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Posted: June 15th, 2008, 6:41 pm

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Cheers to everyone in the Scroll of Valor!

Congratulations to the following brave adventurers, who have recently earned level 50!

Ursellyn, Level 50 Theurgist of La Resistance, Ector

Congratulations to Ursellyn of La Resistance Guild on Ector for achieving level 50. - Qyet

Congratulations to the following noble defenders, who have recently earned a new Realm Rank!

Chryose, Realm Rank 4L1 Vampiir of F.U.N, Gareth

Gypce, Realm Rank 12L0 Hero of Devastation, Nimue

Grats to Gypce, GM of Devastation, on RR12. It has truly been an honor to have helped out in that journey. - Norio

Cybersurfer, Realm Rank 5L0 Champion of Hibernian Valor, Gareth

Gratz to Cybersurfer, an amazing Champion in Hibernian Valor, on RR5! – Reckless

Padron, Realm Rank 4L9 Paladin of Triad of Seraph, Lamorak

Congrats to Padron of Triad of Seraph achieved RR 4.9 killing Hibernian Assassins in the Albion Frontier.

Hejoridi, Realm Rank 4L1 Thane of Deliverers of Valhalla, Guinevere

Congratulations on killing your first Epic Monster (dragon) and on keeping the guild going after a three year break. Also congrats on your new house and Champion Level 8!

Shadowistrouble, Realm Rank 10 Cleric of Wild Geese, Kay

Congratulations to Shadowistrouble, 50 Cleric on RR10! Great job Shadow! – Karmenn

Katalee, Realm Rank 10 Friar of Wild Geese, Kay

Congratulations to Katalee, 50 Friar on RR10! Great job Katalee! - Karmenn

Join these guilds in congratulating their members on their great accomplishments!

Shropshire Slashers, Merlin

Shropshire Slashers, Merlin would like to congratulate these members on the following realm rank milestones:

Gwigoli, Realm Rank 3L3 Heretic, Merlin.

Saniso, Realm Rank 3L2 Scout, Merlin.

Aspect of the Wolf, Tristan

Aspect of the Wolf, Tristan congratulates these members on the following Realm Rank milestones:

Athrica, Realm Rank 3L1, Huntress, Tristan.

Kenzaburo, Realm Rank 3L5, Spiritmaster, Tristan.

Shadowklan Alliance, Lamorak

The Shadowklan Alliance would like to give a resounding HOOWAH and Al Xundor on the recent achievements of its members:

Battle Honors:

Jutta - Quellar Mithkaldaka on Realm Rank 3L0

Scylara - Quellar Mithkaldaka on Realm Rank 3L0

Jafnahar - Quellar Mithkaldaka on Realm Rank 7L0

Uulum - Shadowklan on Realm Rank 4L4

Mondior - Quellar Mithkaldaka on Realm Rank 6L8


Gronkhum - Shadowklan on promotion to Nob!

Champion Level 10:

Kurdakh - Shadowklan

Ashnakh - Shadowklan

Dravasa - Quellar Mithkaldaka

Legendary Crafters:

Goghlas - Quellar Mithkaldaka on Legendary Siegecrafter

Julaya - Quellar Mithkaldaka on Legendary Fletcher

Level 50:

Noqux - Quellar Mithkaldaka

Reishann - Quellar Mithkaldaka

Spoerhera - Quellar Mithkaldaka

Tuatha de Dagda Alliance, Devon Cluster

The Tuatha de Dagda alliance on the Devon cluster would like to honor the following people for their recent accomplishments.

Congratulations on Level 50!

Duffchanter, Enchantress of Final Awakening

Ashmynn, Valewalker of Hibernia SF

Groundtargetshroom, Animist of Hibernia SF

Indoors, Hero of Regulators

Sigeren, Vampiir of Swords of Thunder

Flocks, Ranger of Symphony of the Night

Kkskiller, Champion of The Waylayers

Congratulations on Master Level 10!

Goodbotfriend, Druid of Swords of Thunder

Congratulations on the following Realm Rank milestones!

Xdawoupax, Realm Rank 9, Nightshade of Hibernian Elite

Dreamheal, Realm Rank 9, Druid of Death's Hand

Blacktreea, Realm Rank 9, Druid of Symphony of the Night

Kavaken, Realm Rank 5, Valewalker of The Black Company

Goracks, Realm Rank 5, Hero of Regulators

Sylvvl, Realm Rank 4, Druid of Final Awakening

Xysehitman, Realm Rank 4, Hero of Forsaken Revelations

Aiide, Realm Rank 4, Ranger of The Syndicate

Fedionatl, Realm Rank 4, Druid of Final Awakening

Urnitemaire, Realm Rank 3, Bainshee of Forsaken Revelations

Sigeren, Realm Rank 3, Vampiir of Swords of Thunder

Indoors, Realm Rank 2, Hero of Regulators

Snakeward, Realm Rank 2, Warden of The Waylayers

Buffinsnake, Realm Rank 2, Druid of The Waylayers

Miniguardian, Realm Rank 2, Vampiir of Dissidens Horde

Valemardur, Realm Rank 2, Valewalker of The Syndicate

Congratulations on achieving Legendary Crafter status!

Kkshealer, Legendary SpellCrafter, Druid of The Waylayers

Legion Free Corp, Gareth

Legion Free Corp would like to congratulate the following people on their milestones:

Pistolwoopu-Hunter on hitting 50

Anubhunts-Hunter on hitting 50 as well as 3L0

Anubsix-Bonedancer on hitting Champion Level 10 as well as 4L0

The Top 5 Realm Points earners for the week are:

Lachrunic 50th level Valkyrie with 127,286

Exstinct 50th level Bonedancer with 54,647

Frosticuss 39th level Hunter with 31,491

Robinz 50th level Hunter with 29,655

Crispynotpanfried 50th level Hunter with 27,922

Gratzs to all of you on your hard work!

Blackheart Pirates, Gaheris

The members of the BlackHeart Pirates wish to congratulate these individuals on their accomplishments:

Curseofdarcness - Level 50

Ddoxx - Level 50

Edmontoon - Level 50

Saydora - Level 50

Thnderoleti - Level 50

Ceirlynn – Champion Level 10

Ddoxx – Champion Level 10

Esdorspinner – Champion Level 10

Hummmrune – Champion Level 10

Necryth – Champion Level 10

Thunderoleti – Champion Level 10

Laidybug – Realm Rank 3

Ceirlynn – Realm Rank 4

Cottoneyedjoe – Realm Rank 4

Hummmrune – Realm Rank 5

Isawen – Realm Rank 5

Ddoxx – Realm Rank 6

Indemand – Realm Rank 9

Thunderoleti – Realm Rank 11

Congratulations to the following, who have been honored by their King and earned Champion Level 10

Chryose, Champion Level 10 Vampiir of F.U.N, Gareth

Mrmrmrscout, Champion Level 2 and Master Level 1 Scout of With Love, Bedevere

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