm we were hitting, accidentally ran into our zerg. Someone from my side mezzed most of them. I was playing on my archer. I waited until one of them took some damage before I shot.

Using Galvornes Bow. My 1st shot hit for 217(-224) crit for 84. The proc hit for 429488 damage times 2 tics. Then the 3rd tic hit for 30 damage.

My 2nd shot hit for -24(-518) crit for 42949669 damage.

My zerg was all over that guy. Plus the millions of damage I did. He lived for a short time after my 2nd shot, but he did die.

Question is, how is this possible? Bug? Hack? Working as intended?

How do I hit for minus 24 damage? Does that mean I healed the guy?

I have a screenshot,the numbers are correct.

A. I sent this up to the Bearded Wonder, who forwarded it to our Quality Assurance department for testing. He assured me that it was a display bug, not a bug with the damage itself. Unfortunately, it’s one of those bugs that is probably very tricky to duplicate and anyone knows that if you can’t duplicate it, you can’t fix it. We’ll keep you posted, though.

Q. It is rumored on the message boards that accounts that were banned for Radar can be re-activated. Is this true?

A. The Master of CS says: Not true at all. Once an account has been banned, it can’t be reactivated by the player.

Q. In your Halloween announcement you said "potions will be useless after the festivities end so don't hoard them" - it should be noted player made costume potions will still be available.

A. I know this wasn’t technically a question, but I thought for sure it should be noted. So, consider it noted!

Q. I was wondering if you cluster Tintagel and Killibury would it affect me if I have been banned from Tintagel for naming violations. I was banned from the RP servers for having an inappropriate name. Will it affect me if Tintagel gets merged with my current server?

A. Your current characters that are not on Tintagel will be unaffected. As far as being able to make a new character on Tintagel if you've already been banned from that cluster, that is currently under discussion.

Q. My Valkyrie has some weapon issues that I think may have been a small oversight. This is regarding her Champ sword, and her Dragon Quest Sword (two major weapons for any class in the game). The issue is weapon speed inconsistency. The one hand version of each gets a speed of 4.3, which is very nice and slow giving really hard hits. Adversely, the 2 handed version of each only gets a 5.0 speed. The dragon bane sword before the dragon quests are completed has a speed of 5.7 which seems to fall in place, and lead to my disappointment upon finishing the quest and getting my 'prize' that hit less than the inferior sword. Am I missing something, or is this the way it was designed?

A. The Dragon Slayer weapons are modeled after the Champion Weapons. Comparing these two items to the Dragonbane item is not a valid comparison as they have differing stats, abilities, and designs. The speed of the Champion Weapon, and therefore the Dragon Slayer weapon, were designed around what the item offered. You are welcome to send in feedback or voice your concerns with the Class Team Lead (TL) and we’ll consider it for the next time we design unique weapons. In reference to your question though, the speed values are by design.


BOO! We’re hosting an in-game costume contest. Winners from each realm will choose which classic or SI area will be haunted by creepy ghosts for Halloween. Screenshots have to be turned in by Midnight on Sunday, so hurry up and check out the details here.


We’re looking to feature your stories in the Dark Age of Camelot newsletter. If you have written some fan fiction with a winter theme, or you know a friend who is a master of the pen, send in your submissions today!

That's it for now, everyone. Have a great weekend, and be safe!

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