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DAOC - The Scroll of Valor : DAOC News

Posted: October 16th, 2007, 12:00 pm

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It's time for the Scroll of Valor, congratulations to everyone on their achievements!

Congratulations to the following brave adventurers, who have recently earned level 50!

Merdia, Runemaster of Cave Dwellers, Galahad

Congratulations to the following noble defenders, who have recently earned a new Realm Rank!

Tyranna, Realm Rank 12 Edritch of The Unseen Truth, Palomides

Major wootage to Tyranna of The Unseen Truth on her Realm Rank 12 dingage!!! - Salamo

Deemos and Zajk, Realm Rank 7 L0, Eldritch of The Wild Hunt, Percival

Deemos and Zajk, eldritches both, obtained Realm Rank 7 after a long battle with Midgard. Here is to many more explosions - long live the Hunt. - Kalkhan

Congratulations to the following tireless crafters, who have earned Legendary status!

Thjodmar, Legendary Siegecrafter of Devastation, Percival

Join these guilds in congratulating their members on their great accomplishments!

The Ruffian Band, Gareth

Congratulations on a new Realm Rank!

Adarien, Realm Rank 5L1

Albhir, Realm Rank 5L3

Alypso, Realm Rank 4L0

Aoerocksyourworld, Realm Rank 4L3

Bardolicious, Realm Rank 3L8

Bleedyr, Realm Rank 5L7

Dragonfeeder, Realm Rank 3L7

Fangs, Realm Rank 4L2

Jema, Realm Rank 2L6

Magixsblade, Realm Rank 1L3

Magixsmana, Realm Rank 1L4

Magixsmoney, Realm Rank 5L6

Magixsranger, Realm Rank 1L3

MrWillSmith, Realm Rank 1L5

Piethrower, Realm Rank 3L0

Playit, Realm Rank 2L4

Slyheals, Realm Rank 4L3

Slyman, Realm Rank 4L3

Tarissa, Realm Rank 4L6

Terminatah, Realm Rank 4L0

Skulls, Bors

SKULLS would like to commend the following honorable Ladies/Lords for achieving the following significant milestone events:

Achieving Champion Level 10:

Mistressvalk, Valkyrie

Bulliest, Runemaster

Zerkfyre, Beserker

Legendary Crafters:

Mistresssha, Legendary Weaponcrafter

Moonstarlight, Legendary Weaponcrafter and Legendary Armorcrafter

Inajam, Legendary Armorcrafter and Legendary Tailor

Alalim, Ledgendary Alchemist

Achieving Level 50:

Buliebulie, Bonedancer

Alalim, Bonedancer

Hamsbone, Bonedancer

Inajam, Warrior

Mistresssha, Shaman

Shzoooom, Skald

Kelthunter, Hunter

Itachix, Warrior

Realm Level Achievements:

Afaeven, Realm Rank 3L0

Hinatac, Realm Rank 3L0

Finally, a hearty round of applause to the entire guild for reaching one million realm points. For starting up a guild from cold on this cluster and leveling to 50's, with ML, CL and arties and then to reach one million realm points in a little over 3 months.... CONGRATULATIONS one and all on an excellent job. Lets make that a quick 2 million realm points - Hibs and Albs beware. Death is stalking you.

Jamaican Sublime, Lancelot

We of Jamaican Sublime would like to congratulate the following on there achievements.

Realm Achievements.

Petertosh for holding the guilds most Realm Points!

Crafting Achievements.

Eragondegondor for becoming a Master Alchemist. Keep on going, you’re almost LGM!

Leveling Achievements.

Notaatota for dinging 26

Mikesani for dinging 31

Lebain for dinging 43

Liatan for dinging 50

Molchamp for dinging 23

Milkmeeee for dinging 11

Grats to all and keep up the good work!!

Tuatha de Dagda, Devon Cluster

The Tuatha de Dagda alliance on the Devon cluster would like to honor the following people for their recent accomplishments.

Congratulations on Level 50!

Stumpyarrow, Ranger of Brotherhood by Blood

Wilohe, Animist of Death's Hand

Ebbandflow, Blademaster of Dominion

Grigheals, Druid of Juggernaut

Raffera, Mentalist of Juggernaut

Miurabia, Bard of Juggernaut

Karnedge, Vampiir of The Covenant

Congratulations on Master Level 10!

Seasalt, Ranger of The Black Company

Congratulations on the following Realm Rank milestones!

Alexx, Realm Rank 8L0, Eldritch of Forsaken Revelations

Tuorgin, Realm Rank 7L0, Ranger of The Covenant

Willtell, Realm Rank 7L0, Ranger of Death's Hand

Skizoo, Realm Rank 6L0, Vampiir of Unbroken Unity

Shadowxor, Realm Rank 6L0, Nightshade of Dominion

Tyraxx, Realm Rank 5L0, Hero of Shadows of Darkness

Nogbombs, Realm Rank 4L0, Eldritch of Regulators

Bluntforcetrauma, Realm Rank 4L0, Blademaster of The Covenant

Jacich, Realm Rank 4L0, Warden of Juggernaut

Maneshade, Realm Rank 3L0, Nightshade of The Waylayers

Acerebralhemorrage, Realm Rank 3L0, Ranger of Brotherhood by Blood

Slleeep, Realm Rank 3L0, Bard of Shadows of Darkness

Xgimplee, Realm Rank 3L0, Animist of Juggernaut

Miurabia, Realm Rank 3L0, Bard of Juggernaut

Lilgit, Realm Rank 2L0, Nightshade of The Covenant

Olyella, Realm Rank 2L0, Bainshee of Final Awakening

Poisonedbladez, Realm Rank 2L0, Nightshade of Final Awakening

Evocair, Realm Rank 2L0, Ranger of Final Awakening

Celydee, Realm Rank 2L0, Animist of Hibernian Elite

Popusi, Realm Rank 2L0, Champion of Hibernian Elite

Brindamore, Realm Rank 2L0, Eldritch of Final Awakening

Kolski, Realm Rank 11L0, Vampiir of Shadows of Darkness

Legion Free Corp, Gareth

Legion Free Corp would like to congratulate the following guild members on everything they have done!

We have Stormlach our Thane and Domaf our savage who both reached level 50, great job you two we’re proud of you!

We have Panzertank our Thane who got Realm Rank 5 this week. Grats and great killing!

Legion Free Corps top 5 realm point holders for the week are:

Lachrunic, Valkyrie with 57,369

Panzertank, Thane with 36,252

Andaria, Bonedancer with 30,974

Rudedude, Skald with 26,921

Stormlach, Thane with 25,551

That’s a great job everyone. Keep up the great job everyone you all!

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