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Posted: January 25th, 2008, 10:33 am

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A mighty huzzah to everyone in the Scroll of Valor!

Congratulations to the following noble defenders, who have recently earned a new Realm Rank!

Durham, Realm Rank 11 Paladin of Eternal Immortalis, Gareth

Congratulations Durham on earning Realm Rank 11....on a Paladin. :) Woot - Soseeopathics

Join these guilds in congratulating their members on their great accomplishments!

Gloria Invicta, Guinevere

We would like to Welcome the New Recruits/Family to Gloria Invicta (Invinceable Glory):






























We are still recruiting! For more information, find us on HIb-Guin or Email: Kurein@yahoo.com

Gloria Invicta Would like to Congratulate on Completing ML5.


Tuatha de Dagda Alliance, Devon Cluster

The Tuatha de Dagda alliance on the Devon cluster would like to honor the following people for their recent accomplishments.

Congratulations on Level 50!

Guliath, Ranger of Retribution

Bobbabooey, Enchanter of Shadows of Darkness

Xtwitchsx, Eldritch of Symphony of the Night

Antistreif, Champion of The Black Company

Neay, Nightshade of The Black Company

Congratulations on Master Level 10!

Katalyst, Eldritch of Final Awakening

Bomanidd, Eldritch of Forsaken Revelations

Effaermon, Champion of The Covenant

Congratulations on the following Realm Rank milestones!

Watchyourbackk, Realm Rank 7, Nightshade of The Waylayers

Pelaa, Realm Rank 6, Bard of Retribution

Aceab, Realm Rank 5, Hero of Hibernian Elite

Boogen, Realm Rank 5, Ranger of Dissidens Horde

Mrspolarbear, Realm Rank 5, Champion of Juggernaut

Buffsfortaankia, Realm Rank 5, Druid of Juggernaut

Cutedust, Realm Rank 4, Druid of Symphony of the Night

Abondra, Realm Rank 4, Ranger of Final Awakening

Pasticcia, Realm Rank 4, Warden of Dissidens Horde

Gooya, Realm Rank 3, Champion of The Covenant

Sylvvl, Realm Rank 3, Druid of Final Awakening

Runilra, Realm Rank 3, Ranger of Forsaken Revelations

Sneakerzz, Realm Rank 3, Ranger of Swords of Thunder

Accidentalshot, Realm Rank 2, Ranger of Forsaken Revelations

Xtwitchsx, Realm Rank 2, Eldritch of Symphony of the Night

Thebigbubble, Realm Rank 2, Warden of The Black Company

Bridocatt, Realm Rank 2, Mentalist of Final Awakening

Freereefill, Realm Rank 2, Vampiir of Symphony of the Night

Steeroidz, Realm Rank 2, Hero of Juggernaut

Neay, Realm Rank 2, Nightshade of The Black Company

Fedionatl, Realm Rank 2, Druid of Final Awakening

Kkswarden, Realm Rank 2, Warden of The Waylayers

Legion Free Corp, Gareth

Legion Free Corp would like to congratulate the following people...

Astrof our Shadowblade for becoming a Legendary Weaponcrafter.

Robinz, our Hunter who has reached Realm Rank 7L0. Wow gratzs!

Xtazz our Shaman who reached Realm Rank 5L0. Gratzs awesome work!

Legion Free would like to say congratulations to the following people for all there hard work this week in RvR!

Krystheil with 65,472

Tessthepest with 58,864

Runeomak with 52,664

Zerlach with 47,665

Azzize with 46,122

Gratz to you all you guys and gals! You did great, keep that coffee flowing and I'll put a shot of espresso in it for ya!

Congratulations to the following relentless players, who have recently earned a new Title!

Malowan, Relic General of Du Mintai, Percival

Congratulations to Malowan of Percival. Onn 12JAN, Malowan placed his 50th relic for Hibernia! - Vanyael

The Scroll of Valor is a weekly feature of the Camelot Herald's Community News section. The Scroll honors those who have accomplished Legendary Tradeskill status, Level 50, a new Realm LEVEL, a new TITLE Champion Level 10, and Master Level 10. Names submitted MUST comply with our naming policies. We reserve the right to omit certain submissions.

Honor your friends and guildmates by sending in your submissions today!

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