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DAOC - The Scroll of Valor : DAOC News

Posted: January 8th, 2008, 8:47 pm

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Here is the first Scroll of Valor of the new year!

Congratulations to the following brave adventurers, who have recently earned level 50!

Anotherdancersmom, Level 50 Heretic of Loyal Brothers of Honor, Kay

To the most important friend I could ever have, I want you to know how proud I am on your making level 50. May you continue to help all around you and enjoy playing as much as I enjoy spending time with you. With much love – Langmuir

Lardila, Level 50 Healer of Divine Intervention, Iseult

Congratulations Lardila on Level 50! - Falros

Congratulations to the following noble defenders, who have recently earned a new Realm Rank!

Favashotya, Realm Rank 10 Hunter of RIP, Bossiney

Congratulations to Favashotya on RR10, best hunter on Bossiney. – Seor

Solairis, Realm Rank 11L3 Friar of Untold Legends, Gaheris

To Solairis of Gaheris, the most devoted Guild Mistress of Untold Legends, you always sing our praises now it's time for us to sing yours... Gratz on RR11L3!!! - Holysamoly

Krystena, Realm Rank 7L0 Friar of Eyes of the Eagle, Percival

Congrats on RR7! Well earned! - Proamos

Join these guilds in congratulating their members on their great accomplishments!

Freedom Reborn, Kay

We would like to congratulate Freedom Reborn on all of our achievements in the past month.

Special recognition goes to:

Lavactait whom has led many successful Master Level raids!

Lavatank on reaching level 50!

Also, we have entered a large and very successful alliance, Legends of the Apocalypse!

Freedom Reborn is actively recruiting new members. There are no level requirements, just that you are a all-around good person and willing to have a good time.

Please contact one of our officers or members and become acquainted!

Knights of Ni, Caerleon Cluster

Congratulations to the following members of Knights of Ni, of the Caerleon cluster, for their recent accomplishments:

Riotamus, Realm Rank 11L2

Marise, Realm Rank 8L0 (actually 8L5 by now)

Zocha, Realm Rank 7L0

Pawnisher, Realm Rank 5L0 (that was quick)

Domfram, Realm Rank 7L0

Aor, Realm Rank 9L0

Clumsy, 1000 in woodworking (you owe Alsadir for this!)

Tuatha de Dagda Alliance, Devon Cluster

The Tuatha de Dagda alliance on the Devon cluster would like to honor the following people for their recent accomplishments.

Congratulations on Level 50!

Conflyct, Mauler of Juggernaut

Clanblaster, Eldritch of Regulators

Carie, Champion of Riders Of The Storm

Lustful, Enchantress of Final Awakening

Leagion, Vampiir of Forsaken Revelations

Seagion, Vampiir of Forsaken Revelations

Raffr, Druid of Juggernaut

Speedyauri, Bard of Juggernaut

Mrspolarbear, Champion of Juggernaut

Chantstration, Enchantress of Swords of Thunder

Gooya, Champion of The Covenant

Bigntaisty, Druid of Death's Hand

Sulkn, Champion of Hibernian Elite

Moodee, Ranger of Juggernaut

Kkseldy, Eldritch of The Waylayers

Tyrniee, Eldritch of The Waylayers

Congratulations on Master Level 10!

Powin, Hero of Brotherhood by Blood

Ysyssy, Animist of Final Awakening

Orionsranger, Ranger of Brotherhood by Blood

Ahalana, Ranger of Brotherhood by Blood

Lothiek, Druid of Brotherhood by Blood

Nogheals, Druid of Regulators

Congratulations on the following Realm Rank milestones!

