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Posted: May 21st, 2008, 6:46 pm

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Many cheers to everyone in the Scroll of Valor!

Congratulations to the following noble defenders, who have recently earned a new Realm Rank!

Yulaila, Realm Rank 6L0 Warlock of Legacy of Salisbury, Gareth

Grats Yulaila for reaching RR6, may the gimpness be with you! - Tigani

Artman, Realm Rank 7L0 Scout of The Crimson Knights, Bors

Congratulations on Artman of The Crimson Knights on achieving Alerion Knight 7L0! - Arturian

Insanedruid, Realm Rank 4L0 and Master Level 4 Druid of The Fallen Deities, Merlin

Join these guilds in congratulating their members on their great accomplishments!

Tuatha de Dagda Alliance, Devon Cluster

The Tuatha de Dagda alliance on the Devon cluster would like to honor the following people for their recent accomplishments.

Congratulations on Level 50!

Dragoneld, Eldritch of Hibernia SF

Adreniline, Warden of Symphony of the Night

Krystyllbow, Ranger of The Covenant

Congratulations on the following Realm Rank milestones!

Tebot, Realm Rank 7, Druid of Shadows of Darkness

Dirlurkeen, Realm Rank 7, Nightshade of Hibernia SF

Dontscare, Realm Rank 6, Ranger of Symphony of the Night

Graciebelle, Realm Rank 6, Mentalist of Forsaken Revelations

Aintshecute, Realm Rank 6, Druid of Symphony of the Night

Dacasmentel, Realm Rank 5, Mentalist of Death's Hand

Dawnshadow, Realm Rank 5, Ranger of The Covenant

Anifobia, Realm Rank 4, Animist of Final Awakening

Devlish, Realm Rank 4, Druid of Crimson Dawn

Adeup, Realm Rank 4, Druid of Regulators

Fazzalicious, Realm Rank 3, Hero of Symphony of the Night

Sleightof, Realm Rank 3, Ranger of Forsaken Revelations

Maneofwar, Realm Rank 3, Warden of The Waylayers

Neclaal, Realm Rank 2, Nightshade of The Waylayers

Dawners, Realm Rank 2, Druid of Death's Hand

Oxammite, Realm Rank 2, Mauler of The Waylayers

Goninnear, Realm Rank 2, Vampiir of Final Awakening

Tonnel, Realm Rank 2, Eldritch of Juggernaut

Irewill, Realm Rank 2, Druid of Symphony of the Night

Matifenia, Realm Rank 2, Druid of Regulators

Dragonaf, Realm Rank 2, Bard of Hibernia SF

BlackHeart Pirates, Gaheris

The members of the BlackHeart Pirates wish to congratulate these individuals on their accomplishments:

Blackheartpirate, Level 50

Degoul, Level 50

Dusha, Level 50

Gjoll, Level 50

Positionals, Level 50

Thanatosia, Level 50

Windchull, Level 50

Wungsblade, Level 50

Gjoll, Champion Level 10

Tamms, Champion Level 10

Ceirlynn, Master Level 10

Ceirwynn, Master Level 10

Gorval, Master Level 10

Indemand, Master Level 10

Kimas, Master Level 10

Spinningwind, Master Level 10

Xugx, Master Level 10

Hummmrune, Legendary Armorcrater

Blackheartpirate, Realm Rank 3

Tamms, Realm Rank 3

Blakhorn, Realm Rank 4

Blakoracle, Realm Rank 4

Bludsavage, Realm Rank 4

Darkedge, Realm Rank 4

Darkflight, Realm Rank 4

Darkjustice, Realm Rank 4

Dreadstriker, Realm Rank 4

Frenetic, Realm Rank 4

Gjoll, Realm Rank 4

Tolbitick, Realm Rank 5

Frish, Realm Rank 6

Shamanana, Realm Rank 7

Windchull, Realm Rank 7

Dvized, Realm Rank 10

The members of BHP congratulate Legendary Mercenaries on achieving 1 billion guild realm points!

Legion Free Corp, Gareth

Legion Free Corp would like to say congratulations to the following people for getting to level 50!

Speedyskald our Skald

Mrbones our Bonedancer

Ilikebigtrucks our Berserker

Gyrk our Skald reached Realm Rank 3L0

Congratulations to all of you!

Our top 5 realm point earners for the week are:

Lachrunic with 61,657

Gamebow with 42,232

Mezzzzzz with 30,048

Smackemup with 27,475

Stunguard with 26,776

Congratulations to all of you on your hard work it really shows that ya'll have been busting butt and we’re proud of you!

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