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Posted: August 14th, 2007, 2:17 am

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Yippee! Congratulations to everyone in this week's Scroll of Valor:

Congratulations to the following brave adventurers, who have recently earned level 50!

Spifyre, Spiritmaster of Skulls, Bors

Skulls would like to recognize Spifyre in reaching level 50. On behalf of the guild and myself we would like to say "Congratulations" in reaching this mile stone! - Your friend Bullier

Join these guilds in congratulating their members on their great accomplishments!

CCCP, Gaheris

CCCP would like to congratulate the following members:

Midgardidol, Realm Rank 2L4

Congratulations to all of our members, CCCP has now one million realm points! Good Job all!

Lust for Glory, Percival

Lust for Glory would like to congratulate the following members:

Matoas, Realm Rank 5L0

Mysterien, Champion Level 10

Cave Dwellers, Galahad

Cave Dwellers of Galahad would like to congratulate the following members:

Arandomarrow, Level 50, Realm Rank 3L0 and Champion Level 1

Laostaos, Level 50 and Champion Level 1

Cialia, Level 50

Nite Hawks, Merlin

Nite Hawks would like to congratulate our members on the following achievements:

Lostinthestorm, Champion Level 5 and Realm Rank 3L2

Painshealer, Realm Rank 6L1

Jazzypants, Level 50

Palablast, Level 50

Etjole, Level 50

Gromsbuffer, Level 50

Battleguarder, Level 50

Lostmelody, Legendary skill in Metalworking and 700 Skill in Tailoring!

Napolionboneparter, Legendary skill in Armorcrafting!

Gorereaver, Legendary skill in Alchemy and Realm Rank 4L6

Winter’s Bane, Percival

Congratulations to the following members:

Colnar has attained Champion Level 10 and reached Realm Rank 3L5

Dronjark has attained the rank of Legendary Grandmaster Armorcrafter

Shadowklan Alliance, Ector

Shadowklan would like to recognize the following members on their great accomplishments.

Hoowah! Great job everyone.

New Krakhitys (Level 50s)


Champion Levels

Qol, Champion Level 10

Legendary Grandmasters

Gronkhum, Spellcrafting


Tuatha de Dagda Alliance, Devon Cluster

The Tuatha de Dagda alliance on the Devon cluster would like to honor the following people for their recent accomplishments.

Congratulations on Level 50!

Auronseld, Eldritch of Brotherhood by Blood

Booferoopin, Druid of Brotherhood by Blood

Phractal, Enchanter of Brotherhood by Blood

Kaveana, Nightshade of Death's Hand

Wishbuffyou, Druid of Dissidens Horde

Snakeintheweedz, Valewalker of Dominion

Popusi, Champion of Hibernian Elite

Thenag, Bainshee of Honor Guard

Raffers, Druid of Juggernaut

Rafey, Hero of Juggernaut

Apulltoy, Druid of Juggernaut

Willford, Eldritch of Regulators

Manafarm, Mentalist of Unbroken Unity

Congratulations on the following Realm Rank milestones!

Heltaskelta, Realm Rank 9L0, Hero of Brotherhood by Blood

Diablodios, Realm Rank 8L0, Vampiir of Swords of Thunder

Cordi, Realm Rank 7L0, Druid of Honor Guard

Paden, Realm Rank 6L0, Nightshade of Riders Of The Storm

Buffsforjoo, Realm Rank 5L0, Druid of Regulators

Blindsideee, Realm Rank 5L0, Eldritch of Hibernian Elite

Metepe, Realm Rank 4L0, Ranger of Honor Guard

Roflsauce, Realm Rank 4L0, Ranger of Honor Guard

Lackofrange, Realm Rank 4L0, Eldritch of The Covenant

Snakeintheweedz, Realm Rank 3L0, Valewalker of Dominion

Pasticcia, Realm Rank 3L0, Warden of Dissidens Horde

Kioal, Realm Rank 3L0, Ranger of Brotherhood by Blood

Dariril, Realm Rank 3L0, Blademaster of The Syndicate

Shorteez, Realm Rank 3L0, Nightshade of Unbroken Unity

Lightmezzz, Realm Rank 3L0, Bard of Dissidens Horde

Vagaban, Realm Rank 3L0, Champion of Death's Hand

Rikeese, Realm Rank 2L0, Valewalker of Honor Guard

Grwlee, Realm Rank 2L0, Enchantress of Final Awakening

Maysdefense, Realm Rank 2L0, Champion of Regulators

Savenar, Realm Rank 2L0, Bard of Swords of Thunder

Caipbrute, Realm Rank 2L0, Bard of Brotherhood by Blood

Aquitas, Realm Rank 2L0, Ranger of Brotherhood by Blood

Auronsbot, Realm Rank 2L0, Druid of Brotherhood by Blood

Smowbear, Realm Rank 2L0, Blademaster of Brotherhood by Blood

Gattona, Realm Rank 2L0, Heroine of Dissidens Horde

Kentell, Realm Rank 2L0, Ranger of Brotherhood by Blood

Phryboh, Realm Rank 2L0, Ranger of Swords of Thunder

Aidireol, Realm Rank 2L0, Ranger of The Waylayers

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