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DAOC - The Grab Bag : DAOC News

Posted: June 15th, 2008, 6:44 pm

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Ready for the Grab Bag?

Q. Are there any plans to update the Market Explorer searching options? As it is now, searches with more than 1 attribute does not narrow down the search but rather expand it (example: Strength and Parry will not yield items with only Strength and Parry)

A. With a strong nod and a quick glance at the burning light bulb above him the Bearded Wonder says: Yes, updating the Market Explorer is on our schedule plan and we have someone slated to work on that soon. It’s a natural follow-up to what we are doing in Housing currently in 1.94.

Q. Will we be forced to pick only 1 realm per account for the new origins server or will we be able to play all 3 realms per account?

A. I stood in line to wait for a moment to speak with the very busy Bearded Wonder: The current plan is to only allow 1 realm per account.

Q. In the poll you mention that the new server will have "No buffbots, but rather a universally available buffing option." What do you mean by this?

A. After chugging down some water the healthy Balancinator explains: This is something that is still being finalized and bounced around internally. Rather than throw out a bunch of ideas that generate rumors, we’d prefer to release more information when the design has been finalized and then get additional feedback.

Q. It can be debated that the /rw map has made the PvP experience more unrealistic. In OF, with no /rw map players had to depend on alliances and keep spam reports as well as other factors that required skill. In NF, the /rw map told players where the fights were as well as the status of keeps and relics and raids. Will there be a /rw map on the Orgins server?

A. Unphased by the burning light bulb above his head, the Bearded Wonder says: There will not be a /rw map on the Origins ruleset.

Q. Will instances be removed from Origins? The addition of instances arguably was the final blow to the social, grouped side of the game and crippled the community from growing connections. Old dungeons allowed people to group and meet as they were leveling.

A. Without a moment of hesitation, the Bearded Wonder knew the answer: Task dungeons will be disabled. Adventure Wings will remain enabled.

Q. I was wondering if it was possible to get the sounds that you guys introduced a while back? I rather liked them and was wondering if there was a way to get them back.

A. The Bearded Wonder says there are no plans to offer those sounds again: If we revisit them in the future, we'll see what we can do.

Q. Is there any way to increase the vault spaces? I have 16 characters and I have 35 spaces left in total. We need like 2 more pages. 3 is better!

A. With a smile that could charm Lord Agramon himself, the Bearded Wonder says: We are working on some adjustments to housing that will assist this issue indirectly. Some of these changes can be seen in 1.94 that is coming up.

Q. My question concerns Shadow Strike - since the introduction of the new keeps/towers I have not been able to use this skill at all - does it still work in game and if so how? Where does it work/not work?

A. The Balancinator with a mighty powerful voice explains: The ability "Shadow Strike" still works on a target within a 1,000-unit range and in your line of sight. There have been changes to some keep and tower windows that decreased overall line of sight. It helped address issues with "Shadow Strike" and attaining access to areas that, normally, require siege to get into.

Q. In regards to the Rest Xp unveiled in patch 1.94 notes. The notes state: "The amount of possible rest experience gained is modified by where the characters logs out. Certain zones are more conducive to a restful state and will allow you to gather the full amount of rest experience possible, as explained above. Currently, the capital cities are flagged as ‘Restful Nodes’, so logging out here will net you the greatest possible amount of rest experience."

I believe that the housing zones should grant equal or even more rest XP based on the reasons stated for the capital cities benefits. Your house is where someone is typically most relaxed and at ease therefore the housing zones should give at least as much as the capital cities. This will also have the dual benefit of reducing lag many experience when logging/zoning into capital cities.

A. After a moment of pondering, the Bearded Wonder says thanks: That is a good suggestion. We're still discussing whether to add more 'rest stops' and where, so we'll bear your feedback in mind.

Q. Hi! I'm really happy that you guys decided to make a new server for the old frontiers. It's a great idea and it will bring a lot of people back to the game like myself. I just wanted to ask that I've noticed you guys only said you would be making one server for old frontiers, but is it possible that you guys will be making more than one server for role-players?

A. The Bearded Wonder has this advice for those that are role-play inclined: Players who wish to pursue role-playing on the new ruleset can set their 'roleplay' flag to on to indicate to other players they are interested in a role-play experience.

Q. The items that can be bought from the bounty point merchant are great for templates, my problem is that as the game changes, so do template needs and those bounty point items may no longer be suitable. Right now, once you buy one, you're stuck with it. Is there any chance that you guys may consider allowing us to sell bounty point items back to the bounty merchant for bounty points? Thanks!

A. Dazed by the lack of light in his office, the Bearded Wonder took a moment to think about your suggestion: You want the merchants to buy back items you've bled, sweat, and teared? I don't really see a good secondary market from 'used' Bounty Point gear. Seriously though, If this were an option, the return for the items would have to be very low for it to make sense. In the near future, I do not see this happening, but we can keep it in mind going forward for further discussion.


Have you seen the Patch Notes of the housing love coming up in 1.94? If your packs are full and you are needing more space in your house vaults, then you will love the changes that are currently on Pendragon. Speaking of which, 1.94 is currently slated for next week. I’ll have all the details for you on Monday.

Do you live in the San Diego, California area? Have you always wanted to visit San Diego? The next Camelot Road Trip will be on the west coast (in San Diego of course) on Saturday, July 26th and the fun starts at 7:00pm PDT. Come join us as we answer your questions, give away prizes and for all those growling bellies, we'll have snacks too. We need you to RSVP if you plan on attending. We hope to see you there.

The April Focus Question responses are now ready and they can be seen here. Every month we ask our Team Leads a Focus Question. Are you interested in becoming a Team Lead? We’ve got a few available positions so Apply Today!

The ‘Origins’ server FAQ has been updated with a couple of extra questions. Keep those questions coming, whether it is about the new server or if you want your question answered in a future Grab Bag. We want to hear from YOU.

Well it's Friday and the calendar says it's the 13th, so I'm going to head on home very carefully - just in case. I'm not superstitious of course! Have a great weekend everyone.

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