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Posted: August 28th, 2007, 4:00 pm

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A day late, but definitely worth the wait, here is this week's Scroll of Valor:

Congratulations to the following noble defenders, who have recently earned a new Realm Rank!

MageofShannara, Realm Rank 4L1 Theurgist of CircleOfElders, Merlin

Congratulations to MageofShannara on your new Realm Rank!

Zeddiculous, Realm Rank 6L0 Wizard of Amuntare Di Alba, Nimue

Grats Zedd on RR6 and 1,000,000 Rps and the 3 titles you earned. WTG honey! - Faylyn

Congratulations to the following tireless crafters, who have earned Legendary status!

Montaviv, Legendary Alchemist

Congratulations on achieving Legendary, now how about that pink armor dye?

Join these guilds in congratulating their members on their great accomplishments!

Skulls, Bors

SKULLS would like to congratulate the following guild members on their noted achievement in the past week:

Gaurhog, Savage on obtaining level 50 and Realm Rank 3L0

Bullier, Pac Healer on obtaining level 50

Techa, Thane on obtaining level 50

Aktourface, Warlock on obtaining level 50

Inajam, on obtaining Legendary Armorcrafter status

Mistressvalk, Valkyrie on achieving level 50

Vulkyrie, Valkyrie on achieving level 50

Olun, Spiritmaster on achieving level 50

Proig, Thane on achieving level 50

Grallaindil, Bonedancer on achieving level 50

Bullier, Healer on securing his dragon armor

Way to go folks, we are proud of you for you outstanding service to Midgard, Killibury cluster. Keep up the great work. Congratulations!!!

Shadowklan, Ector

Shadowklan would like to recognize the following members on their great accomplishments.

Hoowah! Great job everyone.

New Krakhitys (Level 50s)


Champion Levels

Kurdakh Champion Level 1

Gwurk Champion Level 1

Paghum Champion Level 7

Gronkhum Champion Level 7

Legendary Grandmasters

Gronkhum Alchemy


Tuatha de Dagda Alliance, Devon Cluster

The Tuatha de Dagda alliance on the Devon cluster would like to honor the following people for their recent accomplishments.

Congratulations on Level 50!

Lorthor, Animist of Brotherhood by Blood

Snaketail, Warden of Dominion

Lacaran, Champion of Dominion

Umental, Mentalist of Final Awakening

Mobkilla, Enchanter of Final Awakening

Legendeis, Druid of Hibernian Elite

Baneseldy, Eldritch of Hibernian Elite

Mcshortie, Eldritch of Honor Guard

Jacich, Warden of Juggernaut

Vesu, Bainshee of Nomads of Hibernia

Quietyou, Druid of The Covenant

Sillysward, Warden of The Waylayers

Bairator, Nightshade of The Waylayers

Pinhole, Hero of Unbroken Unity

Eninen, Animist of Unbroken Unity

Delust, Ranger of Unbroken Unity

Ishrics, Druid of Unbroken Unity

Caveo, Bard of Unbroken Unity

Meanandhayteful, Champion of Unbroken Unity

Kelka, Mentalist of Unbroken Unity

Congratulations on Master Level 10!

Haynes, Eldritch of Dominion

Ironchest, Warden of Dominion

Crimsontide, Ranger of Juggernaut

Servyce, Nightshade of Juggernaut

Crazytaxi, Bard of The Covenant

Cannonfodder, Enchanter of Unbroken Unity

Zewm, Bard of Unbroken Unity

Congratulations on the following Realm Rank milestones!

Cannonfodder, Realm Rank 9L0, Enchanter of Unbroken Unity

Secxy, Realm Rank 9L0, Nightshade of The Black Company

Fidinad, Realm Rank 7L0, Valewalker of Regulators

Trumli, Realm Rank 7L0, Ranger of Brotherhood by Blood

Alcor, Realm Rank 7L0, Nightshade of Unbroken Unity

Ezaca, Realm Rank 6L0, Ranger of Nomads of Hibernia

Mrgrizzlybear, Realm Rank 6L0, Hero of Juggernaut

Maerrah, Realm Rank 5L0, Enchantress of Juggernaut

Ashleto, Realm Rank 4L0, Druid of Dissidens Horde

Usynlig, Realm Rank 3L0, Nightshade of Nomads of Hibernia

Dawnshadow, Realm Rank 3L0, Ranger of The Covenant

Jacich, Realm Rank 3L0, Warden of Juggernaut

Leavemebee, Realm Rank 3L0, Druid of Riders Of The Storm

Culettopeloso, Realm Rank 3L0, Hero of Dissidens Horde

Fordimitri, Realm Rank 3L0, Mentalist of Dissidens Horde

Squallus, Realm Rank 2L0, Ranger of Regulators

Ishrics, Realm Rank 2L0, Druid of Unbroken Unity

Caveo, Realm Rank 2L0, Bard of Unbroken Unity

Meanandhayteful, Realm Rank 2L0, Champion of Unbroken Unity

Wardawn, Realm Rank 2L0, Warden of Death's Hand

Finvevnenne, Realm Rank 2L0, Eldritch of Nomads of Hibernia

Delust, Realm Rank 2L0, Ranger of Unbroken Unity

Harklle, Realm Rank 2L0, Eldritch of Juggernaut

Amitriptyleen, Realm Rank 2L0, Nightshade of Hibernian Elite

Inisfail, Realm Rank 2L0, Bard of Brotherhood by Blood

Broody, Realm Rank 2L0, Ranger of Honor Guard

Keebleer, Realm Rank 2L0, Eldritch of Brotherhood by Blood

Elloween, Realm Rank 2L0, Druid of Brotherhood by Blood

Findahs, Realm Rank 2L0, Warden of Honor Guard

Pattentwo, Realm Rank 2L0, Druid of Nomads of Hibernia

Legion Free Corp, Gareth

We at Legion Free Corp would like to say congratulations to the following top 5 people for the realm points gained this week:

Lachrunic, Valkyrie with 74,628

Freestyl, Mauler with 57,620

Romerito, Bonedancer with 38,502

Intertiatic, Warrior with 37,968

Smackyadown, Warrior with 19,896

Congratulations to those who earned a new Realm Rank!

Krystnik, Shaman, Realm Rank 4L0

Congratulations to those who achieved Level 50!

Rollingon our Skald for getting level 50.

Way to go all!!!

Congratulations to the following relentless players, who have recently earned a new Title!

Hongkongphooey, Dragonslayer

Congratulations Hongkongphooey of Sarumans Hand for killing his 100th dragon Monday. It was awesome fighting those beasties with you and look forward to it again with your alts /hopes. - Saphronia

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