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DAOC - The Snacky Bag : DAOC News

Posted: September 8th, 2007, 8:54 pm

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It has been the longest short week on record. Here's the Grab Bag for your reading pleasure.

Q: I opened by account in 2001, why won’t the Census Overseet NPCs give me my rewards?

A: The loyalty rewards are not based on the date the account was opened. They’re based on having five years of cumulative active (paid) account time. If your account was closed for a while, that time does not count towards the five year mark. But, hey, we are glad you are back!

Q. I’ve seen a lot of the new Labby horses and some seem ALOT faster than the normal ones. So I bought a Kelpie one, but it’s the same speed. How do I make it faster?

A. All horses run at the same speed. It could be that you're seeing players on horses while using speed song or a Speed of the Realms buff. Speed buffs and speed songs do affect horses. Keep in mind that the highest speed takes precedence. So, someone running with a speed buff will go the same speed as someone on a horse with the same speed buff. All horses go the same speed, unless they have a speed buff on. Then they will run at the buff’s speed.

Q. My question is this. I use the artifact Flask on my scout. The first /use is a 10% bonus to healing effectivness. Would the hp proc on my armor be effected by this bonus?

A. According to the Lady of the Jewels: If you have the /use1 on Flask active and a piece of your armor, such as the Snake-Lord's Runed Vest, procs a Heal you do get a 10% bonus to that heal.

Q. This is regarding the 'named mobs' in Battlegrounds. I've noticed that in every battleground there is one, sometimes two named or special mobs that drop unique items that come from that particular BG. The only mob that I can find, that might possibly be named is Arawn's Wrath. However! This monster in Molvik does not drop anything even in the same league as the rest of them. I was wondering if there is a second or even an alternative monster that drops something more exciting or unique to the BG?

A. The Bearded Wonder says: Arawn's Wrath is indeed the named mob in the Molvik battleground and they drop 1 of 4 random items.

Q. Hello. My question is in regards to the mob named Indio, in the Labyrinth. I am having difficulty finding any info about the spawn rate, quest trigger, etc. Is this a rare spawn triggered by a quest or some type of action linked to another mob? When I enter that area, I have found the mob named Snegli up. I have checked the Indio mob location frequently and have yet to find Indio at the location on my map. Any info you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

A. The Harpy tells us: There is no mob called Indio. However, it appears there is a mob called Indy. It's quite possible someone was using one of the more popular fan-made maps out there and it listed the mob as Indio as the mapper is Italian. (Ha, ha.)

That being said, Indy shares a spawn with a number of Minotaur Archaeologists. Since I don't have the player-made map ready, I can't say whether the spawn spot is listed correctly or not, but the mob in question does stay in the same area. So keep killing archaeologists until the fabled Indy shows up.


Hey Austin! Meet up with the Bearded Wonder and the Herald’s very own Joanne tomorrow night. More details here.

Play on Tintagel this Sunday! Don’t forget that our Team Leads Daamien and Sinnocent are hosting a Play on Tintagel day this Sunday all day long. Go on and show your support for our role players!

Stealthers may have noticed a difference in the way your characters run while stealthed after the patch. This is a bug. Fortunately, the bug is only visual and doesn’t affect actual stealth mechanics. We’re in the process of getting it back to the way it was before 1.90 went live. Sorry, everyone.

In yesterday’s patch notes you may have noticed that we introduced a 5 minute realm-switch timer. This is a measure we have taken based on complaints of cross-realm harassment. We’re hoping to deter instances in which enemy players would log into an unfriendly realm just to taunt or talk smack to an enemy directly after a fight.

I know it's short this week, all, but as you can see by the Herald's front page, things have been a bit crazy this week and on top of it I've been out sick. Enjoy the New Frontiers this weekend, be safe, and have fun!

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