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DAOC - The Grab Bag : DAOC News

Posted: March 7th, 2008, 3:23 pm

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It's time for the Grab Bag!

Q. I have a question about Mairfoirwort in Shrouded Isles. It seems no one I've met has ever killed him. Is he for a quest and can he be killed with a group?

A. Our Lady of the Jewels traveled to the Isles for more information: Marfoirwort is part of a quest called 'Writhing Death' which can be obtained at levels 49 or 50 from Dolph in Necht. It is a quite difficult encounter and I would suggest taking around two groups to be safe.

Q. The following is in the 1.93 Patch Notes:

- The realm ability ‘Mastery of Stealth’ will now provide a greater movement speed bonus, while lowering the detection range bonus. This will help stealthed players with positioning for attacks and easier escapes.

- Mastery of Stealth 1 - 10% increase in speed and a 50-unit detection bonus.
- Mastery of Stealth 2 - 20% increase in speed and a 100-unit detection bonus.
- Mastery of Stealth 3 - 30% increase in speed and a 200-unit detection bonus.
- Mastery of Stealth 4 - 40% increase in speed and a 325-unit detection bonus.
- Mastery of Stealth 5 - 50% increase in speed and a 475-unit detection bonus.

Is this meant for stealth classes, solo player or groups that have a stealther with them?

A. The Balancinator was happy to explain: 'Mastery of Stealth' has always been a self-only realm ability only awarded to assassins and archers. It will only provide bonuses to players that spend realm ability points in 'Mastery of Stealth'.

Q. In the city of Camelot, you have a NPC by the name of Martha. Every time I see this character I think we have a name problem here. Now I am seeing this same NPC in the City of Jordheim. The Character name is Martha but he has a beard! Could you change the name to Marty or remove the beard?

A. The Lady of the Jewels chuckled and found the answer for you: This was addressed in a previous Grab Bag: http://www.camelotherald.com/more/2923.shtml. If you /say to Martha "Why is your name Martha?" or even "You're named after a woman!" he will have the answer for you.

Q. I have recently re-opened my account, since then Mythic has implemented the Archer class overhaul, my question being I see a lot of the items associated with the Archer class now giving casting speed bonuses, do these reflect on how fast I can perform a shot?

A. The Balancinator took a shot at this one: Yes, the new Archery mechanics will allow casting speed to affect your draw speed. We decided to open up some caster bonuses to affect Archery. This will allow an archer to choose from a greater variety of items.

Q. My consignment merchant has 254 platinum on him. I went to withdraw gold and it said I can only hold 200 platinum on my person. How can I withdraw my platinum?

A. Jingling the change in her pockets, The Lady of the Jewels gives this advice: Target the merchant and type /settle , so to remove 10 platinum, you would type /settle 100000000.

Q. Does Mastery of Healing affect heal proc spells, cast able Heal over Times and the Friar's heals off of Figure 8 and Holy Staff? And does Wild Healing make them crit?

A. The Balancinator says: Yes, staff style heals and heal procs are affected by both "Wild Healing" and "Mastery of Healing". However, Heal over Time spells are unaffected by those realm abilities.

Q. The Style library on camelotherald.com lists Wardens as receiving the style Shield Swipe at 41 shield spec. This is incorrect. Wardens do not receive this style.

A. Our Balancinator verified this for you: The style 'Shield Swipe' is awarded to the Warrior, Armsman, and Hero classes only. Thank you for pointing out the Herald error, it has now been corrected.

Q. I have a Tailor with skills that are at 1156, but I can not craft the last item due to the fact that my leather level is only 1058 and it needs to be 1065. My question is if you are training in one skill, shouldn't you be able to make everything in that skill without the secondaries?

A. The Lady of the Jewels was more then happy to explain a bit about crafting: In our tradeskill system, certain skills like Tailoring require that sub skills such as Leatherworking and Clothworking be kept at a certain level for recipes that require those sorts of material. If you find yourself getting too low on a sub skill to craft certain recipes, the best way to level the sub skill is to find another tradeskill that uses it and start leveling it. For example, if a Tailor needs to level their Leatherworking, they can work on Weaponcraft which uses Leatherworking for weapon hilts.


This week we announced a hot fix that caused a bit of confusion: “Players will no longer have line of sight to cast or shoot other players through tower windows. Additionally, players will no longer be able to Shadowstrike other players through tower windows.” The note was misleading and we’re sorry about that. Normal Line of Sight should not be affected.

Dragons! Where are the dragons? Those naughty winged critters have been causing server issues and are being looked into. No estimated time for their return as of yet, as soon as I get word that they are back, I will make sure to let y'all know.

Speaking of dragons, have you ever wondered how you can get the Dragonsworn Manual of Arms since the Dragon Campaign is over? We've got an updated Guide for you!

We had such a great time at the Jacksonville, Florida Road Trip last week. Great company, food and of course questions. Our next stop will be in Bethesda, Maryland on May 10th. These events are so much fun, if you haven't been to one, you should try to stop by, we would love to meet with you. Don't forget to RSVP if you plan on attending.

This past week we were saddened to hear that Gary Gygax, one of the creators of Dungeons & Dragons had passed away. Many of us here at EA Mythic started gaming with a few sheets of paper, a rulebook, plenty of imagination and of course some dice. Gary, thank you for the inspiration, you will be missed.

That's it for me this week, stay safe everyone. See you out in the Frontiers!

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