Pwndjoo, Realm Rank 8, Nightshade of The Black Company

Lothiek, Realm Rank 7, Druid of Brotherhood by Blood

Bellechance, Realm Rank 7, Ranger of The Black Company

Kioalnight, Realm Rank 6, Nightshade of Brotherhood by Blood

Phlix, Realm Rank 6, Nightshade of Brotherhood by Blood

Moody, Realm Rank 6, Nightshade of Juggernaut

Chantes, Realm Rank 6, Ranger of The Black Company

Drudude, Realm Rank 6, Druid of Hibernian Elite

Mrsorenthalj, Realm Rank 5, Ranger of Juggernaut

Tinyauri, Realm Rank 5, Nightshade of Juggernaut

Dragoncatt, Realm Rank 5, Vampiir of Symphony of the Night

Keichan, Realm Rank 5, Druid of The Waylayers

Forgottenwarrior, Realm Rank 4, Hero of Swords of Thunder

Malcem, Realm Rank 4, Vampiir of Swords of Thunder

Aceab, Realm Rank 4, Hero of Hibernian Elite

Arlilanna, Realm Rank 4, Bard of Swords of Thunder

Tearah, Realm Rank 4, Eldritch of Final Awakening

Dacasmentel, Realm Rank 4, Mentalist of Death's Hand

Healedyo, Realm Rank 3, Druid of Dissidens Horde

Auronchanter, Realm Rank 3, Enchanter of Brotherhood by Blood

Triumphalist, Realm Rank 3, Valewalker of Symphony of the Night

Mrspolarbear, Realm Rank 3, Champion of Juggernaut

Grimworm, Realm Rank 3, Warden of Forsaken Revelations

Ugleetreegirl, Realm Rank 3, Animist of Swords of Thunder

Alayastra, Realm Rank 3, Ranger of The Waylayers

Sikarius, Realm Rank 3, Nightshade of The Black Company

Evocair, Realm Rank 3, Ranger of Final Awakening

Aeriths, Realm Rank 2, Eldritch of Symphony of the Night

Ansymist, Realm Rank 2, Animist of Juggernaut

Bleedster, Realm Rank 2, Nightshade of The Waylayers

Sneakerzz, Realm Rank 2, Ranger of Swords of Thunder

Ylyal, Realm Rank 2, Druid of Symphony of the Night

Cuculann, Realm Rank 2, Hero of The Covenant

Gattadellanotte, Realm Rank 2, Nightshade of Dissidens Horde

Rafers, Realm Rank 2, Druid of Juggernaut

Warreck, Realm Rank 2, Ranger of Retribution

Evilcreature, Realm Rank 2, Vampiir of Regulators

Palesincomparison, Realm Rank 2, Vampiir of Juggernaut

Aligathist, Realm Rank 2, Nightshade of Brotherhood by Blood

Bruzer, Realm Rank 2, Hero of Retribution

Marcsmane, Realm Rank 2, Ranger of The Waylayers

Docsward, Realm Rank 2, Warden of Swords of Thunder

Grimworm, Realm Rank 2, Warden of Forsaken Revelations

Tyrniee, Realm Rank 2, Eldritch of The Waylayers

Littlefluffybunny, Realm Rank 2, Druid of The Syndicate

Galabrean, Realm Rank 2, Bard of Forsaken Revelations

Tuorgon, Realm Rank 2, Vampiir of The Covenant

Warchantesss, Realm Rank 10, Bard of Symphony of the Night

Congratulations on achieving Legendary Crafter status!

Angelicx, Legendary Weaponcrafter, Ranger of Brotherhood by Blood

Dosyvamp, Legendary Weaponcrafter, Vampiir of Regulators

Tallason, Legendary Tailor and Weaponcrafter, Champion of Retribution

Neclaal, Legendary Alchemist, Nightshade of The Waylayers

Jaiyen, Legendary Fletcher, Ranger of The Waylayers

Clanoverseer, Legendary Tailor, Ranger of Regulators

Nite Hawks, Merlin

Paintuc-Merlin, Champion Level 8

Gromsketter-Merlin Realm Rank 5l2

Jarkey-Bors Realm Rank 6l3

Untold Legends, Gaheris

Here we are a brand New Year and already Untold Legends has much to celebrate! We would like to acknowledge and congratulate the following members for their tireless efforts and achievements:

Thedrunkinfriar ~ Level 50! Sage strikes...

Minisage ~ Level 50! ...and then strikes again!! Gratz girl!! You've been busy!

Uninco ~ Level 50! BIG GRATZ!!

Toodeloo ~ Realm Rank 4 and Master Level 9!! When do you rest?? GRATZ!

Holysamoly ~ Realm Rank 5 and Master Level 9!! HA! You beat him, you beat him! Big GRATZ, Sam!!

Toley ~ 3L0 and he's off on yet another toon!! GRATZ!

Innucur ~ Champion Level 10! WOW! Way to go Inn!!

Now, come our LGMs. You guys have worked so hard, thank you:

Miniwheat ~ Legendary Spellcrafter

Hautrem ~ Legendary Weaponcrafter

Korstel ~ Legendary Armorcrafter

We would also like to take a moment to welcome our newest member:

Reaana, Level 50 Eldritch! Welcome Reaana :) The vote that day was unanimous!

Legion Free Corp, Gareth

Hi we at Legion Free Corp hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season!

Legion Free Corp would like to say congratulations to the folling people for all thay have done:

Deepsleep who reached Legendary in Spellcrafting

Extinct who reached Realm Rank 4

Krystnicks who got Realm Rank 5 as well as Champion Level 10

Zerlach who reached Realm Rank 5

You all did awesome keep up the great work!

Also we had a Guild meeting and there were a few promotions given out:

Mistraa, Deepsleep, Krystniks and Easylegs were all promoted Congratulations to all of you. You have earned them and Legion Free Corp says Thank You for all your hard work that you have put into the guild. Have a great week and keep up the great work!!!

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