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Posted: December 10th, 2007, 1:34 pm

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It's chilly out there. Get thee a mug of cocoa and warm up with the Grab Bag.

Q. From the 1.91 notes: "- Left-clicking on a keep or tower will now properly display the name and upgrade level of the structure."

Left clicking where? On the structure? On the map? I have not seen any info other than a color when clicking the structure. When clicking the map, I see the guild if claimed. I have not seen any upgrade levels.

A. The information shows up when you click the actual structure. It’s printed in your chat window, in the ‘system’ channel.

Q. Does the Salamander Tooth Choker still drop from the Anathemic Salamander in Volcanus? No one seems to have it on their CMs and many people haven't heard about it. Please let me know so I don't waste time trying to farm energies to get it if it has been removed from the loot tables.

A. The Bearded Wonder has this one: Yes it is still a drop from the Anathemic Salamander. However, it is only a Midgard drop.

Q. Recently I was commissioned to make 2 Legendary Weapons and to spellcraft them. It would need to be 99%qua AND overcharged by 5 points. Because of the money involved in making this I asked for the payment upfront to be sure that I could afford to make the item. I charged extra because I had a item that would guarantee that both weapons were 100% quality.

The items were made without incident. Both 100% quality. Then when I went to spellcraft them I hit a major road block. The items would only allow me to put 3 gems on each.

My question is this. Are legendary weapons designed to only hold 3 gems because of their innate bonuses? Or is this a bug?

A. Legendary Weapons couldn’t always be spellcrafted because of their innate bonuses. We opened up the ability to do so in 1.84:

- All Legendary Weapons now have the first 3 slots open for spell crafting.

Q. Is there a reason that the Mauler can't use the Naxos Abalone Bracer? It's usable by every other class that can spec in melee.

A. I'd say it was an oversight when the Mauler was added to the game. It has been changed on our internal server so that Maulers can use the item now. The change should go to Pendragon with our 1.92 stamp. Thanks, Bearded Wonder!

Q. I was in Camelot crafting with someone new to game and he had been working on Alchemy. He commented he was gaining in basic crafting and he could not go much further - so I directed him to speak to the Alchemist master to be accepted to the trade and that his skill points should transfer and menu open up.

He was then confused, as it did not transfer his skill, it instead showed 1 in alchemy, 189 in basic crafting, and 564 in herbcraft. So I searched the Herald and found patch notes for 1.76 stating that the trades should in fact transfer - except Alchemy & Spellcrafting as they were not part of basic crafting. I then found other notes from when Alchemy and Spellcrafting were added to basic crafting. Should these skills transfer?

A. Basic crafting will skill up along with secondary skills. If a player joins an advanced skill, the secondary skills remain the same (don't reset) and are used by the advanced classes as well. There is no transfer of skill points from, say, basic crafting to weaponcrafting (advanced craft). Nowhere in the patch notes referenced does it say it transfers to the advanced craft.

From 1.76:

- Players may choose another crafting order to have the Basic Crafting order replaced. When doing so, any skills shared between Basic Crafting and the new order will be transferred. Since Spellcrafting and Alchemy do not share any skills with Basic Crafting, in cases where the player chooses Spellcrafting or Alchemy as an advanced craft order, all of the Basic Crafting skills and sub-skills will be removed.

The shared skills referenced would be secondary skills which basically stay the same.

Q. I have been trying to farm lich teeth at the calleach guards in Lyonesse. I have killed close to 100 of them and gotten no drops of teeth. Did they discontinue this drop from the guards? They were never a frequent drop, but I don't remember them being this rare.

A. No, the drops weren’t discontinued. They still have a chance to drop the 'ancient lich tooth'.

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