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Posted: July 30th, 2007, 9:20 pm

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Cheers to all those in this week's Scroll of Valor:

Congratulations to the following brave adventurers, who have recently earned level 50!

Tyysa, Ranger of Clan Thorne, Guinevere

Congratulations from all in Clan Thorne for our Ranger Tyysa. She FINALLY reached 50! – Porthios

Litasan, Enchantress of Mor Mortis Ostium, Guinevere

Congratulations to our newest Level 50! - Wyllie

Azarion, Shadowblade of Infortis Ov Forstej, Palomides

The time is nigh for proud parents to speak out on the accomplishments of their son. So make it known throughout the cluster of Killibury that Azarion, a fine Shadowblade of Palomides, has attained Master Level 10 without copious help from Togh, his Shaman father, and Silith, his Thane mother. We despaired that he would never learn to successfully perform Perforate Artery, but he proved us wrong. We feared that he would have his nether regions handed to him in the Labyrinth, but he gave as good as he got. We cringed excessively when he told us he was ready to embark on the path of the Spymaster, but he relentlessly persevered until the end. Son, we are proud of you, but we still don't think Blanket of Camouflage will allow you to "seriously pwn fl grps of Alb n00bz." - Togh

Congratulations to the following noble defenders, who have recently earned a new Realm Rank!

Labaire, Blademaster of Legendary Mercenaries, Gaheris

Congratulations go out to Labaire on realm rank 12L0! That’s quite an achievement in of itself. Good Job and Keep hitting keeps and unstacking. Komy says /macro /Hi /say "Heyas". - Komy

Join these guilds in congratulating their members on their great accomplishments!

Shankrala, Gareth

Shankrala would like to congratulate the following members on their accomplishments:

Caliparden, Champion Level 3

Sukudri, Champion Level 5

Criminal Intent, Lamorak

Congratulations on Level 50, Champion Level 10, Epics, Dragon Armors and fully templated characters:





We look forward to an alliance who will have us and will update our spoils of war in the future.

Nite Hawks, Merlin

Nite Hawks of Merlin Would Like To Recognize Guild-Mates on their Achievements for the Past Week!

Biggchris(Inconnu Infiltrator) one of our newest level 50s and achieving Realm Rank 3L1

Withoutmybuffs(Briton Cleric) one of our newest level 50s!

Lostmelody(Briton Sorcerer) for achieving 800 Woodcrafting skill

Gorereaver(Highlander Paladin) for achieving Champion Level 7, Master Level 1, and Realm Rank 3L5

Czarnick(Avalonian Wizard) for obtaining the "Cloth Cap" off of Golestandt the Dragon

Lust for Glory, Percival

Lust for Glory would like to congratulate the follow members on their accomplishments:

Haergin, Champion Level 10

Ordnan, Master Level 10

Roderguld, Champion Level 10

Mysteriah, Champion Level 10

Quarter Knights, Lamorak

Congratulations to our newest level 50s:







Again, thank you for being apart of the guild and may you relish in the spoils of your accomplishments!!


Queen Veronica


Shadowklan, Ector

Shadowklan would like to recognize the following members on their great accomplishments.

Hoowah! Great job everyone.

New Krakhitys (Level 50s)


Legendary Grandmasters

Gronk Tailoring, Armorcrafting, Weaponsmith


Tuatha de Dagda, Devon Cluster

The Tuatha de Dagda alliance on the Devon cluster would like to honor the following people for their recent accomplishments.

Congratulations on Level 50!

Neno, Mentalist of Brotherhood by Blood

Metepe, Ranger of Honor Guard

Skychants, Enchanter of The Covenant

Soiscream, Bainshee of The Waylayers

Shorteez, Nightshade of Unbroken Unity

Congratulations on Master Level 10!

Griims, Valewalker of Honor Guard Lanaire

BuffBare, Druid of Retribution

Congratulations on the following Realm Rank milestones!

Dosyvamp, Realm Rank 6L0, Vampiir of Regulators

Xdawoupax, Realm Rank 6L0, Nightshade of Hibernian Elite

Realeyes, Realm Rank 6L0, Ranger of Unbroken Unity

Hercster, Realm Rank 4L0, Hero of The Waylayers

Flick, Realm Rank 4L0, Ranger of Riders Of The Storm

Naiev, Realm Rank 4L0, Nightshade of Dissidens Horde

Mossback, Realm Rank 3L0, Valewalker of Regulators

Malcem, Realm Rank 3L0, Vampiir of Swords of Thunder

Runningblade, Realm Rank 3L0, Champion of The Waylayers

Auronsranger, Realm Rank 3L0, Ranger of Brotherhood by Blood

Zworry, Realm Rank 3L0, Enchantress of Unbroken Unity

Auronseld, Realm Rank 3L0, Eldritch of Brotherhood by Blood

Mayvale, Realm Rank 2L0, Valewalker of Regulators

Wishbuffyou, Realm Rank 2L0, Druid of Dissidens Horde

Jacich, Realm Rank 2L0, Warden of Juggernaut

Shorteez, Realm Rank 2L0, Nightshade of Unbroken Unity

Darkiana, Realm Rank 2L0, Eldritch of Honor Guard

Qwivers, Realm Rank 2L0, Ranger of Dominion

Mossmo, Realm Rank 2L0, Ranger of Honor Guard

Tackon, Realm Rank 2L0, Eldritch of Unbroken Unity

Soiscream, Realm Rank 2L0, Bainshee of The Waylayers

Legion Free Corp, Gareth

Legion Free Corp would like to say congratulations to the following people on there realm points this week, way to go!

Lachrunic, Valkyrie with 46,891

Robinz, Hunter with 35,215

Steppenwulf, Shadowblade with 23,116

Inertiatic, Warrior with 10,683

Livindeadgirl, Valkyrie with 6,529

We would also like to say congratulations to Inertiatic for gaining Realm Rank 5L0 as well as Champion Level 10 wow way to go we are very proud of you!

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